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The Conquest of Kumanjaro spoilers are coming along nicely, and there's a trend:

11-13 mana cost defensive creatures, hard to kill, designed to endure turn after turn of attacks, but with generally low attacks themselves.

The game is also introducing three new condition counters that seem to be designed for longer games than shorter ones:

A new damage over time effect that encourages healing, an alternate form of damage that is only worth playing if your opponent is healing, and better Cripple, to freeze creatures in place.

Aside from making tournament rounds less likely to finish in 75 minutes, what might the effect of these new cards be?
I can potentially see a resurgence in spawnpoint conjurations like Lair. If they're easier to defend, and if the game is likely to go longer, they're more likely to benefit the caster.

Mana denial strategies probably also get stronger, maybe? If the game is going to be decided by slower creatures grinding it out instead of aggressive all-or-nothing attacks, differences in channeling are going to matter more. Essence Drain and Mana Siphon look really good in that kind of meta.

Maybe Swarms will get better? Right now, the consensus seems to be that swarming your opponent isn't a great plan because your weenies die easily. These new defensive creatures have weak attacks (and no sweep or AOEs), so a flood of creatures might last longer against them. Attack Spell AOEs would still be a problem, though.

Obviously, the next cards spoiled could change all of this, but to me it looks like a deliberate adjustment to the tempo of the game.
What do you think?

Rules Discussion / Enchantment Transfusion + Block
« on: May 22, 2013, 09:23:55 PM »
My opponent is attacking my Steelclaw Grizzly. If my Beastmaster (two zones away) is enchanted with a face down Enchantment Transfusion and a face down Block, can I reveal the Transfusion at the end of Attack Step 1 to move the Block onto the Grizzly so that the Block will trigger in Step 2 and provide a Defense?

General Questions / Equipment Control
« on: May 09, 2013, 11:19:31 PM »
The rules say:
Equipment spells have a range of 0-2. Normally, a Mage will be casting equipment only on himself. But, if he wants to cast it on a friendly Mage (in a team game), or have a Spawnpoint such as Battle Forge cast the equipment on him, then the range requirement must be checked. You can cast equipment on an enemy Mage too, but you cannot cast equipment on a location that is already taken on that Mage. You may not have more than one equipment spell with the same name attached to your Mage at any time. Some equipment spells have an attack bar on them, and give your Mage a new attack he can perform. When the Mage makes an attack, he can choose to use an attack printed on an equipment card, instead of another attack he may have.

Setting aside for a moment why I'd want to do this...

In a mirror match between two Warlocks, if I cast Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword on my opponent (who has no other equipment in the weapon slot), can my opponent's Warlock make attacks with it? I control it, but it's attached to him, right?

Who chooses what spell to ready on Sectarus each turn?
If my opponent does attack with it, who decides if it casts a curse on the creature it damages?
Who controls those curses? Whose mana can it use?

The rules do say:
If you control a Familiar during the Planning Phase, you may select a spell for it to cast during the round.
and they imply that if you control the familiar it is "yours" and you control any spells cast by "your familiar".

I'm asking because of the potential interaction between Armor Ward and Steal Equipment discussed elsewhere.

Strategy and Tactics / Stupid Mage Wars Tricks
« on: March 26, 2013, 10:56:54 PM »
I had a couple of combos occur to me, and I thought I'd share them with the community. Like the title says, these are stupid. They're amusing, but no one will ever confuse them for an efficient combo.

Hellfire Trap x6 + Teleport Trap x6
In a less balanced game, you'd be able to stack multiple Hellfire Traps in a single zone. Since we can't do that, we can do a similar thing: cast both a Hellfire Trap and a Teleport Trap on every zone available. Assuming that teleporting a creature to a new zone counts as "entering" that zone, you can set up a roller coaster of fire that dasy-chains from one zone into the next. When a creature enters the first zone, trigger both enchantments. Resolve the Hellfire first, then teleport the creature into the next zone, where two new traps are waiting.

Is this efficient? No. Is it amusing to bounce a mage (or other enemy creature) back and forth around the board dealing up to 6, 4 dice attacks? Yes. Add Mangler Caltrops for even less intelligent fun. And end in a poison gas cloud. Why not?

Enchanter's Ring + Decoy x6
Haven't wasted enough actions on the last combo? Try this one too!
Once a turn, Enchanter's Ring lets you spend one less manna to cast an enchantment on a friendly creature. So cast Decoy on yourself for only 1 manna. At a later date (for example, right before casting another decoy on yourself), reveal it for 2 manna. Net gain of 1 manna. This is actually not a completely stupid combo if you're going to have the Enchanter's ring out anyway (it's a good card!). If you're ever in a situation where your mage can't use up both his actions, you might as well meditate on a decoy to gain 1 manna, right?

Both of these combos could also be used with Fellella. She provides extra actions to make laying down all those traps somewhat less stupid, and though casting a decoy with Fellella prevents you from using the Enchanter's Ring, it does convert a little mana from your Familiar to mana for your Mage, which can be a useful one time tactic if you're 1 or 2 short on a big turn.

Got any other stupid combos?

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