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OK I am still confused about the bluff wording so I made a topic about it in rules discussion.

 because "cannot cast" should be better defined. a spell can or cannot be cast. saying its a mana only restriction should be mentioned.

 as for decoy, refer to page 12
"if your familiar is destroyed before it casts the spell you assigned to it, the spell is destroyed" (note destroyed not discarded)
decoy is destroyed you gain 2 mana

Rules Discussion / "bluffing" and "illegal moves"
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:55:51 pm »
page 15 of rule book notes that on familiars you can place a spell face down that you don't want (or can not) cast as a bluff.

this is the only mention of bluffing in the game. but the way it is worded it is a note, notes are generally facets of the game that people should be reminded of.

so I have some questions based on bluffing. assuming the premises of placing an invalid "bluff" card on familiar.

I define "bluff" as follows; "placing an invalid spell facedown where a facedown spell can be placed, as such it can't be revealed"

1. familiar has decoy as a bluff. familiar dies. should mage get 2 mana.
2. can spawn points bluff by having invalid spells on them without deploying
3. can spellbound objects bluff by having spells face down and usable.

 for case 1 and 3 it could be a tactical advantage because it could make the other Mage consider wasting initiative and resources to destroy a more tempting target.

 and in the case where decoy is buffed it can give you a net 2 mana because you didn't pay to place the enchantment but it is still destroyed to its effect applies.

the second part of my post is the consequences of doing illegal moves. is any illegal use of spells ground for instant defeat in a comp match. case below

4. mage places bear strength face down on his iron golem (non living). when he reveals it (or the bird views it, or seeking dispelled) is that mage instantly defeated or is enchantment destroyed

 if the enchantment is destroyed then that is practically the same as a bluff

I know what is and isn't legal but what is the consequence. I know in the games I had where one guy tried to "dispel my wand" I told him he can't do that and we ignored that he did that because it didn't effect the board. but enchantments do effect the board as they effect considerations to seeking despel etc.

so with buffs and illegal plays I see 2 sides of a slope.
A. all face down enchantments are buffs so any illegal moves are considered "called bluffs" and just discarded.
B. a simple mistake like placing an invalid enchantment can make you instantly loose a game.

just so its known in am biased to case A being the better choice because everybody is human and makes mistakes

with familiars you can place the spells that you can't cast as a bluff, so bluff with your wand.

and decoy does resolve when it is destroyed. the card states that

(rule book p15) note: you may assign a spell to your familiar that you do not intend to cast (or cannot cast) as a "bluff"

this is a note so not a rule, so I assumed it worked for spellbound spells you don't intend on using. it matches thematically and is based on a similar rule (familiar v spellbound)

remember you don't cast decoy you keep it face down and it auto reveals when it is destroyed

place a wand with decoy as a "bluff" (stated in rules as OK). make it get dispelled, all enchantments turn face up when dispelled. the enchantment states you get 2 mana when it is destroyed. all of a sudden you have a 2 mana advantage over other mage and made them waste a dissolve (2 points) for a wand + decoy (2+1 for arcane, or any element school)

doesn't anybody at AW or the TO have a tripod and camera, a full replay on youtube wont be that hard. it also would be a a viable form of referee in case anything need to be disputed. hek if i knew we had enough people where i live to have a large comp i would design and bring a table that fits 3 camera's; 1 over the top, and 2 able to see the upside down card mages select from there book (kind of like TV poker shows).

i have to agree with the notion that your assumptions are terribly wrong, on the borderline of trolling. but I know nobody in the MW community would do that.

when I first started playing we had 6 hour long games that resembled more like Sim city then Mage wars. I would agree in those games wands ate vital.

but every comp game I played has ended in less then 20 turns. ask your self what you need your wand for? for example I used to run wand+battle fury. but the wand would be dissolved after in use it once. now I run 3 battle fury.

there are very few spells that I consider worthy to attach to wand/helm
battle fury, charge (for iron golems), and attack spells.

just for a laugh try a game where your core involves a combination of spells that kill the other mage before turn 10. (this usally means 110 mana of spells to make 32-38 damage). see if there wands help them then.

