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Spells / Re: Meditation Amulet
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:01:39 PM »
Just thought I'd pop in and mention that the DvN unboxing video posted on the MW Facebook page clearly shows the Meditation Amulet--unchanged from the promo version.

Just another card to set aside and never use, in an overall rather good-looking expansion.

Mages / Re: Is there any love for warlord?
« on: November 02, 2013, 01:21:32 PM »
Well, the DvN expansion looks to be hella fun, now that nearly all the cards have been spoiled.  However, I was holding out hope that there would be something for the Warlord in it.  My best guess now is that we'll have to wait for the next expansion in 4 - 6 months, which will be something along the lines of CoK, to introduce an alternate Warlord and cards that are actually useful to play.  Even if that happens though, it seems the current Warlord is destined to be permanently retired.

--Or is he?  I actually thought of a use for him recently!

I've decided to create a 'training' spellbook.  It's a book filled with the useless and/or overcosted Warlord-themed cards (Barracks, Garrison Post, Standard Bearer, the Goblins), along with a few reasonably good cards that would be too expensive to include in most non-war-trained books (Fortified Position, Grimson, Corazin, Thorg, the Dwarves).  Toss in a few themes that are war school and don't work very well together (Deflection Bracers, Reflex Boots, Defense Ring).  Remove cards that are generally useful so they can be placed in books that are actually good (Tanglevine, Teleport, Force Push, Battle Fury), and save the good earth cards for the wizard to poach (Hurl Boulder, Iron Golem).  Then I will use this book when I know I'm up against a new player that is interested in the game, has created his first book or two, but is still new enough to get trounced by any of my regular books.

tl/dr: Use the pathetic Warlord against total newbies, to play with a deliberate handicap.  Finally, a use for him! ; )

The scenario you describe sounds like you had a few rounds with the Obelisk up.  My suggestion would be next time to make the Obelisk itself your top priority.  Why beef up Brogan if you expected to lose him?  If 'beef up' included a Bear Strength, an even slightly lucky single attack roll would have taken the Obelisk out, or two attacks at most with anything but the worst of luck.  Power down the Obelisk, and Mind Control becomes a two-round Stun, and you're also free to bring out all the other stupendously powerful Holy creatures if you want.

The only other way I could see dealing with the issue would have been to keep a Dispel in your hand until he cast it.  Just suffering the one-spell-per-turn issue until the threat has passed.

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Dispel Defense
« on: October 28, 2013, 08:24:35 PM »
Jinx doesn't lose them the Dispel, so only delays the inevitable really; probably why you're not a fan of it. ; )  Reverse Magic wouldn't work, because it protects the mage and Dispel targets the enchantment.  Decoy is really only good for trying to attract a Seeking Dispel or Nullify (or pretending to be a Block or Reverse Attack for example); it wouldn't work against a Dispel at all.  You also can't put your enchantments down in a random order:
Rulebook, p.18:
Important: Players are notpermitted to “shuffle” or mix up their enchantments. Your opponent may want to keep an eye on which enchantment was cast at a particular time by you. Always place newly cast enchantments on top of old ones.
About the only way to protect enchantments against Dispel is with Enchanter's Wardstone.  That, coupled with an Enchanter's Ring, means your opponent is paying three more mana to disenchant every spell on your own creatures.  (Four more, if something like your Arcane Ring or Ring of Asyra also applied for the enchantment.)

Reverse Magic and Nullify protect against Purge Magic, but that's about it (in relation to enchantments, anyway).

General Discussion / Arcane Wonders customer service experience.
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:13:24 AM »
I don't know if this is the right forum for this post; if not, please move it to the appropriate forum with my apologies.

I would like to share my experience with AW's customer service.

About a month ago, I purchased a copy of FM vs WL, but never actually made a FM deck until about two weeks ago.  When I did so, I discovered that my FM spellbook was defective: the upper right sleeve pockets were splitting along that dotted line there, causing those cards to fit in loosely at best.  This is a Bad Thing (tm), for obvious reasons.  I'm on good relations with the store I bought it from, so I asked them, but they said I would have to contact the manufacturer.

I checked the AW website, decided to fill out the Contact Us form in brief, and wait and see what kind of response I got.  Based on my previous experiences with customer service at other organizations, I wasn't expecting much. ; )  --Particularly since I live in Canada, and there's often shipping issues outside the U.S.

That was late in the evening, Friday Oct 4th.  The *next day*, I get an emailed response from Customer Service.  (Can I say who?  She(?) was apparently the Director of Customer Service, I'm sure I can say that much.)  She says she just needs my address to send the replacement, and could I email pics so she can show it to quality control?  I fire off the info and pics that night, and mention some other minor issues I had had.  That was late Saturday evening.  Two days later, on the following Monday, I get a follow-up email from her saying the replacement spellbook has been shipped, along with replacements for some cards that I had mentioned and photographed (more for that QC part) were damaged when I bought them.

