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Also: with "Banner of Command" you meant "Standard Bearer", which gives all other friendly creatures in the Panzerguards zone armor +1 and melee +1. :)

I can't agree more. This was a great match and a really bloody fight. -- After casting the Knight of Westlock I was feeling pretty good about my situation. In retrospect I can't even figure out what exactly went wrong there. During the game I realized that a Healing Madrigal would have helped a lot, since all my creatures got injured quite early on and the fight basically took place in one zone all game long.

I did a calculation on the dice after the game. They were pretty even (+1 vs. +3), whilst the burn damage went through the roof. 5 burn markers dealt 17 dmg in just a few rounds. Still, I don't think this was the reason for me falling behind there. I think your strategy with the life linked Ehren, 3 regen Troll and 2 regen Mage, combined with the healing ring (not to mention the countless healing spells), is just a really solid idea and well played.
GG  :)

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« on: June 07, 2018, 09:35:56 AM »
I would like to join the new tournament as well. So please sign me up for it. :)

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