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General Discussion / Re: Gate to Hell- yes or no?
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:54:08 PM »
I feel that most bad cards shouldn't be directly errata'd, because new cards can indirectly buff them to make them worthwhile again, or players might uncover niche strategies that utilize those cards in some way.  However, there are a handful of cards I do consider bad enough to be broken outright.  Nothing short of an errata can fix them, and their current iteration is basically unplayable: they might as well not exist because absolutely no one ever plays them.  Gate to Hell has always been one of those cards.  I consider it a shame, since I don't think it would actually take that much work to give the card a strategic function while keeping it unique. 

I don't think the card should have its cost reduced, nor be made a quick action to cast.  Instead, it should become the first late-game spawnpoint.  Add an innate Channeling of 3 to the card.  Then replace its current card text with this:
"All demon creatures gain Melee +1.  Gate to Hell enters play with a "Closed" token.  Once per game, as a full action, you may pay 12 mana to flip the token to the "Opened" side, and make the above attack against each non-flying creature in the arena.  Once opened, Gate to Hell gains the Spawnpoint trait and may summon an unlimited number of demon creatures during the Deployment Phase."

Now all of the separate parts of the card (the demon melee buff, the arena-wide attack, and the summoning capability) suddenly synergize with each other.  You can lay down the card early, protect it during the mid-game, and then suddenly weaken all of your opponent's creatures right before summoning a swarm of your own.  This also doesn't make the card overpowered.  It hurts the early-game economy of its mage, is vulnerable to being destroyed before it becomes useful, and isn't particularly useful outside of Warlock swarm builds.

General Discussion / Re: Lost Grimoire v1 SPOILERS
« on: November 20, 2016, 07:05:02 PM »
Trample attacks are neither ranged nor melee attacks. So you don't get any Melee +X traits.

Just to clarify, using Force Push to move a creature with Trample also wouldn't trigger the ability, correct?  (And I'm aware that the Titanodon has the Unmoveable trait, I'm just asking in general.)  Trample can only be triggered by a move action which the creature itself initiates?

General Discussion / Re: Lost Grimoire v1 SPOILERS
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:18:53 PM »
So, is the Lost Grimoire still planned to come out in late 2016?  That window is closing pretty swiftly.  It isn't a huge deal if the set gets delayed slightly again, but I would like to know one way or another. 

I eagerly await the forthcoming spoilers, even though it sadly seems that Arcane Wonders does not approve of dinosaur on dinosaur violence.  ;)  Man, having a Pterodactyl mount for the Beastmaster would have been so sick.

General Discussion / Re: Fix Bloodwave Warlord
« on: November 13, 2016, 01:09:17 AM »
a goblin grunt could deal 2 damage as well to become veteran, deal or receive 2x level damage. Orc butcher only needs to roll 4 damage. Don't think either one of those is too hard to do, even without enchantments or orders.

Also want to point soldiers not in school are awesome, tons of skeletons, tons of holy dudes(KnightofWestlock) tons of stuff from PvsS

The impact of soldier subtype is pretty big, orders plus some incantations, veteran token for himself and armory. Soldier subtype is way big, not way small
The 2x damage change would be fine for Orc Butchers, because they have have a decent amount of health.  Goblin Grunts, on the other hand, have 0 armor and 4 health, making them one of the easiest creatures to kill in the entire game.  Let's say you do manage to have everything go according to plan.  You get a fresh Goblin Grunt into position, get a good roll against a low-armor opponent, and it becomes a veteran.  You now have to wait an entire turn to be able to make use of the melee +1, and in the meantime, what are the odds that your opponent won't just murder your goblin?  Even with the armor +1, most level 2 or greater creatures would have a good chance of killing the goblin with either a 3 dice +1 piercing attack or a 4 dice one.  Sure, your idea is better than the official veterans implementation, but it still isn't ideal in my opinion. 

