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Rules Discussion / Re: War sledge sweeping attack with only 1 enemy in zone
« on: November 11, 2014, 02:38:19 pm »
The War Sledge is revealed when you equip it so you advertise the fact that you have a sweeping attack. Your opponent will play accordingly. Personally I just run one copy of Whirling Strike in my book. The opponent never sees it coming and cannot counter it. Plus you can use an actual good weapon such as the Morning Star or my favorite the underrated Staff of the Arcanum.

2 hands occupied for an advertised sweeping effect, a 50% daze chance, and the same damage as every one handed weapon is just not worth it. Granted that is my opinion not necessarily fact.

Events / Re: Wounded Warrior Tournament: Charlotte NC
« on: November 10, 2014, 05:55:00 pm »

Oh well, the charity is all that really matters. :)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Anvil Throne Deck Help/Criticism
« on: November 10, 2014, 05:31:35 pm »
I am trying to understand your strategy with the creatures. It appears this is a very mage-centric spellbook design with the goal being to buff the mage and get him into combat with the enemy mage. Your creature selection does not seem to reflect this design decision. So I ask you this- in what situation would you summon the creatures you have selected and in response to what tactics?

Something to keep in mind with posting spell book designs.
What are my opening turns going to look like? Be specific as you can generally assume you will have 2-3 turns to build up before any interference on the part of the enemy mage. Posting those turns (what you cast/remaining mana) on the forums helps us tailor advice to assist you. Otherwise you will get a lot of "well this is a good card for Warlords" or "this works good against this type of strategy" type advice.

That said here is my "this is a good card" advice.
Generally you will want multiple ways to deal with armor. Acid Ball works great for this role but I recommend running 2-3 of them.

I see you are running a lot of elemental attack spells other than earth. I understand the desire for versatility but it may not be worth it in regards to book cost. Particularly as you have opted for cheap spells with not really game changing effects. Spells like Ring of Fire or Circle of Lightning would be worth delving in other schools but I feel Arc Lightning and Flameblast not so much. Ring of Fire in particular is a great spell if you are planning to go creature lite as you can be fairly certain you will be swarmed if you are the only eligible target in the arena. Two castings of Ring of Fire and all of that mana and actions the enemy mage spent on those creatures will die with them. Also Hurl Boulder is amazing and I always recommend 2 or more if you have access to the earth school.

You seem exceptionally vulnerable to fliers to such a degree that it may cost you any match you oppose them. You have many attack spells but the damage output of them is so low you will need 2 or more on average to kill even the weakest fliers. It is not action efficient or reliable as a defense against them. I recommend a higher density of ranged attackers in your creature selection. As you are not running a Barracks I would go with quality over quantity to save actions. Maybe Grimson Deadeye and/or Ludwig Boltstorm? If you go that route I would make sure you factor in summoning one of them in your first 3 turn plan for every match due to their high cost.

You are running a lot of situational incantations that will likely not see play in most matches. Flank attack and Sniper Shot in particular seems like a poor choice due to how few creatures you have. If you are going creature lite I would stick with incantations that you cast on the mage specifically. Whirling Strike, Battle Fury, Piercing Attack, and Power strike are good examples. Keep in mind that Battle Fury will not benefit from bonus melee dice so it will probably be more mana efficient per dice of damage to instead cast Hurl Rock plus you get the daze chance and some range.

Your weapon selection seems a bit like overkill. 2-3 weapons are the most I would personally put in a book with 2 being the more likely. Having doubles of the Morning Star with 2 of the Falcons Precision enchantment particularly makes me raise an eyebrow. Even if your meta-game was very defense heavy I think that would be massive overkill. The better defenses are a 50% miss chance, is it really worth it to dedicate that much of your strategy to negate something that may not even effect you? I would go with 1 Falcons precision and the Mage Staff for it's reach. If they dispel your Falcons precision oh well just roll the defense dice and hope for the best. If you are really worried keep one Morning Star as a back up. Due to the cost of dissolving your equipment and the sheer quantity you have Dissolve is probably not a major hindrance to your strategy.

