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Spells / Usefull synergies of warlocks demonhide mask
« on: August 11, 2016, 05:27:47 PM »
I was wondering if there are more possible synergies to cooperate with the new academy warlock demonhide mask? It turns the mage into a demon.

What I have found so far:

- I get Piercing +1 without anything else
- as adramelech I could get a “demonic reward“ and heal 1 damage if I attack and damage a burning creature
- with “demonic link“ (which should be an legal mage enchantment as long as I wear the mask) I get melee +1 and also heal 1 if attacking and damaging a living creature
- with “eye of bael“ I could gain 1 mana each round by attacking and damaging  an enemy creatue. But i am forced to attack each round if I don't want to get hurt 1 damage as penalty.
- “Drakas, Imp Overlord“ could be a good zone-buddy and give me melee +1, but he will also do 1 damage to me if I am the only other demon in his zone at upkeep.

Besides that, my mage will not jump out of gate to hell, so that demon-synergy is useless here.

Do you find more?

So without all risks and logistic needs I could totally get max:
+1 Piercing
+ 2 melee
Heal 2
Gain 1 mana

Seems interesting, but needs effort and is risky.

What do you think of this mask?

Events / Small but nice Tournament in Hamburg/Germany
« on: August 08, 2016, 06:24:39 PM »
Hey guys,

just wanted to share some impressions of our first MW Tournament in Hamburg.
It holiday-time and sun was shinning so we had only 6 Contestants, but we had a great time playing in the garden.

Best Winner Strategies were:
Spiked Anchor FM
Adramelech Rush
Necro Zombie Swarm

Coolest surprise Strategy in my eyes was a very aggressiv punching Priestess who lost, but very close.


Big thanks to Pegasus for suporting is with giveaways! We will continue with a tournament at the beginning of winter. If someone is around the corner: you're welcome!

World and Lore / Online Map of Etheria and official playfields
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:18:20 PM »
I was asked by a new player what official playfields there are.
I explained that there is a world of etheria and that all existing playfields are existing in the different areas of that world.

Is there a map somewhere in the net like it was in one OP Kit? I would like to show him that map.

In octgn there are a lot more than 3 playmats. I know that strawood, westlock and selenia are official releases. What about that lava field and all the others? Will there be more official playfields that fit into the world of etheria?

General Discussion / Academy Priestess ARRIVED
« on: June 17, 2016, 05:50:29 AM »
Just wanted to mention, that I am really happy and excited that the Academy Priestess arrived today in germany! That is much quicker than suspected (especially for germany)!!!

Thanks a lot! That is a very good sign for the future release schedule!

General Discussion / Awesome 2/3 of 2016 are starting
« on: April 29, 2016, 06:12:37 AM »
After following this forum I had great expactations for 2016. So many expansions and updates are on the way for a long while. Now 4 of 12 months of this year are gone and nothing new is out yet. Thinking positive we will see the greatest release-months ever:
- Siren vs paladin
- academy warlock
- academy priestess
- lost grimore
- new supplement
- updated App
- updated online sbb
- hopefully errata on wizard and/or tower
- summary of changed cards (like gate to hell ...)

These are incredible 9 updates in 8 months (hopefully) and I am really looking forward to all of them! (I am not calculating the time sets need to arrive in Germany)

And I really want to believe that it is going to happen.

General Discussion / Battleground Quality
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:49:19 AM »
So after waiting like 7 months I got a Box Battleground from Amazon.
My preferred gameshop where I preordered several months ago told me they will get it in march 2016 (!!!).... So sadly I had to cancel my preorder and order regulary via Amazon wich already has Battleground in Stock in Germany. (I just mention that, because priorities like that destroy small shops)

The main problem is, that it is the worst quality I can just imagine. The pieces of gameboard don't fit into each other. Half of the pieces are not just a bit deformed, they really don't fit. The pieces are not even. You lay them on the table and all edges are some milimeters up. (see pics in attachment)

My last ordered box before that was a second copy of arena (english version) where all markers were unreadable for the priniting was half way besides the cutout. I was hoping quality rises :(

Also I thought (but maybe I was wrong there), that the first printings should have some promos includeded. That was not the case. But as I sad, maybe I got that wrong.

I am sending the package back for refund. The next one will came after I see others in better quality. How are yours? Or was I just really unlucky?

P.S. I hope you can see the problem on the pics. I had to scale them hard to fit into this forum.


General Discussion / How big is the community?
« on: December 13, 2015, 06:29:46 AM »
As I read pretty often at the moment, the mage wars community is growing big the last year or so. That is a sign that all effort is working and all you guys are doing a great job! The game is developing constantly and support from players is huge.

But how big is it?
How many players are addicted to mage wars on Octgn?
How many readers are i this forum?
How many players play in local groups on a regular basis?
Are mage wars players splitted 70% us and 30% europe?

