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My main point for curse item is the range 2, same sbp as dissolve, and it gets around nullify. If they drop it to not take damage and play another wand then its not a wasted action on my part. Sure i lost 1 mana instead of dissolve but i kept out of range with the cloak, got them to drop a wand which cost them 2 to 4 mana on average..6 if its a warlords wand.  If it is a dispel wand then i would not curse item it. That is a dissolve target.

Warlord will have his Wand with the rune so it just comes back nothing lost at all. And its not about the dispel wand he could still dispel it and only take 2dmg losing a dispel (so same sbp as you) if he has time he can change the spell on the wand. He will only drop it in case he has enough spare power else just a dispel. Which he will have enough as you are not very enchantment heavy. And then he has 2 chests and 1-2 vet belts.

I am not arguing against running two curse equipments! it's mainly you need more than one other armor care like critical strike in case of living, acid ball or more dissolve (like 1 or 2 not 6 more i mean). This is just an experience from my play with dark mages, curse item is a nice add on, but relying almost entirely on it not so sure.

interessting question: you rely on creature dmg, but only have 1 rust, 1 dissolve and 2 curse items to take care of armor and vet belt and such? How do you kill in that case?

curse item the vet belt, save the second if they play another and dissolve a regrowth belt or chest piece.  I try to save curse item for certain items like vet belt, wands, sunfire amulet, etc.  And i can cast it at range 2 while still being obscured.  The dissolve is a last ditch effort to get rid of armor if they are in my face.

Personal flavor: Deathlock if you run 2 theft of life and a regrowth belt yourself and siphon and drain life and death link. (might go for PBs instead.) and a mend?
Was it timed matches?

Deathlock is a last ditch effort as well.  Drain life I only use if i need to make the damage gap between the other mage and me matter so that it is in my favor. Siphon life I try to reserve to finish off a buddy or do enough damage so that my creature can then come in and make the kill.  Regrowth belt I use only when I'm over half dead and I can make an escape and allow it to do some work.  And mend has never let me down - 1 sbp for 3 dice healing right there as opposed to siphon life for the same amount and 6 mana and 2 sbp.  Both are very situational but 3 mana over 6 mana can make a difference.  Deathlock is only played after most of my other healing cards have been played.

60 min matches if I remember correctly and no games went to time.

That's a lot of IFs :D I Get the point about the siphons/drain life in timed matches. Just interessting that here you seam to hardly care about the spb but are curious about the ghoul rot.

The problem with your removal is that curse item doesnt work against wands in particular mage wands, any case you will simple dispel it (where a ghoul rot might come in handy before to draw a dispel) or in case of a mage wand and time for the mage just change spell and dispel. Good part you delt two dmg, bad part for it you lost one of your 3 ways to reduce armor/equipment on a strat that is mainly based on creatures dealing the dmg with armor. Curse equipment is really nice, but relying only on it (like only 1 dissolve, no crumble, no acid ball, hardly piercing). Lastly if you dissolve that round you can already act against the target without the stuff, curse equipment is just his choice, if he has multiples he can just drop it taking no dmg and cast a new one - acts like a dissolve just you got no benefit as destruction happens in upkeep and its right away back. You most of the time also overpay.

I like Mana syphon play! harmonize graveyard instead of two crystalls? saving space for all the zone exclusives (yard, siphon, idol, deathlock, gravikor 2crystals?) and 1mana.

interessting question: you rely on creature dmg, but only have 1 rust, 1 dissolve and 2 curse items to take care of armor and vet belt and such? How do you kill in that case?

Personal flavor: Deathlock if you run 2 theft of life and a regrowth belt yourself and siphon and drain life and death link. (might go for PBs instead.) and a mend?

I would definitly replace the regrowth belt with a regrowth, you have no BF so it doesnt matter what you hard cast, but you have a lot of enchantment that the oponent dispels maybe and less equipment so he rather runs out of dispel than of dissolve.

Are 2 grey wrath worth it? wouldn't 1 be enough and add another zombie.

I'd drop some of the healing for a ghoul rot but thats flavor too.