There are exactly 4 different skeleton soldier creatures (not counting Academy ones, if any).  Even if they were in-school, they don't seem worth playing over equivalent War creatures for the Warlord.  Mort is decent for his taint condition and survivability, but he's too costly to play without going all-in on a skeleton army.  Skeletal Minions are almost as bad as Goblin Grunts, and you can't buff them with Nature enchantments or heal them via normal means.  Skeletal Knights and Knights of Westlock are decent defenders, but if you want to go defensive just use Dwarf Panzergardes instead.  The only out of school soldiers I would even consider using (other than legendaries) would be the Skeletal Archer and/or Royal Archer, because quite frankly Goblin Slingers are terrible.  Skeletons are pretty much only good if you are a necromancer, because otherwise it is hard to get them to synergize properly.  If you want to play stuff that is nonliving and psychic immune, why not just use Iron Golem? 

I forgot about the vet token for himself, which would be weird but nice.  Still, I don't think a relatively free couple of armor and a melee +1 would make him competitive (and by your own rules, the Warlord would need to either take or dish out 12 damage before getting that veteran token).  You can already get similar buffs by slapping on a Rhino Hide or similar Nature enchantments (although of course those can be dispelled). 

I like the Idea of allowing warlords to somehow become soldiers, but I wouldn't do it by errata.
Just like the Warlock got the Demonhide Mask that makes him a demon while attacking, so could the Warlord academy expansion include a "Soldier Cloak" that allows Warlords to be counted as soldiers during attack resolution (of either their attacks or attacks against them). It could also allow them to benefit from their own battle orders as an additional effect. If you are a bloodwave with that "Soldier Cloak", it actually means that your mage could get veteran tokens, as the destruction of enemy creatures could happen during attack resolution :)
If you want to help the bloodwave warlord more, then you could just create spells that make synergies for orcs, just like you have Slaknir for the goblins and Redclaw Alpha for canine.
Agreed.  I can easily see Arcane Wonders coming out with a Soldier's Helmet or Soldier's Cloak card to give the Warlord the soldier subtype under certain circumstances.  Keep in mind, however, that veteran tokens do not stack, so the Warlord could only ever get 1.  The problem with just buffing up goblin and orc strategies is that there is nothing from stopping the Dwarf Warlord from using goblins and orcs, just like nothing is stopping the Bloodwave Warlord from using dwarf creatures. 

General Discussion / Re: Fix Bloodwave Warlord
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:44:25 AM »
I do think the Bloodwave Warlord needs some love, but I don't really like any of these suggestions. 

-Most soldier cards are already in the War school (and those that aren't probably would not be very useful to him anyway). 
-The two-handed weapon change would make him too similar to the Barbarian (one of the next upcoming Mages), who is almost assured to specialize in two-handed weapons and/or dual-wielding. 
-Giving him more life, while effective, is boring and doesn't fix his weak abilities. 
-Same with mana bonus (which I view as not thematic anyway, since mana control is associated with the Arcane school and the Wizard). 
-Paying 1 less mana per turn for war conjurations is the sort of thing which could easily be added as a new ring equipment card effect, but that won't really fix his issues.  It will definitely not help his standing in relation to the other Warlord, since any new cards will buff both versions equally.
-Changing the veterans ability is the most promising idea, but restricting it to 2x a creature's level goes against his swarm philosophy.  Most of the Bloodwave Warlord's thematic creatures have really poor health and minimal armor.  Goblin Grunts have 4 life.  Which means that by the time one manages to actually become a veteran (assuming it is not killed instantly), it will die shortly thereafter before it can actually make use of the benefits. 
-Once again, this is the sort of thing which would probably be handled with the addition of a new equipment card.  I would actually be a fan of this, but at present it wouldn't have a major impact (there aren't that many cards which only effect soldiers) and it wouldn't make him a real competitor to the Anvil Throne Warlord.

