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Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« on: July 02, 2017, 05:11:50 AM »
The Ballista is not meant to be used against skellies and zombies. However, it still is free 5 dmg.
How do you know how the ballista is meant to be used? Is anything meant to shoot something with aegis then? Is ballistas purpose to shoot heavy armor conjurations only? I agree with your conclusion that it is still 5 dice. I still feel free to shoot whatever I want with it :)

Priest is not weak. He's really strong in the right hands and is best used now being played like the priestess imo.
I also don't think the priestess is the strongest Holy mage. She and the Paladin are tied for me and Priest isn't very far behind.
Must disagree here! If you play priest as priestess, but without priestess abilities and -1 channeling, how can you say they are even close? Priest is much worse especially if you play him as you are telling us!
Play priest with avenger and burns to use his skills and he gets better, but is still worse.
What you are actually saying is, that holy school is very strong, even when playing the weak mage wrong.

Mages / Re: Has the AX Crown lost his competitiveness?
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:09:24 PM »
-Healing: This is a Dark school problem, the Reaper will help but you will want to add some armor early.
- siphon life
- drain life
- drain soul
- vampirism
- theft of life
- death link
- demonic link
- animate dead
The Dark school has many ways to heal. They are just different than the well known regrowths and heals.

General Discussion / Re: Essential cards pack
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:00:36 PM »
I'm also really surprised to see that this discussion, which has been had before, has kind of overshadowed the fact that Forcemaster Academy is currently being revealed in it's entirety this week by Arcane Duels. I would have expected much more discussion around that than we've seen.
This post has 6 comments and now 7 with my reply to you, Zuberi. If this is overshadowing then the release-related articels seem to be extraordinary small ..... (they are NOT! I am absolutely looking forward to get my hands on the new sets and I bet many others feel the same. No fear ;) )

By theb way I was reading three topic wrong. I thought it's a discussion about staple cards, not cards that are so essential that they need to be reprinted.
In that case the most logic thing I see would be a spell tome 3 with only cards that have not been reprinted with spell tome 1 and 2.

O disagree with Zuberib that Ib don't want 4 diifferent variants of dispel or dissolve if they more or less so the same. That would mean many more cards to remember without really gaining something. I would prefer it clean and easy and let dispel be dispel. New cards should bring new mechanics.

General Discussion / Re: Essential cards pack
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:36:42 AM »

There have been topics like yours, but they might be old and pages over pages long.

The staples in my eyes are getting less with every new expansion. For example Dark school has many ways of passive healing now, so instead of regrowth you might find cheaper versions sbp wise. With chitin armor out and other ways to deal piercing damage acid ball lost its importance. And so on.

Also there are types of books that behave different. A rush book needs no healing at all.

I think there are spells that can be good for a lot of books, but you can also live without (regrowth, pillar of the righteous flame) but only some few are auto-include:
- nullify
- lesser teleport
- teleport (counter death zone)
- dissolve (even witc crumble out)
- dispel
- force push (not shure)
- leather chausses (not sure also)

In my eyes the library should represent up to date books only. Older stuff that doesn't work anymore (shift of meta or because of errata) should move on to an archive folder or something

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Safest Conjurations?
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:33:55 PM »
To fill a zone with a Zone Exclusive against something like a Temple Priestess or Warlord who is trying to get a few more Outposts on the board?
Good one!

Also if you are planning a long game and that window opened after the first rounds (you see what's coming and adapt to set yourself in a better position)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Max copies of a spell?
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:30:26 PM »
Ignoring epic spells ;)

Not saying they are all competitive but:
Tooth and nail (4)
Wychwood hound (6)
Falcon (6)
Tanglevine (6) (druid)
Remove curse (6) (great utility against dark and 2 mana trade for full action)
Goblin Grunt (6)
Orc butcher (4)
Skeleton minion (6)
Light of dawn (4)
Ichtelid (4)
Thornlasher (4)
Vine snapper (4)


Cant say what's competitive but mine are also:
Wychwood hounds 6
Falcon 6
Thornslasher 4
Ichthellid 4

And not mentioned yet by hale:
Fireball 4
Thoughtspore 4
Minds eye 4
Siphon life 4
Timber wolf 4
Venomous zombie 4
Zombie brute 4
Lowland unicorn 4

... And wizard tower (4) before errata.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:59:47 AM »
Congratulations to Keejchen on his victory today! There were some technical difficulties with the recording, but thanks to Mr. Keejchen we have a backup recording. I will re-commentate and post to the Arcane Duels channel this week. Sorry for the delay everyone!
So who played what and how?

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 04, 2017, 04:59:54 PM »
Oh would you Puddin? Well here I am making a promise in front of the forums: I Benjamin "SilverclawGrizzly" Burton and I hereby declare I am not only entering the next OCTGN tournament, I AM GOING TO WIN IT!!!! 8)

That Charlotte Boasted enough for ya?
Hey grizzly that would be awesome! As far as I know from this forum, you are mainly strong with your beastmaster. Be aware that in this tournament (and I guess future ones will be the same) you have to play s lot of different mages.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 03, 2017, 05:11:32 PM »
Well Bilblo, Drefan, and Mystery did not compete in the tourney. And in some order, they are the three top dogs in mage wars ATM imo.