Agree stumble can be good in quite some situations if the other mage is not prepared.

Was it timed matches?

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 02, 2017, 06:55:04 PM »
I am sorry if anyone feels offended. Itís important that a lot of players play and make mistakes. I thought more of giving helpful critics and maybe a bit of play analysis after to say what could be done better and so on. I was kind of a bit more suprised of the commentary @coshade bud :-*y. We already had a similar discussion at some stage in a german speeking tourney of our critics being to harsh, but I rather be strict than calling some play awesome if it isn't. And recap analysis sometimes is necessary and you don't see it right away, but might lern for the future - or not. (like i pointed out in the famous wizard duel with charmyna I could have tried shooting my wizards tower with my ballista to recast a new one).

Am not sure if it is really related to English, probably a bit, but more comes from my direct way in general. I had been reviewing games a few years and are focusing a lot on finding flaws... Also the ones of the play testers know my posts, I am often also more direct there and rather critical about a single life/mana/... balancing cards, even if many find a nice card I say its still a nice card with 1 life more, but also competitive so why not change it. I am very mathematical driven sometimes.

Concerning tourneys, the Winter special was meant for December/January wasn't it? That's why i didn't compete being busy there, just dragged a long a bit. Small prices might change participation and activity too (an academy pack or LG or ... for example). What I had really enjoyed about some of the older tourneys were posted books and small recap writing by the players in Thunder dome G for example. I think about two kind of tourneys, long one easy which take time or short ones were a game has to be every week roughly or even less and you write small after match reports and discuss the strategy. That will create a momentum of real community interaction for a rather short period. Some might invest the time from that experience we might be very motivated for a longer period to try what you see in the tourney, reading through the post-game analysis' for example.

In my PoV a short intense tourney is probably better for the community than a long one (which you can still do in a league format maybe) with spikes and new ideas.

I just want to make the best of the game, I think I tried to post a lot to the community and playtesting group to help people and get AW further. I am personally no huge fan of Academy, too spiky due to low dice on luck and secondly less strategic, i really enjoy the mind games on prepared spells and hidden enchantments, academy is just lighter there. And yeah I agree with a few posters that some new mechanics are getting unnecessary complex.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 02, 2017, 09:47:53 AM »
Any judges for Powlich - Keejchen on sunday at 7 pm central Europe time? If not, what about friday around the same time?
So you won?

Powlich did win. It was a super interesting match. Both powlich and parkdeck entered with fully fledged books. I encourage all to watch it when it is posted.

Powlich vs keechen should also be a very good match. Looking forward to it.
So when will that be postet?
At the beginning sind games were uploaded more or less instantly. Now it was a high end quarterifinal or something and everything seems sleeping... There wasn't even a single note who won.
Come on guys, give the tournament back the hype it started with! (Right now everybody seems to hype about gencon and so on, but for all non-US-players that's kind of boring)

I agree that the community is not extremly active.

Watching parkdeck/powlich i see only bad play by the priestess up to 60min at least, dont want to offend anyone, but a magewand with dispel/disperse/remove curse to PERMANENTLY remove the ghould rots (even though there is a wardstone, just skip casting a creature once), which forces powlich to react and get close again, and the bit of dmg he took from the griffin with deathlock out hurts, with deathlock he cant heal himself, ghoul rots gone (2 easily if powlich wouldnt react even more) he cant use deathlink as no healing etc.
would be cool to know the deck of parkdeck, if it was just bad play or a bad deck

Hard to judge powlichs play if your oponent doesnt really do anything against your play. watched also keechen jacksmack, why take dmg from curse item for ages and then finally drop your armor, just drop and take a new one, was just like a dissolve in that case. If you already see its a direct dmg build, and again magewand/dispel/disperse early.

Domination / Re: Domination as start point for beginners?
« on: May 03, 2017, 10:15:17 AM »
I have good experience to have rather well devoloped books that give you a clear direction (blasting banker, heavy curses, fox swarm etc) and briefly explain the idea behind the deck instead of using the regular books which are not specialized and give to many options, while the developed books rather give answers for certain situations but follow a general theme/strat most of the time.