Honestly, the only way I see for the Bloodwave Warlord to be properly fixed is for Arcane Wonders to directly errata his card to drastically improve his veterans ability.  Any newly introduced cards will only make both Warlords better by an equal margin, and the Anvil Throne Warlord is already far superior to the Bloodwave one.  While they are at it, they should probably look at the Priest and Johktari Beastmaster as well.  There is little compelling reason to ever play as either of them.  I understand the devs' reluctance to errata cards, but sometimes it really is necessary.  Having 3 mages be all but useless compared to the rest hurts replayability and competitive diversity.

I do agree that the Priest, Johktari Beastmaster, and Bloodwave Warlord seem to be in a pretty bad place right now.  I think some of the problems are fixable without direct erratas / houseruling, but most of them are not. 

Yeah, he should definitely either have 10 channeling or not pay 1 mana to place burns (potentially even both).  There's just no reason to pick him over the Priestess (for defensive play) or Paladin (for aggressive play) at the moment.  Of all the mages, he is consistently the most mana-starved in my experience.  If Arcane Wonders ever wants him to be competitive, I don't think there is any way to get around directly altering his abilities (even if only slightly). 

While your solution does work, I don't think it's actually necessary in the long run.  The Straywood Beastmaster is fine as is, and introducing new cards could solve the awkwardness of the combined Sprint and Archery traits.  Maybe a card which gives the skirmish trait while attacking with a ranged weapon, or perhaps an enchantment that grants +1 range to attacks.  Another option is changing the Sprint ability to allow the Johktari Beastmaster to use a full-action ranged attack after moving twice by deducting 1 damage from the attack for each move action.  I kind of feel like a more comprehensive action is needed though.  Bows in general just seem really underpowered with every mage due to how restrictive they are.  There is an abundance of people running positioning cards like Teleport and Force Push, which probably makes the extra range much less safe than the developers intended. 

The other problem with the Johktari Beastmaster, which you didn't address, is her Wounded Prey ability.  It sucks.  In addition to the +1 damage the creature receives, I would also like it to apply the Lumbering trait, and halve all healing received by the creature (rounded down?).  This would make the ability really useful (at least against living targets), let the Beastmaster more easily kite with ranged weapons, and turn her into a mage which specializes in focusing down one creature at a time. 

Lastly there are the Warlords.  I agree with your suggestion that Battle Orders should be free to cast (once per round).  I kind of wish the 2 Warlords' Battle Orders were more differentiated from each other (Bloodwave should be way more offensive than Anvil Throne), but that is hard to fix at this point without completely redoing them.  Unfortunately, there is almost no way to make the Bloodwave Warlord equivalent to the Anvil Throne Warlord without some sort of errata or houseruling.  The Runesmithing ability is just so good, while the Veterans ability is terrible.  I suggest keeping the limitation that veteran tokens cannot stack (to dissuade the Warlord from buddy build strategies), but instead change the ability to read as thus: "Whenever an enemy creature is destroyed, you may choose up to 3 friendly soldier creatures within 1 zone of that creature and give them a Veteran token (maximum of one token per creature).  Creatures with a Veteran token gain melee +1, ranged +1, and armor +1."  This would make the Warlord's goblin and orc armies a lot more viable (arena-wide buffs to goblins would also help; [mwcard=MWBG1C04]Slaknir, Goblin Chieftain[/mwcard] was a good start but more is needed.  The change would also mean players are no longer punished for killing creatures with their mage or playing ranged units (who beforehand gained little benefit from becoming veterans). 

Some of these changes might need a bit of tweaking, but I think they are a step in the right direction.  In general:
1. the priest needs more mana efficiency (as well as access to more spells which the Paladin cannot as easily use)
2. the Johktari Beastmaster needs better incentives to stay at range, needs to be able to kite creatures effectively, and needs to just generally be less awkward to play
3. the Bloodwave Warlord needs a better primary ability

General Discussion / Re: Mage wars in 2017
« on: August 05, 2016, 11:38:36 PM »
the female wizard will, looking to windstorm and such, probably be focussed on wind spells.

Maybe the mounts are included in another set instead of being a seperate set?
There were a lot of rumors that the female wizard would possess some sort of time-related ability (the devs hinted that the details of her picture were important, and it features an hourglass). 

