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General Discussion / Re: Create a Card - Together!
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:18:45 AM »
Card 1 could easily be a new creature but I could also see it being any number of enchantments also. As Keejchen mentioned it could be Aegis/Intercept/+Armor. I could also see it being a more expensive longer lasting brace yourself. It could also be a more expensive, more specific gear up incantation that provides a shield, chest and weapon.

Card 2 could be another Angel but hopefully one people would use and potentially as Arkdeniz says a dark Angel. I could also see it as an attack spell. Holy/Light spell with a chance to leave burn markers. Purging strike/Wrath Strike that will burn the evil out of something.

Thanks Coshade, I will send them a request :)

I would absolutely back a Mage Wars kickstarter to get unreleased cards and alternate art for cards and mages. I often play with my daughter and she refuses to play mages that aren't female and asks all the time why there aren't male and female versions of all of them.

I also think there is a lot of opportunity for more neoprene arena mat options too. Perhaps different size arena's and different environments.

I think there could be some buy in for single sided tokens, more spell books with new art to match the new/alternate mages and more color dice/action token options.

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