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Rules Discussion / equipment rules
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:28:20 PM »
Rules for Equipment state

If an equipment object of the same name or location is cast upon a Mage, if the spell is friendly controlled, the new equipment object is placed on the Mage, and the duplicate item (the original one which has the same name or location) is removed and placed in its owner’s spellbook. In this manner, friendly Mages can replace equipment on each other with newer or better choices. This might be useful for removing equipment armor which is no longer useful because it is corroded (see “Corrode”).

so here is my question. if an item, [mwcard=MW1Q19]Mage Wand[/mwcard] is allowed to be used in either hand, could i then cast [mwcard=MW1Q18]Mage Staff[/mwcard] which is only allowed to be used in one hand, to put the wand back in my book. 

The plan is to activate my mage, use the quick activation to cast wand, spell bind something awesome on it, and use the full action to cast the spellbound spell. Then on the next turn put the wand away and replace it with another hand weapon to prevent the wand, and spellbound spell, from getting dissolved.

yeah it's expensive, yeah it's probably not worth it, but was just wondering if it can be done.

League / Tournament Play / Forged in Fire not legal at GenCon
« on: July 20, 2014, 10:40:45 PM »

Hello Raymond (ID: 140483),

You have registered for BGM1464415 Mage Wars Gen Con 2014 Championship.

The event organizer wanted to send you the following message. If you have any questions specifically about this game, please contact the event organizer directly, if they listed their contact information.

Please be advised, this is a multi-day tournament. Rounds 1 - 2 will be played on Friday, Rounds 3 - 4 on Saturday, and the Top 8 will compete in the Finals on Sunday. Please bring a 120-point spellbook with cards from sets published on or before July 1st, 2014. Also, please bring any condition markers, tokens, etc. necessary for your spellbook, e.g. Vet tokens, Burn markers. Arena boards will be provided.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Zombie thriller
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:58:45 PM »
Here is my first real effort at a Necromancer book.

[spellbookname]necro thriller[/spellbookname]
[mwcard=mw1a02]1 x  Chain Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a09]2 x  Jet Stream[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1a12]1 x  Ring of Fire[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ04]1 x  Graveyard[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j11]1 x  Idol of Pestilence[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j20]1 x  Sacrificial Altar[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC09]2 x  Plague Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC08]4 x  Unstable Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC19]4 x  Venomous Zombie[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC22]1 x  Zombie Brute[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e14]1 x  Enfeeble[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e25]3 x  Maim Wings[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e29]2 x  Nullify[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e31]2 x  Poisoned Blood[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q19]2 x  Mage Wand[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ01]1 x  Cloak of Shadows[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ02]1 x  Death Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q05]1 x  Demonhide Armor[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q23]1 x  Regrowth Belt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ09]1 x  Wand of Healing[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI01]2 x  Animate Dead[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i06]2 x  Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i07]2 x  Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i08]1 x  Drain Life[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKI01]1 x  Drain Soul[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i11]1 x  Explode[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i12]1 x  Force Push[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWI07]1 x  Repulse[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i24]1 x  Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i28]2 x  Teleport[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI06]3 x  Zombie Frenzy[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 118 pts[/cost]

The missing card in the list is Morning Star, a level 1 war weapon, that I have as a promo, but was released in FiF.

The plan is basically get some zombie on the field using the graveyard and casting them, then strap a Zombie frenzy onto a Mage Wand and make them dance, like in Michael Jackson's thriller. The 3 zombie frenzy and 2 wands are all in there in case the first wand and frenzy get destroyed, I have a back up. And if That second gets destroyed, I have one more frenzy to use.

The maim wings are in there because I have no way of dealing with fliers.

Chain lightning i just love it as a spell.

Ring of fire and repulse are in there as a "when the S*** hits the fan" strategy.

Wand of Healing because I have no way to remove conditions.

Explode is there because i just think it's awesome. Deals damage, burns, and destroys armor.

Poison blood is to shut down regeneration.

Plague zombie combos with Sacrificial Alter and Graveyard.

Drawbacks from the 2 games I played so far. I always felt like I never had enough mana to do anything. I'm not sure if i should add Moonglow Amulet, or Meditation Amulet, or if a flower/crystal or 2 is the way to go.

I learned that you don't put the graveyard in the corner, because if your opponent scurries across the board, they can easily drop 15-16 mana and completely wall off your graveyard.

any suggestions / comments from some more experienced necro players.

Spellbook Builder / database suggestions
« on: July 07, 2014, 07:46:06 PM »
a couple things about the card database.