The mounts are almost definitely coming in a dedicated small set (similar to the lost grimoire).  I would have rather had them included in a larger set (such as alt Forcemaster vs Wizard), but for whatever reason Arcane Wonders have decided to make the mounts their own thing. 

General Discussion / Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« on: July 30, 2016, 06:37:51 PM »
I don't know it looks like the leviathan and the Kraken would combo well together...
Maybe, but then we're talking 43 mana invested purely in 2 creatures (more if you want to buff them).  That's not a particularly fast or unpredictable strategy, so your opponent should be able to think up some way to deal with it.  A well-timed [mwcard=MW1I01]Banish[/mwcard] or [mwcard=MW1I26]Sleep[/mwcard] would almost definitely cost you the game. 

General Discussion / Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« on: July 30, 2016, 05:49:10 PM »
Unfortunately was not as powerfull as I hoped, and was really hoping for bigger traits to help out the fact that it's very slow. Also disappointed that the Sherrean Leviathan is way more powerfull than a card that was so hyped up until now, and doesn't feel to me as if the Kraken is on equal footing to its counterpart.
Agreed.  For being teased so much, I was expecting something a little more... unique, I guess.  Don't get me wrong, I like the new grapple mechanic, but the Kraken doesn't seem all that much better than the (non-legendary) Drokarr except for some added health. 

The excerpt "A creature can be the grappler in several Grapple conditions (it can hold onto multiple preys), as long as it has a separate attack with the Grapple trait for each prey it is holding." from the new grapple rules seems like something that would be perfect for the legendary Kraken, but unless I'm reading it wrong the Kraken can still only hold onto a single target at a time, despite being an octopus and having 8 massive legs.  (I'm not suggesting allowing for 8 grapples, but 2-4 would be a nice way to set it apart.) 

There's actually another thing that bothers me about the Kraken.  It itself is not in any way immune to being grappled by other creatures, which is kind of silly.  Can you imagine a semi-regular dude just hugging a Kraken and being like "Guys, don't worry, I got this"?  Surely it thematically deserves the Uncontainable trait?

Personally, I can't see very many situations in which I would rather use the Kraken over the Leviathan.  They both cost almost the same amount of mana and spellpoints, but the Leviathan is noticeably harder to kill (and soften up with conditions) and can disable more creatures at a time.  The only time the Kraken really shines is against a solo or large buddy mage (although both creatures are arguably roughly as good against buddy builds).   

I'm not a big lore expert, but wouldn't the amount of mages required depend on the particular mages themselves?  An expert mage would be capable of channeling a lot more mana than a novice or apprentice.  Beyond that, I don't know enough about the lore to even give you a rough estimate. 

General Discussion / Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« on: July 06, 2016, 05:21:07 PM »
Mind magic gives her access to a wide variety of pushes and telekinetic fluffed cards like dancing scimitar; not the direction they chose to go with for her.

This is very similar to the "hesitation" from when the Druid was being slowly teased. You have to see her components and play her way.

All that to say, I wouldn't worry to much about card counts and school density; It's better down where it's wetter
I'm aware that the devs didn't want her to have access to everything in the Mind school, and I accept that (I was referencing it to say that even that idea would be preferable, not that it was ideal).  What I struggle with is giving the Siren the Pirate subtype instead of the Psychic one.  The Siren could use the additional card variety and the Psychic sub-type of the Mind school could use expanding anyway (a win-win).  But what's done is done. 

While we're on the subject of the druid, I would like to remind people of what happened to the Samara Tree.  It was a spoiler before the set, people thought it looked great and would open up new playstyles unique to the Druid, and.... no one (that I'm aware of) ever uses it because it's way too mana inefficient.  Things don't always work out in practice, and I'm slightly worried that something similar will happen to some of the Siren's cards. 

General Discussion / Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« on: July 06, 2016, 04:31:48 PM »
Unless you've seen the whole set (which I haven't), there are a lot of assumptions here.
Well, I did state in my post that I was making guesses and assumptions since we haven't seen the vast majority of the new cards. 

