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Events / Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« on: June 08, 2015, 07:06:31 am »
Here is the spell list for the Fire Wizard I used in the Battlegrounds match with laddinfance.

Suppression Cloak
Leather Boots
Leather Gloves
Eagleclaw boots
Elemental Wand
Dragonscale Hauberk
Wand of Healing
Dispel wand

V'Torrak Gate (Freindly Creatures in zones with V'tar Orbs may use a move action to Teleport to this zone)
Wizard's Tower
Gate to Voltari
Harshforge Monolith
Tanglevine X2
Wall of Fire x2

Blue gremlin x3
Gargolye Sentry
Sslak x2
Gorgon Archer
Devouring Jelly

Teleport x3
Seeking Dispel x2
Dispel x2
dissolve x2
Force Push x2
Purge Magic
Steal enchantment

Circle of Fire
Brace yourself
Nullify x2
Chains of Agony
Akiro's Favor
Poisioned Blood

Fireball x3
Ring of Fire
Jet Stream
Hurl Rock
Acid Ball

Events / Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« on: June 07, 2015, 09:39:05 pm »
This is not a detailed description, I wrote it in narrative form because most of the details were lost to me. It was a close and intense game, and I failed to take notes.  The entire match lasted only about 30 min and ended with Laddinfance holding 9 or 10 V'tar before he died.  It was extremely exciting to play and I want to thank all of the Arcane Wonders staff.  Origins was great.

Events / Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« on: June 07, 2015, 09:30:33 pm »
    Waiting for the arena gate to open, This new arena and the power of the Vítar soon to be with in the control of Sortilege.  Our library had discovered new creatures spells to assist me in this conquest.  Creatures called Sslak orb guardians, the VíTorrak Gate, and of course Galaxxus, a conjuration which mimicked the the VíTar Orbs. 
The drawing of lots indicated I would have to face a Johkari beast master.
     It is almost insulting to have a fire mage of my caliber duel one of those beast slinging, tree hugging, stump-humpers.  My contempt had no bounds.
     The practice rituals of the academy had several well thought out battle plans.  She is fast, nimble, and prefers ranged weapons.  Though the Johkari do employ some very powerful beasts like the Steelclaw and Cervere, I had planned for those. Finally the gate opens and the new arena greats me.
     It was like nothing I had seen before, no rectangular pit, this arena was alive and already populated.  I counted four Vítar Orbs each with a Sslak guarding it.  Near my opponentís entrance the ground was broken and burning with bubbling lava.  To my left was a pool of acid, splashing in all directions. This was going to be easy, I will start by casting an harmonized gate near the Sslak.  It will guard my conjuration as well as the orb.
     I delayed casting the gate so that I could get in range of the guarded orb. The Johkari did not seem in a hurry to push out a quick spell. Finishing summoning and harmonizing the gate. I glance at my opponent, did I just see her hurl a rock at a SslakÖ hehe it will take more potentl spells than that to down one of those beasts. Then her mana takes the form of a powerful black panther, Cervere. 
     A gremlin will not tip the balance, but dare I channel all my mana and summon a Gorgon Archer? Yes! I can recover the mana and the Sísak will guard everything in the zone as long as itís precious orb is there.
     A flash of black and the Forrest Shadow devours the Sísak nearest my opponent. The beast master runs and activates the first Vítar orb.  I see the mana flow from the orb to her. She then summons Galaxxus behind her, Two sources of VítarÖ. I was not prepared for this.
    Focusing on the gate to bring forth a blue gremlin from Voltari, commanding the gorgon to fire on the Johkari, and preparing a seeking dispel and a curse for her. I quick cast chains of agony, and move into position for an arcane zap if I donít need to dispel her enchantment.
     A wall of thorns appears behind me. I swear as I feel the force push hit me. An apprentice mistake. Luckily there is minimal damage as the thorns rip through my newest set of robes. Out of range, no line of sight. I spot a secret passage and scrabble to the other side of the arena, comfortable within the protection of another Sísak. The Johkari gains still more mana and Vítar from the orbs.
     Using the Volari gate, I summon another gremlin, command the gorgon to continue firing at the beast master. Channeling mana into my first gremlin, he teleports and neutralizes the orb. I move toward the contested orb, cast a hawk eye enchantment and zap the beast master.  She regains control of the orb and sets Cereve to guard it. Mana and Vítar continue to flow into my opponent. This is getting out of control. I must get rid of Cervere.
     A third gremlin appears, I am able to banish Cervere and the beast master summons a raptor, and fires a rock at one of the gremlins.  They are able to neutralize her orb and the Vítar, though still flowing from Galaxxus, wanes.
     The beast master conjures a wand with a wind storm, pushing both gremlins toward the lava. They return and gain control of the orb, I realize now that the Johkari will soon have enough Vítar to vanquish me.
     To succeed she must live! I have to kill her now. All creatures under my control concentrate on attacking the beast master.  I can see the poison of the archers arrows sapping her strength. The gremlins dart in and out of range.  One falls to the jaws of the raptor, but not before injuring her further.  I am frantic, hurl rock, arcane zap, almost out of mana. She falls.  It is over.