1 - all cards are not in there.

I think all cards ever printed should be in the card data base.

2 - Card sets not listed

I also think that some how the database should show what set he card came out of. This would also show if the card was a promo or not.

Spellbook Design and Construction / attempt at a druid book
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:43:18 PM »
[spellbookname]First Druid Book[/spellbookname]
[mwcard=DNA01]4 x  Acid Ball[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKA01]3 x  Surging Wave[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNW01]4 x  Bloodspine Wall[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ02]2 x  Corrosive Orchid[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ12]1 x  Vine Tree[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ09]1 x  Samara Tree[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j13]1 x  Mana Flower[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ06]1 x  Nightshade Lotus[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ08]3 x  Seedling Pod[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ10]2 x  Stranglevine[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1j22]2 x  Tanglevine[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC17]1 x  Tataree[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC18]1 x  Togorah, Forest Sentinel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC06]1 x  Kralathor, The Devourer[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC20]3 x  Vine Snapper[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC21]3 x  Thornlasher[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC10]3 x  Raptor Vine[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1c13]1 x  Fellella, Pixie Familiar[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNE01]1 x  Barkskin[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e20]2 x  Harmonize[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e13]2 x  Eagle Wings[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e05]2 x  Cheetah Speed[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1e25]2 x  Maim Wings[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ04]1 x  Druid's Leaf Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ06]1 x  Mohktari's Branch[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q22]1 x  Moonglow Amulet[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ08]1 x  Vinewhip Staff[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1q19]1 x  Mage Wand[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI02]3 x  Burst of Thorns[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i06]2 x  Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i07]2 x  Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNI04]2 x  Renewing Rain[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i28]2 x  Teleport[/mwcard]
[mwcard=mw1i24]2 x  Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 120 pts[/cost]

This is basically me trying something. My playgroup for the most part only uses my stuff and only the basic builds from the instruction manuals. Tonight I was planning on doing a 4 player team game (i have 2 copies of Base game)

No idea what the others would want to play, but my hope is to have a custom book and do some cool stuff to encourage them to go out and buy their own stuff. This would also allow me, since they would get their own stuff to start running Organized Play leagues.

Any questions on my thought process on the build or opinions as to possible changes.

Rules Discussion / Rise Again
« on: April 16, 2014, 11:05:06 AM »
If i cast Rise Again on my opponents creatures, when they die, do I get them?

Rules Discussion / defense and defense barriers
« on: April 09, 2014, 10:45:13 AM »
Last night I was playing as the Forcemaster versus the Warlock.

Forcemaster is equipped with Circle of Fire. Forcemaster also has her built in defense active. Forcemaster is attacked by Dark Pact Slayer.

So my question is does the damage barrier trigger even if the attack is unsuccessful because of a successful defense roll (+7d12)?

Also in this case, Dark Pact Slayer has Flame -2. Circle of Fire's Damage Barrier is a flame attack (2+d12). With the flame -2, Do I even roll for the defense barrier or do I only roll the effect die?

also, can a creature with flame immunity walk through a wall of fire with out needing to do a damage roll?

Rules Discussion / Help understanding condition markers
« on: March 12, 2014, 03:36:14 PM »
So, my understanding is that condition markers are permanent until they are removed by an outside source, or removed due to a specific action.

So last night we had a few issues arise with condition markers, primarily DAZE. (the only condition markers used in the entire game were daze and cripple, and the crippled character was dead before he would have gotten to do any thing anyway.) 

While Dazed a creature still can complete actions as normal, such as move quick strike. When making a quick strike, they roll the effect die. 7+ attack as normal. Regardless of whether attack was successful or not, daze counter is removed as soon as the attack resolves.

So why if it's dazed can it still act as normal.
Also the counter comes off regardless if the creature does anything at all.
If a creature is dazed does it still hinder?
So when the marker comes off does the creature controller pay 2 mana?
When would you have to pay the "removal cost"

League / Tournament Play / looking for players in the chicago suburbs
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:40:44 PM »
I'm looking to either teach Mage Wars or just play Mage Aars in General. So if you're like me who have been secretly viewing the forums here but afraid to post let me know and we can play a bit.

Every Tuesday about 7:00 I'm at Durty Nellie's in Palatine for Tabletop Tuesday, there are about 30-40 gamers every week playing all sorts of various games.

Also I go to the Gaming Goat in Scahumburg, IL on Wednesday night about 6:30.

I've taught a few people how to play, but can not get a group of players to gather consistently for a OP group. i have a location willing to have me run an OP group, i just need to find bodies.

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