Before PVS there are less than ten water spells. After PVS there are approximately 40. I might be off a little, but I did just count them the other day. This set makes the Water school huge.
I'm not saying the Water school won't get a massive buff from the expansion, but you're looking at an almost non-existent school at the moment.  Let's go ahead and estimate that after the expansion the school has 40 cards.  Then, guessing completely blindly (because I have no idea how many song and pirate cards are included in the set), let's also add in 12 non-Water pirate cards and 12 non-Water song cards (which is probably being generous).  That gives the Siren a total (in-school) card pool of roughly 64 cards.  That sounds pretty good, but let's compare that to other mages.  The Priest/Priestess has a card pool of 39 Holy cards, based on the card database from this website.  But, that doesn't account for the new cards released in the Priestess Academy expansion (roughly 24, by my count).  It also doesn't account for the new Holy cards which the PvS expansion itself will bring.  Let's low-ball that and say 15 (6 Holy cards have already been spoiled).  That gives a rough total of 78 cards.  I'll go ahead and list some other Mages as well (ones which shouldn't be as affected by the release of PvS. 

Beastmaster = 69 Nature + 21 Academy (roughly) = 90
Warlock = 79 Dark + 18 Fire = 97
Necromancer = 79 Dark = 79
Forcemaster = 37 Mind = 37
Warlord = 17 Earth + 70 War = 87
(Errata'd) Wizard = 22 Air + 47 Arcane + 24 Academy (roughly) = 93

My point is that even with the massive influx of Water school cards, I fear Arcane Wonders is going to have to end up doing what they did with the Warlord: moving a secondary expansion forward so that the card pool is even somewhat on par with other schools.  The only mage with a more limited set of in-school cards is the Forcemaster, who also happens to belong to the only school which has not yet received any major expansions after its introduction in FvW.  This is the problem with waiting this long to really establish the Water school: most of the other schools are so far ahead that one expansion just can't cram enough cards in to equalize the balance.  Despite everything I just said, I'm not nearly as worried about her initial card variety as I am about how that card pool will be expanded down the line (I'll go into detail below). 

And just like every other school, there's no reason Arcane Wonders can't include new Water spells (or Pirate or Song, for that matter) in future expansions.  There is almost always a new good card for every existing mage in every expansion thereafter.

And some day we might see Frost damage type become a thing, which would also presumably fall within the Water school... so in general, i think the Siren will have plenty of spells she's trained in.  But I think something you're missing is that NOT being trained in a school doesn't make it outlawed; All Mind spells cost the standard double, which means all the level 1 Mind spells cost 2 sbp's, etc... so... fill your boots and include as many Psychic spells as you want!
Let's get Frost out of the way first.  The community knows of the next several upcoming Mage archetypes.  They will most likely be the Barbarian and Sorcerer first, followed by possibly a Shaman and some sort of Vampire.  Unless something changes drastically, the next alt pair of mages will be Forcemaster vs Wizard.  The next Battlegrounds expansion will be the Archmage.  None of those mages are very likely to be the long-awaited Frost mage or have any water training whatsoever (with the possible exception of the Vampire).  So even in the best-case scenario, the Siren will be waiting at least a good 2 years before another water mage is added. 

With that out of the way, sure, Arcane Wonders can add new cards for the Siren here and there in other expansions.  But the bulk of those expansions will always be dedicated towards helping out the new mages and the schools they belong to.  The introduction of the Necromancer helped out the Warlock.  The Druid helped out the Beastmaster.  That's why I really wish the Siren was trained in Psychic spells.  She could have leeched off of the upcoming Alt FvW set coming out eventually.  Instead, she shares practically no training overlap with any other existing or upcoming mage, meaning her card pool will almost inevitably become stale while other mages continue to acquire more new cards.  The Siren is the exact opposite of the original Wizard. 