But of course depends on your player base.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: January 01, 2017, 02:27:07 PM »
It seems the tournament will take longer than January 15th probably. As i will go to Japan for 6 weeks then, I'd like to withdraw now. It is best if someone else could take my spot who is interessted, which should be possible as I haven't played a single match till now.

All of you have fun. Coshade will arange a good substitude

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: December 22, 2016, 06:54:26 AM »
Hey guys as some of you realized. I havent been online the last weeks, neither involved in playtesting. As our Internet broke, in particular the fibre cable was ripped out of the "switch". Due to christmas rush, they'll only be able to fix it the 28th 2pm utc. My Phone as mobile hot Spot Has Not sufficient Data. I am very sorry.

But i should at least have time once Internet is fixed

Custom Cards / Re: Sprout Thorns
« on: November 08, 2016, 06:01:33 AM »
Sprout Thorns

Enchantment: plant
Nature level 1
2 mana casting cost, 1 mana reveal cost
Targeting - 0-2 friendly plant creature or non-wall conjuration
Quick action


This object gains a damage barrier
2d, piercing 2, 7+ = bleed

"Don't think for a second that rooted means defenseless!"

other dmg barriers cost 2+4 (2magebind) for 2dice daze/stun 2dice burn, bleed has a nice potential and also piercing? Should be even more expensive. For the Plant restriction you then maybe can reduce the cost by 1mana. And LvL2

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: first paladin attempt
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:59:38 AM »
2 dispel 2 dissolve 1 purify 1 remove curse looks good on defense but what you do against oponent enchantments. For example a defense+ wands you only have 2 dissolve

I'd double the ring of dawnbreaker (you run 3 bear strength though why not double your +1melee on your sword and luminoust blast also). It is defenitly better than the temple where you already have to decide in upkeep and it can be worked around.

"edit" Forgot that in some interation the gauntles started to also protect rings. So probably not necessary, but youll need those gauntlets also the Signet ring is a valuable target

You run lot of enchantments maybe a regrowth instead of the belt and go for vet belt?

(I'd also include Gauntlets of strengh in case i know now dissolves its just a permanent 1dice boost but this is optinal, Champion gauntlets are nice but with double bastion, double sword you could let them waste dissolves on those first and then bring out the gauntlets if necessary keeping it totally save. With Armor ward its nice combon anyway but I'd take one nullify also if you run Champion)

Watch out on your creature selection. When are you intending to cast the monk? Via the banner or not, else you can easy run in trouble if your Banner is thretened as you have to summon 2 creatures and all cost you 12 mana minimum so you may not be able to use it at all. Secondly, if you meet someone else with flyers, have fun. You remain with 4 Flyers that only have 3 dice (due to hindering of the griffins) and Temmplar rolls a max of 4 anyway if you have all temples out.

I am not sure if you should take the Temple of light at all, another quite expensive thing. Maybe Dawnbreaker for your shield defense?

Reason for Restore? Have you considered another purify or remove curse or wand of healing or are you only counting on cleansening aura.

The Paladins cloak for 3 active healing spells? Not sure if that is worth it, maybe add 1 more and remove a healing charm?

I have to few games under my belt, do

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Mana Suppression Priest
« on: October 27, 2016, 03:27:34 PM »
how are you going to kill?

Why a cleric if you run obelisk?

The Unicorn is proabably to expensive to pay upkeep for. I am in total not so found of it, take a KoW instead.

Bindingflash and Pillar of Light are kind of meh, maybe consider a dazzle (and of course once PvS)

I would double the dawnbreaker ring and the hawkeye, as this is one of the only ways to really ditch out damage.

Why run an Ironvine if you have the unicorn (ok that will be gone), but I rather use a regrowth belt in such a deck and boots. (or even vet belt+regrowth if you play slow mana denial) Maybe second chest piece

purify, more dispel, more dissolve, (or harshforge monolith if you want to go with mana theme). I'd take a nullify instead of the second armor ward. Devine Intervention is always good to have, can work as a nullify if needed for a crucial dissolve for example ... or a teleport...
Arcane wards?
Who gets the agility?

