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Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:18:15 pm »
harmonize can target any "object". just most objects have no benefit to the mage because he can't absorb the mana from it. giving the prism channel would mean placing mana on it every upkeep and then transferring it to (max 2) to the mage. show me any rule that is broken.

if you already have the prism in play it is more cost effective because harmonize has mage bind +2.

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 28, 2013, 07:13:12 pm »
its also fair to say that any mana transfer cards will be an insta add to a mana suppression deck in the future.

btw could you harmonize your mana prizm for more efficient mana regen?

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 28, 2013, 06:24:57 am »
i mentioned in my first post that mana prism is a good card against mana drain (a single epic card), from memory it is the only "mana transfer" spell in the game currently. the prism is good value against any mana transfer spell because it would effectively make those spells 1/2 as efficient for the other mage.

Also note that if you happen to get rid of the mana drainers (mana siphon, upkeep enchantment, mana leeches, supression orb etc etc) while keeping your prism up, then you will eventually empty your prism from mana resulting in a total of 0 mana lost where as the enemy controller spend tons of mana trying to control your mana.

while you have mana in your siphon you will be as equivalent to 2 channel a turn, only while you have mana in the prism. once you are out of mana in the prism having 2 channel from other spells would be the better choice

Creative / Re: scroll of magic
« on: May 28, 2013, 12:02:30 am »
should also point out that all novice spells would cost 1 spell point regardless of level. a new word "common" short for "common knowledge" could be used to describe spells where the spell only costs its level regardless of school

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 27, 2013, 11:22:38 pm »
I see that it cost 7 mana I must have red the mana for mana siphon (12). at 7 mana it is actually more cost efficient given all the conditions I posted in my last post.

but I would like to see some "finite channel" cards that would make this worthy of a silver bullet card

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:47:26 pm »
how is 2 mana refund from prism any better then +2 channel (which you can get for cheaper and faster).
unless there are more mana transfer cards coming soon (or a finite channel spell like mana lock)

mathematically if all the conditions are right
-you are vs a wizard,
-you are also a wizard.
-he is running a mana denial deck,
-you cast prism just before hr starts draining your mana,
-drains at you enough so there is always 2 mana in prism

only then is 2 mana refund as (not more) efficient any 2 of harmonize, moon glow or mana crystal (both options cost 12 mana in total and give you 2 mana per turn).

I would like to know how this card worked in play testing to warrant it making the final cut

General Discussion / Re: Conquest of Kumanjaro - SPOILERS
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:02:48 pm »
will guardian Angel make grey angles extinct

Spells / mana prism
« on: May 27, 2013, 07:31:59 pm »
mana prism
2 arcane and cost 12 man a to spawn.
when an enchantment or spell the other mage controlls causes you to loose mana you place it on the prism and you get back max 2 per turn.

am I missing something special about this card because it seams to be one of the worst cards in the game. I will compare it to other cards. when you consider for 2 nature/arcane and 10 mana you can have a 2 channel. even the inefficient mage cast double harmonize is better value.

I don't even see you able to charge up the prism unless you are vsing the wizard and if you are not schooled in arcane you have cheaper ways to gain back 2 mana.

the only feature this spell has is the ability to stop mana transfer but since there is only 1 spell (which is epic).

has anybody seen this spell used usefully in a battle (preferable in battle not against wizard)

thanks for the link, currently I pre pairing for the sunday fortnightly league at good games Burwood. once they make it official I'll post the details on bbg. I joined the guild now

Rules Discussion / Re: Earthquake/Nullify/Reverse Magic
« on: May 26, 2013, 08:18:37 pm »
page 23 of rule book (zone attacks")
"....abilities and traits that allow a target to react when  it is attacked do not apply against zone attacks"

that's some nice work man, i would use it just for the photos of the cards.

Thanks for the advice

I dropped
2 stone walls 4 (i had no idea where i would use these anyway)
1 Blue gremlin 2
1 enchant steal 3
2 harmonize

and added
1 ele cloak 1
2 teleport traps 2
1 drakfenne hydra 4
2 mana crystals 2
1 teleport

the main reason for piercing and power strike is they are extremely efficient incantations for my familiar to cast on my creatures, 1 book and 2 mana for 1 extra dice or unavoidable. unless you can suggest another skill i can get the bird to spam

I found my starting strategy for first 3 turns at least
Turn 1 channel = 10; mana = 20,
FC: move 1,2, gate of voltari square 2,2 mana 14
QC: mana crystal 1,1 mana 5

Turn 2 channel = 11; Mana = 2+11=13 ; gate mana (assume worst case 1 mana)
FC: move 2,2, mana crystal 1,2 mana 5
QC: mana crystal 2,1 mana 5

Turn 3 channel = 13; Mana = 3+13= 26; Gate mana = 4
Voltaril: Hydra mana 16
FC: elemental wand (hurl bolder) mana 5
QC: Arcane ring mana 2

Turn 4 channel = 13; mana = 7+13 = 20 gate mana = 3
here i can choose to summon hydra's again, or go for a gorgon archer.