I received the package earlier this afternoon, nine days after she said they were shipped out.

So!  Prompt, friendly, competent, and efficient customer service.  Resulting in one very happy customer. : )


General Discussion / Re: Druid vs Necro Spoilers
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:17:03 AM »
"Silly"?  That seems a little harsh--although admittedly I had forgotten that Resilient effectively plays as infinite armour, so it's not going down in two hits then. ; )  Still, the rest of what I said does apply, as well as the fact that Bloodthirsty comes with inherent drawbacks--including not being able to guard btw, if there are any damaged living creatures in its zone.

Again, to clarify: I'm not saying it's a bad card.  It's clearly a good card, one that will be included in almost any necro build.  I'm just saying I don't see it as crazy imbalanced.  That's the perception I'm responding to, here.

*shrug*  I haven't been playing all that long though--about two months, now.  Maybe time will prove me wrong.

General Discussion / Re: Druid vs Necro Spoilers
« on: October 13, 2013, 04:58:38 PM »
I'm not seeing it.   With no armour, this will go down fast: 2-3 attacks.  Can't be given most buffs, like Rhino Hide/Bear Strength/Vampirism.  Takes 3 spellbook points.  Hard to heal.

Good card, don't get me wrong.  Well worth its casting and spellbook cost, in appropriate decks.  Probably see one or two in most necro decks.  But it doesn't seem incredible to me.

Thanks guys.

DB, I *really* like your idea of "Non-war enchantment spells cost triple during spellbook construction" instead of Arcane spells costing triple!  Put that on the card along with my change, then give him a good one-handed weapon, and he's right back to being a viable mage again.

The more I think about this, the more I think it would resolve nearly all of the Warlord's problems.  Granted, there were still some rather odd design decisions made for him:

--Making his 'signature weapon' two handed.
--Not allowing Garrison Post to work with Barracks.
--Giving him Earth magic, and then all earth creatures Slow, with no feasible access to Teleport.

Maybe it was partly because FM vs WL was the first expansion in the game...

General Discussion / Re: Druid vs Necro Spoilers
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:46:49 PM »
Wait, so that arcane gremlin and this wraith can teleport through walls even if they block LoS?

...Did not know that.  Or expect that. ; )

Hi all.

I know it is highly unlikely this would ever be implemented, but I believe this would most likely single-handedly fix most the Warlord's issues.  I thought I would share it with the community here, see what people thought.  Essentially, it is to change Battle Orders to read:

"Once per round, when the Warlord casts a non-Epic, Quick Action, Single Target Command Incantation, the Warlord may pay additional mana equal to the spell's casting cost.  If he does so, that spell's target changes to 'all friendly Soldiers in the same zone as the Warlord'."

This 'fix' would serve four primary purposes:

1) It would bring the Warlord's special abilities up to a level on par with other mages.

2) It would guide the Warlord into casting all those War Incantations more often, particularly the low-cost Novice ones.

3) It would allow greater versatility in his soldiers, possibly allowing more Veteran tokens to get deployed (by a critical casting of Power Strike, Piercing Strike, or even a double-costed Battle Fury for example).

4) It would make Horn of Gothos and Helm of Command much more viable for play.

What do you think?


First post on the forums!

This was an interesting build DB, and it's the first one I've tried for BM since I largely gave up on trying to make the Lair work.  --Or a variation of this, at least.  I saw a few things that had me curious: it looks like some choices here are due to your local meta, maybe?

--I assume having both Dragonscale and Storm Drake armour is for one getting Dissolved.  My question is: why Storm Drake as your spare?  Is lightning really that big an issue in your local meta?  Bearskin would cost two one less book point.

--4 Decoys seems a bit excessive.  You state that they're good as fake nullifies, since your opponent doesn't know you don't play them, but have you really found times where the fourth Decoy was objectively better than a Nullify would have been?

--Similarly, 4 Dissolves and 4 Dispels also seems excessive to me--moreso, because they're double book cost.  Have you ever actually used all four of either in a single game?  And if so, have they really been in situations where something else could not have been use instead, as effectively?

--And 3 Teleports.  Each one's a Steelclaw Grizzly, in terms of spellbook points!  Again, have you really had three times in a game where only a Teleport (and not, say, a Force Push) was needed?  I could see including two, but three seems a bit much.

If we reduced each of those by just one card, and swapped Bearskin for Storm Drake, that's 11 10 Spellbook points freed up.  I added a Nullify, a third Falcon, a second Force Push, a Call of the Wild, an Agony and a Poisoned Blood.

We'll see how it plays out, but I was curious about the reasons for your choices.

(Edit: teh rite math iz gud ; )

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