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Spells / Enchanter's Ring Mana Subtype
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:21:13 AM »
I did some searching and did not find an answer, but this ring should have the Mana subtype correct? If this has been answered already can we get the next FAQ updated with this errata?

[mwcard=MW1Q09]Enchanter's Ring[/mwcard]

Woohoo! Moved up to Tier 3! Lets keep the votes rolling in!

Top 100 Boardgames League - The Majors March '14 [POLL]

Alternative Play / OCTGN: Thoughts on new Enchantment handling
« on: March 08, 2014, 07:39:27 PM »
I had a change made to prevent the accidental revealing of a Enchantment in-game. Now when you flip a face down Enchantment (by double clicking or right clicking and selecting Flip Card or CTRL-F) you are prompted with a Y/N modal window.

What are the thoughts on this? Does it slow down the game? Should we extend this to all of the other card types? Is it effective?

My thoughts on non-Mage type cards:

1. Start process to Flip Card Face up
2. Prompt: Do you wish to reveal this card? No: End
3: Yes: Reveal the card and prompt for cost (also handle X costs)
4: Pay for Spell
5: End

You can of course turn this off and on per player. We have been working on Casting Discounts from Rings so I hope that all of this just integrates together and along with this piece the game becomes even better to play.


Here is a link to the changes:

Let us know if you like what we doing and the direction we are heading, also if you bump in to any issues please let us know.


Creative / Spellbooks
« on: February 28, 2014, 11:39:52 AM »
You have read the thread, now is the chance to speak you mind!

General Discussion / Wow a Meg of Posts..well almost...
« on: February 11, 2014, 03:18:07 PM »
Blew right past a 1000 posts and didn’t even notice. So here we are at post number 1023, being a bit off and 23 being my favorite number I thought now would be time to post this up. I want to thank everybody here for helping me learn this game that I like so much. It had been over a year since I joined the forums here up and I am still not bored with the game and even more amazing is that I am still learning new things about the game almost every day. For those I have annoyed (you know who are), I wish to sincerely apologize, as that was not my intent or purpose I am just over enthusiastic sometimes. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!

Thanks to everyone once again!

League / Tournament Play / BoardgameGeek Top 100 - February Poll now open
« on: February 10, 2014, 08:40:43 PM »
Get in there and vote lets keep the game crashing up to Tier 1!

Top 100 Boardgames League - The Majors February '14 [POLL]

Spellbook Design and Construction / I'm Hunting Druids
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:37:19 PM »
[spellbookname]Shh...I'm Hunting Druids (built by OCTGN SBB)[/spellbookname]
[mwcard=MW1J19]1 x Deathlock[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J11]1 x Idol of Pestilence[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC09]2 x Plague Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC11]1 x Ravenous Ghoul[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC08]1 x Unstable Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC19]4 x Venomous Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC23]3 x Zombie Crawler[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E09]2 x Agony[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E01]1 x Bear Strength[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E02]2 x Block[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E08]1 x Death Link[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E14]1 x Enfeeble[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E19]2 x Ghoul Rot[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E22]1 x Hellfire Trap[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E29]3 x Nullify[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E31]1 x Poisoned Blood[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNE02]1 x Rise Again[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E40]1 x Vampirism[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKE02]1 x Divine Might[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ01]1 x Cloak of Shadows[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ03]1 x Deathshroud Staff[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ02]1 x Death Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q05]1 x Demonhide Armor[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q07]1 x Elemental Cloak[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q08]1 x Elemental Wand[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ05]1 x Libro Mortuos[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q23]1 x Regrowth Belt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI01]2 x Animate Dead[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI07]3 x Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI08]3 x Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWI17]1 x Force Push[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWI13]1 x Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I28]2 x Teleport[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI06]2 x Zombie Frenzy[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I02]1 x Battle Fury[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I19]1 x Piercing Strike[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I10]1 x Evade[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNA01]2 x Acid Ball[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1A06]1 x Flameblast[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 120 pts[/cost]

Alternative Play / The Mage Wars Module for OCTGN has been updated
« on: February 01, 2014, 05:10:04 PM »
lettucemode and I have released v1.3.0.0, you can find all of the details here.

