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General Discussion / Distribution of Cards
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:19:14 AM »
Morning guys,

I don't want this to sound like a moan (well - don't then!) as we're loving Mage Wars.  But does anyone else have an irk with the distribution of cards in CoK?

To elaborate; none of my group were playing MW at the turn of the year - I played my first game in mid-Jan and was immediately hooked.  So much so that I bought everything.  That's right, base set, all 3 expansions, both spell tombs, green and yellow action markers and enough spellbooks to cover every Mage.  Now, because I was one of the first in my club to get into the game, I was happily teaching others the pleasure of MW. 

But that meant I was jumping from apprentice decks one day to full decks the next - and bear in mind that we weren't using "tweaked" decks yet - just the suggested list in the various rule sets.  And you know what - there aren't enough cards to put either of the 2 CoK decks together without taking certain cards from other decks.  Well, I got tired of continually building / destroying the 4 initial Mage decks between apprentice mode and full mode, so I bought a second main copy which arrived last Thursday (along with the other 14 sets that the boys put in as a combined order - yes, I really have gotten that many bods into the game in just a couple of months).

And do you know what?  After making up 4 "permanent" apprentice decks I still don't have enough of the "outlined" cards to do a Priest or Female Beastmaster deck.  Short of Feral Bobcats, a Knight of Westlock and a couple of other cards that I can't remember of the top of my head.  Which is disappointing.  Don't get me wrong, I've made both those decks now, played them over the weekend - mentioning to my opponents that they were "tweaked".  But that's the way we're all going to go, as more of us gain more experience.

But I suppose the point of this long ramble (thanks for bearing with me!) is this:  Is FiF going to be a FULL expansion (ie have enough cards to cover the suggested builds without pinching any from the present Warlock or Warlord) or is it going to be "short" of cards like CoK?

So don't get me wrong guys - I'm loving the game (been playing EVERY day since last Wed - it's great being retired!!!) and I suppose this has only been an issue for me because I've done so much changing from apprentice to full books - and NOT  been able to put an initial deck together for CoK for such a while.

Cheers guys.

Dave I

General Discussion / Whose Tokens?
« on: March 25, 2014, 03:38:24 AM »
Morning guys,

An unusual question I suppose, but whose tokens / counters do you use when you play?

The reason I ask is because the club had a meeting on Sunday, and I sat down to play one of my buddies - and it was my board we had out.  Now I should have mentioned that we're just starting off getting into Mage Wars (loving it!) so some of us have a lot of kit, while others are still waiting to get their main box set.  But both Joe and I have lots.  So it was my board that was on the table, and I mentioned that we'd be best using "just my counters".  Joe was fine with that, but mentioned that he'd be using his "Eternel Servant" counter.  No worries thought I.

Came to the end of the day and we packed away.  Fine.  So I had a different friend round at mine yesterday and had decided to use my Necromancer spellbook - and it was my first outing with him - and guess what - could I find my "Eternal Servant" counter.  So a quick phone call later  and yup, Joe had accidentally picked mine up when sorting his cards out at the end of our game.  Now this isn't a worry - I'll be seeing Joe on Thursday night, so I'll get it back then.  But if I hadn't decided to play the Necromancer yesterday (and maybe not for a few weeks?) or worse, had been at an event whee I'd had a game with a stranger.  The counter would have been gone.

So what do you guys do?  I think that there might always be the potential problem of this happening.  I've already sleeved my cards so that they're more easily identifiable as mine (as well as the extra protection factor).  Interested to hear your thoughts.

Cheers for now.

Dave I

General Questions / Re: Upkeep - who pays?
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:43:29 PM »
Good evening guys.  Thanks for the replies - nice to know that we're working through the mechanisms correctly.

Apologies for not using the search thing, our putting the question in the correct area.  This stuff is all rather new to me, and it was my first posting onto the forum - and, in my defence, I would point out that I'm probably somewhat older than your usual bods who frequent these forums - I've been happily retired for nearly 4 years, and am just enjoying myself with lots of new hobbies and holidays.  So all this IT malarky isn't quite my thing - but I will try harder.

Oh yes - and it is great fun when I manage to beat the "youngsters" down at the club!

Keep up the good work - loving the game.  Playing most of tomorrow and all day Wednesday.


Dave I

General Questions / Upkeep - who pays?
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:16:08 AM »
Good morning guys,

brand new member to these forums - half a dozen of my friends and I have just gotten into Mage Wars (ie since the new year) but already a couple of us have all the expansions plus extra card decks.  Fantastic fun - loving the game.

Anyway, the question is - who pays upkeep on certain spells?  Specifically a couple of the guys were playing and one of them had "Essence Drain" on an ememy creature, AND "Force Hold" on a second enemy creature - and was making Darren (his opponent) pay 5 mana per turn as upkeep.

Now my thoughts are that Darren should have been paying the 2 for essence drain, but that it should have been the originator (Jed) who paid the +3 upkeep to keep Darren's big beastie tied up.

I know this is going to seem all rather "Noddy" to you guys, but we are ALL complete newbies here - a case of the blind leading the blind!  But we are all loving the game, and hope to get a goodly few of our regular club into it - and with 56 paid up members in the club, I am hopefull!

Cheers guys, and thanks in advance.

Dave I

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