You're right, not being trained in a school doesn't make it outlawed.  But it does drastically decrease efficiency with spellbook points (halves them, to be precise).  Additionally, most mages don't care very much about the school which they have to pay triple for (with the possible exception of the Warlord).  Warlocks don't need or particularly want most Holy spells because they don't synergize with their pre-existing strategies.  Same with the Druid: she rarely needs or wants fire or war spells (especially high-level ones).  I would actually prefer a Siren fully trained in Water and Mind with two triple-cost schools (Earth and War maybe?) (obviously she would continue to be trained in songs as well).  I don't expect anything to change at this point, but I wanted to share my concerns nonetheless. 

Lastly, it's too early to be worried about her stats.  I'd be shocked if she didn't have cards that boost them in some way.  ...I wouldn't be surprised if there is an Aquatic Terrain card, perhaps a "coral reef," that the Siren needs to protect that gives her +1 channeling and +X life, which  automatically combos nicely with her built-in Regenerate and other abilities, and which is analogous to Treebond without using up a mage ability.  Although maybe that would be too similar to the Druid (?).
Also, Shallow Sea needs to be considered when looking at the Siren. She can run six of them and that gives her a large area where it's harder to hit her, she regens, and she swings harder if she wants.

I doubt the devs would give the Siren something so close to another mage's ability, but who knows. 

The problem with Shallow Sea is that, (while a good card and reusable due to Cantrip) it costs 5 mana to use and only covers one space.  As I already brought up, mana is already kind of an issue.  How is the Siren supposed to have mana to use her abilities somewhat frequently, cover decent areas of the map with terrain so that she and her creatures can play to their aquatic strengths, and still have mana to actually summon and support a decent army of creatures?  Maybe I'll change my mind after seeing her spawnpoint or something else, but right now my feeling is that she needs a lot of set-up time and doesn't have the survivability to withstand an early rush, while other defensive mages can beat her through economy. 

General Discussion / Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« on: July 06, 2016, 01:01:12 PM »
The Paladin's level 2 training in War surprises me a bit.  I figured thematically he would be a more even balance of holy and war (3 each).  But that's a minor issue, and I can understand why Arcane Wonders would want to avoid that for balance reasons. 

However, I am worried about the Siren.  She is the first mage to have 0 training in any primary school.  That is a HUGE deal.  There are exactly 8 existing cards in the Water school (not counting promos).  Of those cards, only the [mwcard=MW1Q08]Elemental Wand[/mwcard] is higher than level one in Water, and two of the other cards ([mwcard=MWBG1J04]Raincloud[/mwcard] and [mwcard=DNI04]Renewing Rain[/mwcard]) are comprised of more than just the Water school.  I can understand not giving her full Mind school access, but I really think she deserved training in the psychic sub-type. 

So, what does she get to make up for this extremely limited card pool?  Training in pirates and songs.  Songs are a completely new sub-type of card (so this is a blind guess), but I can't imagine more than 2-3 songs per primary school.  That leaves pirates.  I can think of only a handful of non-creature pirate cards (including a pirate ship conjuration of some sort).  Even if the Paladin vs Siren expansion consists of 75% Water, Song, and Pirate cards, I don't think the Siren will have an adequate card pool compared to other mages (especially the Paladin, who will have access to the majority of both the War and Holy schools).  Every other mage in the game has in-school cards from multiple expansions to work with at this point.  But even if the Siren does start out with a competitive card pool, how exactly are Arcane Wonders going to keep expanding it so that it stays competitive?  Are they going to keep adding Water school cards just for the Siren with every future expansion after this? 

Furthermore, the Siren controlling pirates doesn't make a whole lot of sense thematically (at least to me).  In real-life myths Sirens were hated and feared by pirates and sailors, not seen as allies (that tends to happen when you are supposedly responsible for tons of shipwrecks).  Pairing them up is kind of like giving the Druid training in Fire because forest fires sweep through tons of forests all the time in real life.  Sure, there's a connection, but it's not a logical pairing.  Grouping up pirates and the Siren also means we won't be getting a Pirate mage (War & Water) in the future, which I think is a missed opportunity. 

