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General Discussion / Re: FIF: Gurmash, Orc Sergeant
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:24:42 PM »
In a development that shocks no one, we get a shout-slinging familiar. I'd say it'll see play.

Like Heart of Gravikor though, the legendary clause is bothersome, but at least I won't have to race this out against Paladin.

General Discussion / Re: Forged In Fire
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:41:00 PM »
I understand that but what if there are 2 or more burns on say a grizzly? Is it worth it then, a bat?

No, because a bat is three spell points, not five. Warlock does it much better and doesn't cost an angel to throw into your book.

General Discussion / Re: FIF: Conquer Preview
« on: March 07, 2014, 08:13:50 AM »
Don't know about this card considering the boxes you have to check, but if they're taking 'Lord into "control as much territory" territory, sign me up. It'll finally distinguish him from other mages and make him a less warmed over Straywood BM.

General Discussion / Forged In Fire
« on: March 04, 2014, 05:34:26 AM »
This isn't all that hot for the end game or priest. Lock has more ways to cast without using actions and the whole point is to keep burns around as long as possible. I would think you'd drop this early and kill it with fire ASAP.
Persistent Burns can be quite annoying especially with 2 or more.....

Absolutely. But paying 5 spell points for a three mana enchant that does nothing unless the guy across you takes that **** to Vegas; for a once a turn ability; without a curse sword/ring to subsidize; or a fire breathing, curse spewing imp to help cast? Seems too cute.

General Discussion / Re: Forged In Fire
« on: March 03, 2014, 08:23:05 PM »
This isn't all that hot for the end game or priest. Lock has more ways to cast without using actions and the whole point is to keep burns around as long as possible. I would think you'd drop this early and kill it with fire ASAP.

General Discussion / Re: Your hopes and fears about Forged In Flames
« on: February 23, 2014, 11:48:28 AM »
As a 'Lord player, my hope is the designers drew inspiration from Dwarven anti-magic lore (mostly from the Warhammer universe).

My fear is that they didn't.

Resilient has no counter.

Kill it with fire.

Edit: Damn. Beaten to it.

Spells / Psychic Immunity: Benefits
« on: December 15, 2013, 06:09:00 PM »
For psychic immunity? Play against ForceMaster? It's not something you can really "exploit" right now.

From what I've seen, you can leverage zombies two ways:

Beatdown zombies with Brute, Unstable,  Shaggoth, and Frenzy. Feed Crawlers and Minions to Sac Altar and reanimate like a boss. Ziggurat can help push through stalemates.

Mass poison with IoP, Tower, Deathlock, Rot/Venom Zombies, and Plaguemaster.

That's what I've got.

Spells / Re: Psychic Immunity: Benefits
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:22:22 PM »
1. Sleep conditions don't work. Others do. Ranged attacks from Psylok and Screech Harpy cannot target them.

2. Mind Control, Charm, Pacify, Sleep, kinda Mass Sleep (it works on other non-psy immune creatures in zone), and Mind Shield.

3. Other than Unstable Zombie, no. And you're not explicitly reconstructing that.

Spells / Re: Most efficient creature 3
« on: December 09, 2013, 07:23:49 AM »
As always, thanks for the analysis fas. Despite everyone's objections, we need more of this, not less.


The moneyball approach doesn't work well in Mage Wars versus Magic the Gathering:

1. MtG has progressive mana mechanics. You start at 0 and build up to cast more expensive spells as the game goes on. MW is flat/regressive and gives you a large reserve to start. You can reasonbly play the equivalent of an Emerakul in the first two turns. In MtG, you cheat it in like a degenerate or you ramp your b**** off.  It's why going swarm (i.e. goblins, fish, merfolk, WW) is more viable in that game. Creature cost determines how quickly they see play, and playing more efficient threats than your opponent is actually relevant.

Which brings us to:

2. MW is wayyyyyyy more match-up dependent. Earth Elemental is probably the most efficient of the 20 drop fatties, but he's currently usable in maybe only two builds, and Darkfenne Hydra is an awful draw. The boogeyman of the meta, Iron Golem, bricks a lot of creatures above him. Sir Corazin, rated well below, eats him alive one-on-one (Yes, I've tested this in many game situations, including ones that favor IG, and he comes out on top). Overrated by the community? IMO, sure. But the forums have been in pro/anti-Piousflea mode since Bashcon and IG is the poster child of Piousflea hate.

