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Rules Discussion / Re: Enchantment Transfusion + Block
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:23:21 AM »
Yes, that would be possible.

Reveal transfusion at the end of the declare attack step, before avoid attack step.

Rules Discussion / Re: 16 questions to rules.
« on: May 22, 2013, 06:39:22 AM »
If Chain Lightning triggers Reverse Attack, it gets sent back to the last target (it only bounces back to the caster if this is the first strike). The controller of Reverse Attack only gets to make that one attack with Chain Lightning. The rest of the resolution of Chain Lightning is controlled by the player that cast Chain Lightning.

Thanks. Makes most sense this way.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Funny priestess build
« on: May 21, 2013, 12:41:55 PM »
I thought of a Ludwig boltstorm + divine intervention build.

Round 1: 20 mana. FC Ludwig + QC Hawkeye on Ludwig. 5 mana

Round 2: 15 mana. QC Snipershot (no block or reverse attack) on Ludwig and move priestess 2 Squares forward. When Ludwigs turn reveal DI move him to 1 Square away from enemy Mage and do FR tripple strike attack. 9 dice in your face hello. 0 mana.

round 3: 10 mana. Reveal hawkeye. no matter where Ludwig is priestess can walk 1 zone and remove condition markers (sleep) and or force push with QC to before its Ludwigs turn to get him out of melee range and or sniper shot him.

discuss :)

Will only one creature recieve the Hellfire Trap attack or all?

Rules Discussion / Attacks with mana drain trait
« on: May 21, 2013, 11:09:01 AM »

The Mana Leech's attacks has mana drain trait.

Do this Work when it attacks the enemy mage itself, or only when attacking the enemy mage's creatures?

The codex in the end of the rulebook says:
"If this attack damages an enemy create, that creature's controller loses X mana....."

So from this, its not really clear if the mage loses mana when attacked by a creature with manadrain.


Rules Discussion / Re: 16 questions to rules.
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:26:12 AM »
Thx for the replies.

@ Shad0w

CL is indeed in the FAQ, but i still need answer to part of the question.
If wizard casts CL and meets RA on first target. Then it hits back on the wizard. Do the wizard then pick the next target or the owner of the RA get to choose? or will the CL simply stop bouncing right there?

If a wizard casts CL like this:
1. creature (5 dice) --> 2. creature (4dice) --> 3. creature has RA and chooses to pay the reveal cost of the sake of it --> 2. creature gets hit again (3dice) --> who gets hit now?

RA = reverse attack
CL = Chain lightning

Rules Discussion / Re: Counter strike when dead
« on: May 20, 2013, 04:29:07 PM »
Hello all,

Realism and flavor are our top concerns. Ideally and realistically the counterstrike and damage barriers are supposed to be simultaneous. 

During development we had to make some tough choices as to when to sacrifice realism in order to keep the game simpler and easier, and this was one of them.  We decided to break up all events and actions into steps, and try to keep things from happening simultaneously.  For example, with Counterstrike and Damage Barrier, it creates weird anomalies when they are simultaneous.  A simple example is with Vampiric trait - when does the creature heal back his damage if he dies simultaneously from a Damage Barrier? It keeps the game system cleaner, and paves the way for interesting abilities later that function better where events are sequential.

Once we decided it was going to be best to go with sequential events, we had to decide where to place the damage barrier step. Initially it was at the beginning of the attack  "you have to step through the barrier to reach your target". But, that made damage barriers even more powerful (and they are already extremely powerful) so we moved it to after the attack occurs.

On counterstrike, although the original intention was to be simultaneous, we felt it was not too much of a stretch to say that the attacker strikes first, and the counterstrike is a reaction to that attack, occurring a split second later.

However, there are exceptions:  We have a coming High Elf guard with a long halberd that can strike first when guarding.  His text reads, "When guarding, Temple High Guard gains Melee +2 and may counterstrike first (the Counterstrike Step is moved to just after the Declare Attack Step)."

Hope this helps!

I have read your post like 10 times, and i still cant understand if your saying dead creatures can counterstrike or not :(

Rules Discussion / 16 questions to rules.
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:25:13 PM »

Since i have been making spellbooks the last couple of days i have come up with a variety of questions:

Is it possible  to reveal Falcon Precision AFTER the enemy revealed a block / reverse attack Thus making the block / reverse attack wasted and the attack succesful?

What happens when a Forcemaster takes control  (mind control) of a creature with upkeep? Who pays the creature upkeep? If its the Forcemaster can he let the creature die this way?

Jinx vs seeking dispell.
The wizard casts a jinx on the warlock. The warlock uses seeking disepell to destroy the hidden enchantment. How is this resolved ? will Jinx refund him mana and sent seeking dispell back to the spellbook?

Chain lighning vs block and reverse attack.
I believe if chainlightning at any point runs into a block, then it will stop attacking right there.
What happens when chainlightning hits a Reverse attack. Will the enemy mage be able to hit only 1 target ? (the wizard? )
wizard casts chainlightning:  --> wolf takes damage --> gorilla takes damage --> bobcat reveals reverse attack ?
What if the first target has reverse attack. Do the enemy get to bounce the chainlightning until it runs out of targets or stops doing damage?
Goblin bomber x 2
 gets pushed through a wall with attack trait and dies. On death he can roll the effect dice and 7+ he triggers explosin. What zone will the attack happen in? Starting zone or ending zone?

What happens if goblin bomber has chains of agony with 1 hp left and takes a move action. What zone will he die in, in case explosin triggers?

Supression cloak
Probaly a silly question - will supression cloak work vs enemy mages so they have to pay 2 mana for melee attacking?
Do supression cloak stack with Pacify?
A creature with pacify revealed attacks a wizard with Supression cloak. Does it pay 2 or 4 mana?

When do Caltrop triggers:
Casting caltrops in a zone with an enemy spawnpoint, will it make its attack vs creatures summoned from spawnpoint?
If a mage summon a creature in a zone will it trigger caltrops?
If a creature is teleported into a zone with caltrops will it trigger caltrops?
Creature pushed?
Creature returning from banish?

8 )
Lord of Fire sweeping attack.
Can he sweep 1 flying and 1 ground unit in the same full round attack?

What happens when Archer using Archer's tower behind a wall of stone attacks a creature with reverse attack?

Teleport trap. Does it require LOS? the up to 2 zones away is calculated from the zone teleport trap was lying in right?

Blue Gremlin:
Blue Gremlin has an activaton. Can it move through wall of Fog after activation or must it have LOS when using this kind of movement?
Will it trigger caltrops?
Do blue Gremlin pay to Supression orb when teleport moving?

Decoy casted on a creature with nullify. Will decoy refund mana to caster?

Supression Orb. A creature using a full action to move and then a quick action to move again for a total of 2 zones moved. Do they pay 1 or 2 mana to supression orb for this?


Is double reverse attack possible?

Daze and guardmarker.
A melee creature with daze declares an attack on a creature with a guard marker.  He fails the daze roll. Will the guard marker be removed?

Can forcewave be used to bash creatures against walls?

Thats all i could come up with for now :)


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