Spells / Re: Gray Angel vs Crusader Griffin
« on: October 27, 2016, 11:28:33 AM »
Gray Angel can guard for the same dice, your griffin won't thats another option.

Lastly I personally don't rate flying higher than 1 armor and defense of a KoW.

For me also plain non-situational dice (5 vs 4 vs 3+2charge) are always better as you'll get exactly the same dice on Defense. Of course from the Griffin you can't escape that easy, but KoW is better for me.

What trouble I generally have with all those is that still attack spells are very common (the more in timed matches, two hawkeye hurl rocks on average kill the griffin, boulder+rock does which is still cheaper) and if you lion it its even a harder target.

Chains of Agony of course cripple the griffin, but they still mean either you have to be attacked or got 4 attacks out with 5dice, is fine for 10mana more spent.

I'd say the Griffin mainly shines as HA, as flyers have easier time using the ability than ground units which are attack directly as HA

Rules Discussion / Re: Does Demonic Link work with Demonhide Mask?
« on: October 27, 2016, 04:09:38 AM »
Will it not be destroyed after the attack because the mage loses the demonic subtype?

I am not sure what was the final answer to this in the playtester discussions. If target bars are checked always or only while casting.

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Druid Economy...
« on: October 24, 2016, 08:24:32 AM »
Battle forge is expensive for Druid, and mana flowers stick out of the corner.
Battle forge is against the spellbook style, which is spawn, spawn, and spawn some more.
Harmonize is cheaper both ways and compacts well.

A lot of books can kill your tree on turn 2, with or without Harmonize. It's not always what they want to do, but it's an option - if you Harmonize it, they definitely will.

If Battleforge is against your spellbook style, then honestly your spellbook style is probably wrong... It's the best spawnpoint in the game, for 3 mana more than a mana flower/crystal you get a free casting action of one of the most useful types.

The other thing to remember is that if sit their playing economy, you can easily be dead on turn 3 before you have used anything.

Honestly turn 2 dead tree and turn 3 dead mage is very unlikely, but it can be quite fast. And if your tree dies on turn 2 you dont die and if it doesnt your mage can regenerate vs the treee a barkskin can stop rush quite good.

And you don't have to force a druid into battleforge, still 5 spellbooks vs the flower (no leaf ring discount, etc). And you have to include more equipment and so on. That seems against his playstyle, but he is pretty new here and the forums and probably not yet that much into competetive.

I'd personally not play with two trees, but if I would I wouldn't use harmonize but rather other flowers... I tried to give advice mainly for his idea of book. Is it highly competetive? no

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Druid Economy...
« on: October 23, 2016, 04:24:41 PM »
Battle forge is expensive for Druid, and mana flowers stick out of the corner.
Battle forge is against the spellbook style, which is spawn, spawn, and spawn some more.
Harmonize is cheaper both ways and compacts well.

your trees are just a too valuable target if they are harmonized.

if you also talk about battle forge expensive, the two harmonize already cost you two spellbook points more as the mana flowers do, so neither argument.

I get the thematic pov about battle forge though. I don't think both trees are good together (competetive), but if you go for both consider some back up. You won't have that much mana early on, and if you loose your harmonized treebonded tree you loose 3mana total a turn, thats extreme. With a flower it is less risky.

I would also think about the leaf ring. if you cast it first round you get two mana till the third round (like your first harmonize) and have channeld 1mana less total if you harmonized both. But you saved 6mana on the cast, giving you more oportunities. You save 1 action. If you then cast a mana flower on turn three you are on 1channel total less for future rounds but saved 1mana prior. Your tree's don't have that big "Hit me target" on them. And you save 2 spellbook points. optional you can use one more action if you have to cast another flower turn 4 (not sure if you need that much channel). The big bonus of this approach is one less action on turn 2 used and if you get under pressure you don't have to do the flower or could use some enchantment...

You also talk about fellela and butterfly? How do you play your games in your local meta? how long, cause this sounds like extremly long play builds and many situational cards in book

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