Hello, i haven't played any mage wars games at any league level before (not many leagues in Sydney, Australia). As i have only played a hand full of games i have not been able to test many mages, but i build this earth wizard build which is a creature heavy build as far as the wizard goes. Could you please give me any advice if there is anything obviously missing from this deck. see below for the deck build and play info.

QTY   Card Type   Card Name   
1      Arcane Ring    
2      Elemental Wand    
1      Mage Wand    
1      Regrowth Belt    
1      Deflection Bracers    
2      Dispel    
2      Dissolve    
1      Earthquake   
2      Knockdown    
3      Perfect Strike    
3      Power Strike   
2      Battle Fury    
2      Charge    
2      Seeking Dispel    
1      Shift Enchantment    
1      Steal Enchantment    
2      Teleport    
1      Whirling Strike   
1      Gate to Voltari    
1      Mana Crystal    
4      Quicksand   
2      Wall of Stone    
2      Hurl Boulder   
2      Hail of Stones   
1      Blue Gremlin    
1      Darkfenne Hydra    
1      Earth Elemental   
1      Gorgon Archer    
1      Huginn, Raven Familiar    
1      Iron Golem   
2      Stonegaze Basilisk    
1      Eagle Wings    
1      Force Orb    
2      Harmonize    
2      Nullify    
2      Reverse Magic    
1      Teleport Trap    
1      Essence Drain    

I had heard that the Gate to Voltari is one of the best spawn points in the game so i tried to get a wizard build based around it and these new powerful earth creatures. the main idea for this deck is to get the gate early and let it summon all my arcane creatures. i also included these cards to try and get these combo's in the game

"Guardian Angle of Voltari"
Gorgon + Wings + Force Orb: i will use her to stop single powerful monsters while keeping her safer from melee and ranged attacks

"Ground and Pound"
Stonegaze Basilisk + Earth elemental: the weakness of the earth creatures is there inability to hit flying, so the basilisk would first cripple flying creeps so the Earth elemental can Slam or just damage them.

"6 feet high to 6 feet below"
Hurl bolder/Knockdown + Quicksand: Again this takes care of flying creatures by slamming them to the ground and then placing them in quicksand while they don't have Flying trait. this also combo's with Ground and Pound because i may not have the mana to play a slam move so ill use cripple instead, and adding extra slam stuns from Earth Elemental also helps.

Unsolved problems

I think i should cast the gate of Voltari on the first turn to get the most out of it's mana generation and i know mid game i want to get the Hydra/Iron/EarthEle onto the field while Huginn places Perfect or power strike on them, and late game i would want all my creatures on the field ideally.

the problem is i don't know how to get from the first turn to a to getting one of my big creatures on the field without having 1-2 turns using no mana on wizard, who does not have any Mana free turns to do damage.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Warlock Beatdown Deck
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:59:42 pm »
true you can only get a free action some of the time. so you could still buff your lord of fire with battle fury, attack and curse in the same turn

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Warlock Beatdown Deck
« on: May 23, 2013, 04:38:47 am »
i forgot the necessity of the mage staff for fire resistance, good point. however it only give you 1 extra attack dice then your mele attack so is the cost of having it in your book (2 Skill points + 5 mana to take it out then the + 8 mana to re-equipt your lash) for an extra attack dice

i was justifying my choices by the synergy you want with your fire ring and at least 1 fire attack, either the lash of hell fire or a fire spell bound to your wand. since you mentioned the threat of -4 fire resistance you should run just Curse sword and elemental wand, the sword will not have damaged reduced by resistance. and you can get your powerful fire attacks by your elemental wand or alternately your creatures you summoned

true Sectarus will only place a curse if it lands an attack, so i was mistaken thinking you could still cast a creature, but you still get a free action depending on what you do that turn. you could still quick cast a a spell and attack and place a cursed enchantment in 1 turn. it is a more efficient combo if you know your opponent mage is going heavy fire defense

you may only have 1-2 heavy creatures but then why have the other 6 in your book, if your not going to spend the full turn action casting them there is no value in having those skill points invested in them.

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