Not so interesting for me is the question how many copies were sold. I guess many of them were hardly ever played for mw's complexity. Those “wrong birthday present“ ones.

Looking at counters on sharkbaits podcast or arcane duels on youtube the “nerd-group“ seems not that huge. Maybe 100 people. But on the other hand I have no comparison what huge means in a boardgame-universe. I don't have a player background. Mage wars is the first game that sucks me in so deep, and it's awesome :)

Now I'm just curious.

Rules Discussion / Anvil Throne Rune with cantrip
« on: November 27, 2015, 08:58:15 PM »
When an equipment got casted Anvil Throne can put a rune on it to get some advantage. When you choose the one with the cantrip trait on it and the equipment gets dissolved the equipment goes back into the spellbook. If you then cast it again, is the cantrip trait still on it?
Normally the runemarker gets lost with the discarded equipment, but in this case the equipment never really gets lost, so the rune should stay on it. I see no reason why not. Or am I missing something?

Creative / not all schools have attack-spells.
« on: November 19, 2015, 04:19:06 AM »
As I was sorting all my MageWars Cards by school on a meditativ evening, I saw clearer then before that there are no attack-spells in dark school and nature school.
As I wondered why, I re-realized that all elements have their own school, and that nature-attacks simply just landed in the more "precise" elemental schools.
Now I am thinking about how would a "pure" nature-attack-spell look like (with no elemental included)?
And even more interessting: what could a cool dark-attack-spell be?

The other question I asked myself: How do you guys sort your cards? I had them sorted by Type and some big suptypes first (like healing, animal or plant). That was good for looking up cards thematically. Now I switched to schools for searching cheap cards.
In the end most times I use OCTGN deckbuilder to really set up a book. But with cards in my I get more ideas. How do you sort them? Or do you just need them alphabetically to find them for playing and sort and know everything in your head?

Rules Discussion / All kinds of maximum-rules
« on: October 04, 2015, 06:02:46 PM »
Hey guys,

For clarification I need some help with allowed maximum quantities in different ways.

On the counter:
- Maximum life is infinite (i found out in this forum via sunfire amulet).
- Maximum mana also?
- Maximum channaling also? (I will never reach that last marker anyway. More theoretic)

On gameboard:
What happens when markers and? No more expansion on board possible or switch to using helpers?
- More creatures possible? (Action markers run empty)
- More burn and other effectmarkers possible? (Playing with 2 mainsets gives more markers here)
- more vine-markers possible? (That question brought me here and i nearly forgot it)
- more mana and damage markers possible?

Cards maximums are clearly ruled.

I guess these were are all things that can get empty while playing too slow ;D.

Thanks for a summery!

Strategy and Tactics / Opening Move Mana Calculator
« on: August 16, 2015, 09:13:34 AM »
Hi there,

after calculating through different Opening Strategies I created a lillte excel-file to help me with that.
It is nothing special, just automated Mana up and down.
I put this tool in the strategies-forum because I guess you will use it while thinking through an opening-idea.

Supported are your Mage and up to 3 Spawnpoints/Familiars. You just have to fill in standart-channeling once and manually adjust only when needed (after harmonize or mana+1 by crytal or else).

For all spells and deployments mana is calculated automatically after filling in its mana-costs. (including payment of difference after substracting mana from spawnpoint/familiar).

This sheet was made vor google drive to play around on the go. So it is a little bit ugly after converting :)

I hope I could help at least some of you a lillte bit with this. :D


Mana Prism safes you from loosing Mana. Is that also working if a spell kills for example a Thoughtspore that has some some Mana on it?
I think on the one hand it is a spell that causes you to lose Mana, so Mana Prism would work. But on the other Hand that Mana is not "really" yours. The controller of Thougtspore just uses Thoughtspres Mana.

I guess there is some ruling for it and I just can't find it. So help would be great!

Thanks a lot!

Rules Discussion / Can Enchanter's Wardstone safe you from a pit?
« on: June 09, 2015, 11:39:51 AM »
Hi there,

more or less every MW game we play, we end up with some small open questions. One we couldn't find any answer is that:

Player 1 has Enchanter's Wardstone in play and his pimped feral bobcat gets forcepushed into a spiked pit by player 2. Spiked pit would kill that creature by melee. After paying 5 mana to reveal spiked pit Player 2 has only 1 mana left, so he could not pay for the destruction of the enchantment of that dying bobcat.

I was player 2 and was like "no bobcat, no enchantment". Player 1 was like "no mana, no destruction of that enchantment. No enchantment without creature. No death possible. Spiked pit prevented"

It would be kind of weird to leave that enchantment there like some lonely shoes in the forest, but that would be a playable compromiss :) ... but what do you pros say about that?

Thanks a lot for helping answers!

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