On top of that, she possesses 9 channeling while two of her abilities require mana to use.  The closest comparison to this is the Wizard, who also needs mana for his abilities but possesses 10 channeling.  I get the feeling that the Siren is going to be mana-starved very frequently.  Her third ability (regenerate 1 when in water) is decent but situational (Teleport might be a very good counter to her).  Lastly, there's the issue of her health.  She is tied for last place at 30 health with the Druid (a mage who realistically has 10 channeling so long as her chosen tree is alive). 

So to summarize: the Siren will probably have a more limited natural card pool compared to other mages, leading to less efficient spellpoint usage.  She has low channeling combined with mana-intensive abilities.  And she is also one of the most frail mages to date.  I want to love her, but at this point I remain thoroughly unconvinced. 

Resources and Downloads / Re: Wizard and Wizard's Tower Errata
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:17:46 AM »
Wow.  Things just got real.  Those are some absolutely massive changes.  People have been debating if and/or how to nerf the Wizard for awhile, so it's nice to see Arcane Wonders finally weighing in.  These aren't even close to the changes I personally would have made, but I'm absolutely sure the staff have playtested these ideas VERY carefully, so I'm excited to see how it goes. 

In hindsight, the change to an air-only Wizard was strongly hinted at based on the similar nature of the Academy Wizard.  I'm still not sure what I think about this change.  It definitely limits his card pool availablity (which had contributed to keeping him a top-tier pick throughout Mage Wars' entire existence).  On the other hand, the Wizard's ability to choose a limited specialization is what most set him apart from other mages, and I'm a bit sad to see that ability disappear entirely.  Plus, there's no real thematic reason for a Wizard to be associated with air over any other element.  Presumably air was picked because every other element already has an associated mage (earth has Warlord, fire has Warlock, and soon water will have Siren). 

I'm surprised the developers didn't go the obvious and simple route of making the Wizard's Tower epic, but I kind of like what they did with it.  The Wizard in the core set (before he starting mutating by "stealing" other schools' cards and abusing the toolbox nature of the tower) was usually geared towards delaying his opponent's ideal actions so that the Wizard had a short-term advantage until he either won the fight or ran out of tricks.  The new Wizard's Tower looks like it will help with that playstyle.  It provides potential extra firepower and board control every turn, but at the cost of burning through the Wizard's stockpile of attack spells.  Now the Wizard actually has to choose between conservation (an Elemental Wand) and action efficiency (the Wizard's Tower). 

Regardless of how things turn out eventually, these two changes pretty much force every existing Wizard player to radically alter his/her spellbook (since most of them are now illegal).  The next Gen Con tournament is going to be very interesting.

General Discussion / Re: Is Mage wars about to fade out?
« on: May 31, 2016, 01:47:45 PM »
Regarding type 2:
This has nothing to do with a game being collectible or not. FFG started to cycle out older cards from their LCGs, too. It's simply a reaction to a card pool getting too large. Assuming Mage Wars will survive long enough to reach a card pool size in the thousands, you can be sure, they'll start cycling out cards, too.
I actually don't think they will ever cycle out cards, even if the total card pool reaches an insane size.  Games like MtG mostly focus on a handful of different card pools (colors, in this case).  Mage Wars does have magic schools, but it focuses more on individual mages with their own specialty.  The innate abilities of each mage means that even though some mages share a school, they generally do not want to share most of the same card pool.  The Necromancer does not want to mainly use curses and demons, and neither Warlock generally wants to only use zombies instead of demons.  They can dabble in each other's areas but their playstyles and card pools are somewhat different. 

Every time that Arcane Wonders releases another expansion, the goal is primarily to create new playstyles (with new mages) rather than only expand existing card pools.  Sure, the core mages have benefited from new expansion cards.  However, even after receiving 2 expansions geared largely towards the dark school, if you took away the cards from the core set then the male Warlock would become almost completely unplayable. 

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