I think the entire expanded Charlotte community may take exception to this. I'd put our top 3, whether that's Ben, Millie, Mambo, Larrick, Sarah, and/or myself against those 3.
Ok so there are 3 favorites + 6 Charlotte pros plus the guys from arcane duels themselves all not competing.  If you manage to get them all together to one tournament that would upgrade some level ;)

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:44:55 PM »
English (as I'm aware) isn't mysterys first language, and there hance been a few posts already as to the difference in commentary style between our US players and our European counterparts. I am certain that he meant no offence by  his remark. His meta discusses things in a much more frank manner. Its more direct true, but local folks from across the pond tend to take no offence to blunt commentary like that as they know it's simply an assessment, not an indictment of being a bad person or bad player. Good players make bad plays from time to time as well, doesn't make them bad players.
And not for nothing, hasn't Mystery won many tournament's both local and global? He's kind of looking at this from the top of the heap so to speak. Its an undeniable fact that he usually knows what he's talking about.
Just my 2 mana on  the subject.
Ps. As for the arena vs academy expansions, i say keep the academy stuff coming! We have gotten some amazing cards out of the academy sets so far, and they work great in arena!
Cards like glancing blow, dodge, cure, mend, firestream, wispwillow amulet, leather chausses, kajarah, 2nd chance, divine revearsal, sanguine hunter, white cloak knight, asyras blessing, sanguine thirst, disperse, crumble, arcane ward and a ton of others have made arguably more of a  impact on arena than they have in academy! Its not stopping either, the new quick cast creatures were getting from forcemaster academy? Yes please! Yes a new arena mage woulde be nice, but how many sirens do you see nowadays? Nobody's figured her out yet. What're'ya gonna do with another mage set? The meta just changed twice in rapid succession, once for pvs, and again for lost grimoire, and even to a lesser extent when priestess and warlock academy came out. There's so much meat to this game and so much more coming all the time. Give academy a chance. Take game commentary wth a grain of salt as this game is global amd not everyone hears things thr same way. This game is amazing, this meta is amazing, let's as jyst take a breath and relax no?
Thanx for your feedback.
I know Mystery talked from an analytical point of view. I did not want to offend him. But there actually seems to be a lack of high class players taking part at the tournament. I wanted to open some eyes for that aspect.
From a businessman point of view AW should always have an eye on their customers needs. And I think they don't do that enough. A good player experience is essential for their business. And I also think that's part of the reason why there are only a few players. So I tried to analyse the analysis in a way :)

For academy vs arena. I like many of the new academy spells. And yes Ib don't see many sirens also. I don't want to say academy is bad. New arena mages every 6 months would absolutely be overkill.
I don't find good words for it. I miss some straight, focused masterplan behind what AW is doing.
Like if some players plays few big creature the first rounds, then meditates with amulet, then plays half a swarm. These all are good things to do, but they need a masterplan to really work well.

Maybe I am overthinking this and everything is great. I hope so since I love the game!

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:57:19 PM »
I don't exakt to offend anyone as well, but I think to just complain about bad play is not fair.

I know parkdeck personally and  know that he was competing for fun. We guessed he would have no chance to pass group stage, since we expected to see strong players. So he blew all his favourite mages right at the beginning, taking a personal weaker one each stage. Now he made it to 4th place with one of his personal weakest mages in the last game.

So instead of talking about bad play I salute him for coming so far in an international tournament!

Now if you think about it, the problem I see, is the thin playerbase that plays at a high level. How could he come so far of he played that bad, and where are those strong players?

I think the future of mage wars Arena is in danger and you can see this right here. And I think AW are the only ones that could change this, by changing their politics.
- start support for spellbookbuilder, app, podcasts and whatever had been started and suddenly stopped
- fulfill needed errata
- start pushing arena again instead of academy
- stop making the game complexer as needed
- give the players a transparent time table of future releases and stick to them
- and so on...

If I would try to compete at tennis worldchampionship in wimbledon and would find myself surprisingly on 4th place, I would not see the problem at my bad play at all  8)

And by the way comments like mysteries (even if true) don't help that much to get more players competing. I am thinking twice now if I would take part, if comments are that hard.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:36:28 AM »
Any judges for Powlich - Keejchen on sunday at 7 pm central Europe time? If not, what about friday around the same time?
So you won?

Powlich did win. It was a super interesting match. Both powlich and parkdeck entered with fully fledged books. I encourage all to watch it when it is posted.

Powlich vs keechen should also be a very good match. Looking forward to it.
So when will that be postet?
At the beginning sind games were uploaded more or less instantly. Now it was a high end quarterifinal or something and everything seems sleeping... There wasn't even a single note who won.
Come on guys, give the tournament back the hype it started with! (Right now everybody seems to hype about gencon and so on, but for all non-US-players that's kind of boring)

General Discussion / Re: Forcemaster Academy Spoilers!
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:30:06 AM »

I think these creatures will replace a couple of vampiresses/bears/trolls...

I would say some will get replaced, some won't. If you are planning a game with 1 or 2 consistent buddies they will still remain. If planning a game with that momentum and some surprises those new disappearing ones are the choice.
I think there definitely are some new possibilities for FM but the old ones will still exist.

Events / Re: ADMW Winter Special - OCTGN Tournament
« on: May 31, 2017, 06:37:21 PM »
so... Powlich vs Parkdeck: when can we see the youtube version?

and... when will the last some matchups take place? The Tournament has been very exciting so far. I am looking forward to see some heavy finals soon :)

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