Even if it had indirect fire (which it should have IMO) it's a terrible turn one play. It's strictly tech to nuke problem conjurations like WT, TOL, or Idol. Anytime I played it, it was last quick sat the turn prior and I got maybe one-two uses with mixed results. But I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever build around it.

Rules Discussion / Re: Does the wizard have to reveal elemental training.
« on: December 06, 2013, 05:30:19 PM »
Disrobe the wizard I say.

Hyper-competitive d-baggery will kill the game for casuals/pros in the long run.

Welcome to the forums. *Bro' Fist*

If this were my book, I would run something like this.

[spellbookname]The Judge[/spellbookname]
[mage]Wizard (Air)[/mage]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKC05]1 x  Screech Harpy[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1c40]2 x  Whirling Spirit[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWC13]1 x  Selesius, the East Wind[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKC08]3 x  Gargoyle Sentry[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j12]2 x  Mana Crystal[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q22]1 x  Moonglow Amulet[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q01]1 x  Arcane Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q17]1 x  Lightning Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q08]1 x  Elemental Wand[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q07]1 x  Elemental Cloak[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q33]1 x  Wind Wyvern Hide[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q23]1 x  Regrowth Belt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKQ04]1 x  Reflex Boots[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q16]1 x  Leather Gloves[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKJ02]1 x  Wizard's Tower[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i06]2 x  Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i24]1 x  Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i21]1 x  Purge Magic[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i07]3 x  Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWA01]2 x  Arc Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a13]1 x  Thunderbolt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a07]2 x  Lightning Bolt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a03]1 x  Electrify[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e06]1 x  Circle of Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a02]1 x  Chain Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i28]3 x  Teleport[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j18]2 x  Poison Gas Cloud[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1w02]2 x  Wall of Stone[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a09]2 x  Jet Stream[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKA01]1 x  Surging Wave[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e29]2 x  Nullify[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e37]1 x  Sacred Ground[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i25]1 x  Shift Enchantment[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i12]2 x  Force Push[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKC03]1 x  Galador, Protector of Straywood[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e35]1 x  Reverse Magic[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e23]2 x  Jinx[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 120 pts[/cost]

-First off, you're Wizard and Arcane. And you want to protect yourself. Yet no jinx, nullify, reverse magic, arcane ring, and you're running Flower over Crystal. That is wrong.

-Second, five mana rocks is overkill if you plan on winning. First turn A. Ring into Crystal... second turn moonglow and crystal is as reasonably greedy as I'd recommend.

-Echo the need for more protection. E.Cloak + Wind Armor + Regrowth Belt + Gloves give you enough armor and a wide range of attack hate to hold up. Some of this is a meta call but you get the idea.

-Your build needs to be tighter. Mana denial doesn't help your plan (if you do it, go all the way:  Siphon, obelisk, essence drain, etc.)

-And finally, "dwarves, and angels, and thunder tickling! Oh, my!" is cool as a theme I guess. But competitively, you always stay in school if it can accomplish the same thing: Why run dwarf over gargoyle when the latter is more durable vs. a wider range of attacks, is half the cost, and the soldier subtype is irrelevant to you? I'd run Selesius over Vashalla (not worth it in a book with just five other creatures you don't want to die) who runs your keep-away-and-push-into gas plan. Same with Whirling Spirit. Harpy is in the book because 4+ daze helps, but your call. You go out of school for stuff like Electric Rudolph with free ranged lighting, or poison blood, or whatever utility y[size=78%]ou can't natively get. Overall, you're tying 34 points into six creatures, gimping your control and armor, and the long game you want goes up in smoke when you exhaust your spell book before your opponent.[/size]

Good luck. Hope this helps.

Strategy and Tactics / New Initiative Rules and You!
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:15:16 AM »
So while wading in the cluster**** of purple in the new Mage Wars Rules and Codex Supplement, I came across this gem:

If you win the initiative roll on the first turn of the game, you may choose to allow the other player to have the intiative first.

Do you punt tempo or turn position?


Mages / Re: Is there any love for warlord?
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:24:51 PM »
Any love or the warlord went to promos. The mage is fine, but he could have used utility like critical strike, ballista, Minotaur, akiro's favor, morning star, and vorpal blade. As it was, those we're put on the cutting room floor to make room for Earth spells so now it's a matter waiting for the next expansion.

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