Spells / Re: Spells you would like to see
« on: July 07, 2013, 10:17:03 pm »
this may have been discussed in necro before. but I would like to see a graveyard conjuration that is a spawn point that can have one of the following abilities
1. simple and boring able to summon undead
2. summon undead creatures only in graveyard (very thematic)
3. combination of 1 and 2 (possibly 2 cost more mana)

my favorite

4. when a living creature on the field dies it is placed face up on the graveyard with no action marker. during deployment the creature on the top of the deck can be spawned (pay normal mana for creature) and controlled by the controller of graveyard. place an undead token on that creature this creature has the nonliving trait and its lvl less life (ie angles have 14-5=9 life).

standard mage only rules apply to option 4

on a good day it will take you 2 thunder bolts to take out temple. that's 2 full action and 20 mana turns while you have 3 gremlins chasing you down.

deadeye is great for taking it out if you can keep him alive against the 2x5 (1 pierce) attack that will be coming your way on turn 2

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Mana Denial: viable strategy?
« on: July 07, 2013, 09:53:03 pm »
mana prism isn't in core1 and it effectively reduces upkeep by 2 (you only get 2 mana back per turn) and prevents use of drain power.

 yes of course you should bring both options (staff and wand) you have more then enough points for it. I would also include wings and an gorgon archer in case you are vsing a solo warlock/ forcemaster. you should have 8 points free for that as a backup. equipment won't help you as much against the warlock because he packs multiple explosions.

Mages / Re: Mages that you would like to see in the game
« on: July 07, 2013, 08:25:56 pm »
I don't really think 4ele+nature will need the massive 3x for all other spell cost. mainly because there is currently very little synergy with the elements and nature. for example all elemental cost creatures are non living so they can't use any nature spell abilities. as it is that mage will use nature creatures with nature buffs and just have access to your choice of attack spell element.

 I would guess that all ele cost creatures are non living (unless they have multi cost like lof)

 so this mage can be treated like a stronger wizard (nature is stronger then arcane) so it will need 1 kind if 3x cost but not all other. perhaps dark or war

how did you handle flying sweepers like lof and east wind. or a light immune flying creature like the angle.

I would classify this as a rush swarm/control. 3 lvl 2 creatures by turn 4 is very swarm like and the daze/stun is your control

as for how would react if I personally saw that build heading towards me I would hope I had one of the following
damage barrier + circle attack (fire or lightning)
 suppression orb (your move actions act like teleports but are still move actions and will cost you 1 mana each)
general anti swarm tech (obelisk, cloak etc)

 out of those the biggest weakness I see is the suppression orb because you are a pest the other mage can run 2 zones away and make you constantly waste 2 mana per gremlin. since by turn 4 your opponent will have 50mana on the field I think they could have

suppression orb (8)
cheetah speed (5)
defensive creature to protect orb (up to 29 mana)
leaving 8 mana for a defensive mage item.

 I'm not saying it will beat your deck but I think it will hamper it. I believe your build works very well against the current meta which I find is very offensive based, while I personally always don't like that and go defensive in all my builds. the biggest problem is there could be a build designed to best yours but I would not run it at a comp because it will get squashed by traditional aggro meta

General Discussion / Re: Mysterious red box!
« on: July 07, 2013, 07:30:42 pm »
anyway somebody in Australia could get there hands on a MW dice tower. its dissappointing but understandable that we don't get promo swag and free stuff from conventions

League / Tournament Play / Australia MW and Sydney leauge
« on: July 07, 2013, 06:32:38 pm »
the comp scene in Australia is sparse so I am posting info for people who don't know.
there is currently a Facebook group called Mage wars Australia
https://www.facebook.com/groups/547470078645030/ join the group and see who wants to play mage wars in your area.

additionally there is the start of a Sydney MW league, I will quote the info

"Good Games Burwood and Hurstville's forces unite to bring you the coolest league in town! Played at each venue on alternating weeks, League entry is $10 a week. We play three rounds and half the money goes to the final prize pool, with smaller prizes including OP kit promos being distributed along the way.

League points are scored thusly:
3 points - overall winner of a week
2 points - attend and win a game
1 point - attend but don't win

Lastly, all Mage Wars stock will be 10% off on the day!

Be sure to bring a decklist and be prepared to make some storyline choices! The very fate of the world lays in your spellbook!"

when there are not enough people for comp who ever shows up ends up just having practice games.

lvl 1 creature swarm's best asset is group buffs. spells like
marked for death
redclaw buff
sacred ground
fortified position
standard barer (warlord only)
tree of life

if you create a swarm with a combination of group buffs you could produce a formidable force
 any swarm with a unicorn in the centre is going to be hard to compete with unless you have anti swarm tech.

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