I notice you have 2 Harshforged Plates, a Dragonscale hauberk, And Storm Drake hide. I would drop the latter 2 and throw in an Elemental Cloak. Due to the cost to dissolve Harshforged Plate (especially with a rune) you will probably not be worrying about it overly much. Elemental Cloak also fills the empty cloak slot while adding 1 armor to the mix. Run a disable to cast on yourself to get rid of corrodes as it is a cheaper alternative to recasting the armor source.

I do not feel you are running enough enchantments to justify the Enchanters Ring. Speaking of enchantments Vampirism should be added if you can swing it because it is a cornerstone of Mage-centric melee strategies. It will likely heal you more than any form of regeneration and stacks with regeneration.

That is about the best advice I can give without a more thorough rundown of your strategy. Hope it helps!

Spells / Re: Flaming Hellion in a Wizard spellbook?
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:27:51 pm »
I am still adamant the elemental effect incantations are not worth it. Just cast an elemental attack spell. More effective, more efficient, not creature dependent, not position dependent, does damage...ect.

The incantation might have more use once we know what Defrost (and Frost/Freeze) does. Cheaper than Flameblast. Has 0-2 range and creature can move 1-2 zone, making its range can go up to 0-4.

If the creature is fast then yes 0-4 otherwise 0-3. A mage could double move and quick cast and still acquire the range of 0-3. Though I doubt you would be that desperate for a flame blast or for a flame effect roll on a creature for that matter.

Events / Re: Wounded Warrior Tournament: Charlotte NC
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:25:12 pm »
I just have to know. Did you actually end up getting a cardboard cut-out of Christopher Walken for the tournament?

Rules Discussion / Re: War sledge sweeping attack with only 1 enemy in zone
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:54:27 pm »
Still not a fan of the War Sledge but it has at least one redeeming quality now. 2 hands for 4 damage dice and the option of maybe doing a sweeping attack is still not worthwhile. If reprinted I vote it gets bumped up to 5 damage dice.

Spells / Re: Flaming Hellion in a Wizard spellbook?
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:11:16 pm »
I am still adamant the elemental effect incantations are not worth it. Just cast an elemental attack spell. More effective, more efficient, not creature dependent, not position dependent, does damage...ect.

It has been said but the Warlord has to play aggressively and start the damage race on his terms. Most Necromancer builds come in to their own mid to late game. Play so aggressively there is no late game and make sure you have a head start on damage for the mid game. Ideally the Necromancer will not be able to adapt in time to compensate.

Events / Re: Wounded Warrior Tournament: Charlotte NC
« on: November 08, 2014, 02:31:28 am »
I raise a glass in your honor! You are an example for us all. ;D

I will be down at the Source tomorrow for some casual games of Mage Wars. No official tournaments just yet as we are still awaiting the prize support. I hope to see you all there!  :D

Fast trolls do sound pretty Terrifying. Not sure I would want to follow them around burning quick-cast actions on Hold The Line though. Maybe in a pinch but not as a sustained strategy.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Adramelech's Wife
« on: October 31, 2014, 10:38:55 pm »
Andramalech has a pretty HOT wife. HELL I would even say she is on FIRE!

I know my terrible puns probably BURN your eyes. You will just have to SIZZLE in contempt and try to let off some STEAM in response to my PUN-ishment.

You may now return to you regularly scheduled forum banter.

How are the Bridge Trolls treating you? In my experience the lack of armor made them too easy to focus down with multiple monsters.

Well Mage Warriors I have some good news! I have finally been confirmed as an Official Mage Wars Ambassador! What this means is that we will start having official events and will have full access to prize support. Get your tournament spellbooks ready! Stay tuned as more details will soon follow.

General Discussion / Re: PvS Spoilers So Far
« on: October 27, 2014, 01:40:59 pm »
That "LV 7-8 Godzilla" looks like a classic depiction of the Kraken from the movie "Clash of the Titans". If I am right then I am very excited about this upcoming release. Speaking of release I really hope there is a "Release the Kraken" mechanic!

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