Rules Discussion / Eternal Servant vs. Rise Again
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:10:03 PM »
How would this be handled of the Necro's opponent (not saying it is smart) placed a Rise Again hidden enchantment on his Eternal Servant?

Mages / Why the Beastmaster isn't very good
« on: January 24, 2014, 10:38:56 AM »
In the game as is he is a mediocre tanker, Warlock, FM, and Priest do it much better. He probably has some of the best creature selection out there that synergies with his special ability. There in lies his biggest issue, Flock of Falcons? Make one a pet?

I drop Orb and Obelisk game over. I win with the Warlord.

Strategy and Tactics / Dice vs. Piercing
« on: January 22, 2014, 12:37:20 PM »
Ok here it is I have opened up this topic because the poor "Re: About warlord only card" topic has been hi-jack by me so badly and I wish to apologize for that.

So I have been chewing on the arguments presented. So what I think I have been trying to say is the following:

When I am building a book and selecting creatures, I tend to favor those with natural piercing over the same cost creatures with more natural dice. Most creatures 2-3 level creatures roll anywhere from 3-4 dice. I think this way (wrong though it may be). I pick up a six sided MW dice with High Armor only two side effective, giving me a 1 in 3 chance per die to land damage. I add piercing to the analysis and for each additional point of piercing for the dice we are talking about (3-4 natural) I have made two additional faces available to place damage upon a object 2 in 3 chance per die w/ piercing. Being able to land more damage quickly is very important to me.

Now if I added in another dice against high armor, each additional dice would only have a 1 in 3 change of landing damage.

But for each additional point of piercing I have taken the change to land damage to 2 in 3 per die rolled.

Yes stacking Bear Strengths are part in parcel of my builds, but cutting through armor is very valuable to me, therefore my love of piercing.

Hope my illogic makes total sense!

Off topic / Grave Yard BBCode Test
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:59:50 PM »

Creative / Kickstart you New Year by Pimping your Mage Wars!
« on: December 30, 2013, 09:36:35 PM »

Have you ever thought one of the following?
-   My box (original MW core) should be able to hold all of my cards?
-   Wow! The DvN expansion pushed you over the edge and now you have had to remove the plastic insert to hold all of your cards. Then you just have this mess of cards rubber-banded together.
-   Those damage markers should be two sided.
-   I wish there was an easy way to satisfy the inner OCD child within for card organization
-   There has got to be a better way to store all of these markers, tokens, and dice!

Well you are in luck! My friends over at Go7Gaming has a kit that meets and exceeds what you thought was possible! He has everything you need to take your Mage and game to the next level. He has inserts and dividers custom-designed just for your core Mage Wars box.

He has custom damage tokens that are two-sided.

When you order one of the inserts (MW-001 or MW-002) you get a kit that needs a small bit of assembly.

As you can see above (MAGE-PACKAGE), you get the bottom, some rails, the dividers, and the damage tokens. A bit of glue,

a small amount of drying time, and voila! (Note: this is an early design. I was able to provide a bit of input and had the outside rails have the same number of slots as the inner rails.)

I cannot say enough about the quality of the product!

Did I mention a great way to keep up with those tokens and markers?

Have you read about ACG’s portability project? With a Bit Box-004(seen above) and a two-compartment Bit Box-006, you can carry all that you need. You can put ACG’s cards in one side, and the dice and player markers on the other side. Then you have everything you need to play the game, other than the spellbooks of course.

Go7 Gaming has everything you need to organize your Mage Wars game. There is much more for the hard core gamers out there: click tokens for Android Netrunner; inserts for Legendary and Smash Up; bit boxes for Summoner Wars, and much more.

Go7 Gaming

*Updated broken links

Alternative Play / Support for DvN released for OCTGN
« on: December 05, 2013, 12:21:32 PM »
Finally was able to get this released. The Vine markers took a bit of thought on how to implement but Cosworth got the coding done.

He has stepped away from maintaining the code for OCTGN, I have been doing the content work, but have no background in coding. If you are interested and know a bit of Python and C# please PM.


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