Just got home from Origins.  I am going to jot down some notes tonight and attempt to write up a battle report from my game with Aaron.  I will include the spell list I used.  To answer the orginal quest.  I beat Aaron by killing his mage.  He was well on the path to victory by V'tar, it was a very close match.  What really surprised me was this match took right around 30 mins from set up to victory.

General Discussion / Re: Dominate the Arena: Galaxxus
« on: June 02, 2015, 07:21:21 am »
Just for verification, does Galaxxus trigger the V'tar effects of the guardians or the Bolt of V'tar? I would believe that it does not because even though Galaxxus is a V'tar object, it is not a V'tar Orb.  Is this correct?

General Discussion / Re: Dominate the Arena: Galaxxus
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:18:30 pm »
You state in the spoiler that " One of the best things about Galaxxus is that it cannot be controlled by your opponent. The only way to get it to stop is to tear it down, and with 3 armor and 7 life itís pretty tough." it can be conquered right?

Events / Re: Play Laddinfance at Origins and Gen Con!
« on: May 28, 2015, 08:45:06 am »
Next week being Origins, I was hoping that AW would throw us fanatics a bone with an early spoiling of a couple of goodies.  It is hard to say what I am more excited about, Domination, or looking at City of Gears and Academy! Wednesday at the show is going to be the longest day waiting for the Hall to open on Thursday, so I can get eyes on the Arcane Wonder(fulness).

Events / Re: Play Laddinfance at Origins and Gen Con!
« on: May 28, 2015, 06:56:00 am »
What pray-tell is a "Gallaxxus"?

General Discussion / Re: MW Battlegrounds What We Know So Far
« on: May 26, 2015, 09:00:32 pm »
Sheelax's Legendary status prevents him from becoming a bloodreaper.

General Discussion / Re: Dominate the Arena: Skeelax
« on: May 26, 2015, 02:16:35 pm »
I'd say:
The Imp belongs to a Player, while the burn marker belongs to no one. So the Owner of the Imp can always decide that the Regeneration happens first before the burn damage is rolled.


From the rules pg ~7:

"You always choose the order in which events that affect your creatures and objects occur during this phase. In the "rare" case that a timing issue occurs, the player with the initiative decides the order."

If player A has initiative and decides to apply the burn effect before the regeneration happens, and the burn is removed, Skeelax would not gain regeneration 2.
This is difficult, because if the burn token was on Skeelax then the regen could occur first. If the burn token is on your opponents creature then the result is ambiguous. I believe that Skeelax would still get the regen and the burn token would also be in effect.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Neutral Spawnpoint
« on: May 20, 2015, 08:26:35 am »
An additional point is spell book construction.  Each mage still only has 120 points to build his book.  Additional spawn points use up that allotment, removing space for the creatures which it summons.

General Discussion / Re: Which one is a better spellbook?
« on: May 20, 2015, 07:22:10 am »
That is a very general question, and I will give my opinion in a general format.  I would like to address your last situation first, the 'net deck'.  I believe that copying someones successful spell book is not as detrimental to Mage Wars as some other constructed card games, like MTG, hearthstone, or Netrunner.  The reason I hold this to be true is that Mage Wars, like most good games, is a game of decisions.  Each turn the player needs to choose the best spell from the spell available.
     The 'net deck' gives them the tools, however the proper use of those tools are dependent on the player not the spell book. So a well stocked tool box will not help the player if he uses an wrench as a hammer.
     Now on to you first question, limited, but well known book or a broader book.  I am making an assumption that the familiarity with the spells are similar and the difference between the two is one of the pool of available spells.  The limited book has very specific spells and tactics for winning the game, a well versed opening, a solid plan for the mid-game and a method for winning.   Where the broader book is more flexible in its opening with several choices available, more tools for responding to the opponents opening and open-ended on finishing the game.
    With in the parameters listed above, I believe both will be good in different situations.  Verses the unknown opponent, for example a tournament situation, the limited book may be better.  It forces the opponent to respond to your plan.  However, in a situation where you are playing against a smaller pool of opponents or a wide variety of mages, where you spell book and associated tactics are known to the group a broader more flexible spell book would be of more use and allow you to adapt better to an unanticipated situation. 
     But in any case the most important thing is to have an enjoyable game, one that you and your opponent will find memorable. Winning at the cost of enjoyment is not worthwhile, in my humble opinion.

Events / Re: Origins Update - Sign up to play Aaron!
« on: May 11, 2015, 12:48:52 pm »
WOW you just made my day!  I was hoping to get a look at Academy, and get my copies of Domination.  It sounds like a really good time. 
Any word on whether or not the book construction clinic will be occurring?  Looking forward to spending a few days playing Mage Wars.

Also any idea when the rules for Domination are going to be posted?

As for how early, they open reservations in the morning for that evening. 

The last two years it has been free on the first come, first served basis.  The reservation is just a list of people signed up to use them.  If I remember it is divided up to 2hr slots for the tables.  They are very popular, and the sign up, reservations, is just to ensure that as many people as possible get exposed to their tables.
The tables are a real joy to play at, very comfortable and nicely built.

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