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I can see the point you are asking for clearly.

Personally, after mobilizing more and more friends to play mage wars with me, I think the most important is to keep the game exciting.
I disagree that 120 point books and crazy strategies are scaring newbies away. What I do is that I introduce them to all spellbooks that are available in my box and what ideas are in it. There are books from this forum that I want to try out and my own creations.
Then we play more or less with open cards the first rounds and getting more secret as time passes and they learn. I give hints about what cards in their deck are important and powerful. It is not the overwhelming surprise that is making it fun, but the development of the whole progress. Having very different spellbooks prepared shows more variety of what is possible.
What I really miss (I think I print some stickers and stick them on the arena walls) is a written down hint that shows the 3 dice attack you get when pushed against w wall. Nobody sees that coming or realizes that option and there is never a good moment to tell that :-(

For different mages I would take interesting ones that are not specially focused on one strategy. No Sardonyx. No cool Sacromancer and no Talos Build.

What I think is working good is

- A solid forcemaster with 2 thougtspores (sleep, force push and forcehammer prepared), invisible stalker and a force blade

- A Warlock with lot of fire. A lash, some fireballs, firewalls, some firecreatures.

- A Beastmaster swarm with a lair and many falcons

- some Wizard like the wizzly grizzard with a shooting tower. I preferred to put 2 grizzlys in there. That is scary and fun to play!

Finally I think people run away if they think it is too complicated. Be soft. Give hints and let them change cards if they got a spell wrong. Make it a close game. It's generally no big thing if somebody looses if there was a chance.

Rules Discussion / Re: Can Enchanter's Wardstone safe you from a pit?
« on: June 10, 2015, 04:30:03 AM »
Now that answers it completely  ;D

Rules Discussion / Re: Can Enchanter's Wardstone safe you from a pit?
« on: June 09, 2015, 09:42:26 PM »
Hmm. I get the point. But I think you got that situation wrong.

Let's say I control enchanters Wardstone and a feral bobcat with enchantment. The spiked pit is not mine and my enemy forcepushes my bobcat into it.
The connected enchantment would then be destroyed (indirect) by spiked pit (by killing feral bobcat) and (even more indirect) by forcepush (that was causing it all). Both spells are not mine and I am being forced to lose a enchantment. Regarding that the enchantment would be secured by enchanters wardstones cardtext. This would lead to that point that when paying 2 mana to destroy the enchantment is not possible it would very indirect safe bobcat.

But the answer, that only direct spells that destroy enchantment are meant, fully answers my question. As said before this is logical but not written down anywhere I find it ;)

Thanks for all answers!

Rules Discussion / Re: Can Enchanter's Wardstone safe you from a pit?
« on: June 09, 2015, 12:43:12 PM »
That makes absolutely sense. We just didn't see it written down anywhere.

General Discussion / Re: Mage Wars Companion App - Feature Requests
« on: June 09, 2015, 12:07:58 PM »
I am starting to use the compamion app to build spellbooks, but I can't find a way to export complete books. I usually print working books i created in octgn via word on a card-sized layout. That way I can put them to the game and play it on board without any need of electronics.

Is there a way to export spellbooks in any format?? If not, the App is worth only 10% for me...


Mana Prism safes you from loosing Mana. Is that also working if a spell kills for example a Thoughtspore that has some some Mana on it?
I think on the one hand it is a spell that causes you to lose Mana, so Mana Prism would work. But on the other Hand that Mana is not "really" yours. The controller of Thougtspore just uses Thoughtspres Mana.

I guess there is some ruling for it and I just can't find it. So help would be great!

Thanks a lot!

Rules Discussion / Can Enchanter's Wardstone safe you from a pit?
« on: June 09, 2015, 11:39:51 AM »
Hi there,

more or less every MW game we play, we end up with some small open questions. One we couldn't find any answer is that:

Player 1 has Enchanter's Wardstone in play and his pimped feral bobcat gets forcepushed into a spiked pit by player 2. Spiked pit would kill that creature by melee. After paying 5 mana to reveal spiked pit Player 2 has only 1 mana left, so he could not pay for the destruction of the enchantment of that dying bobcat.

I was player 2 and was like "no bobcat, no enchantment". Player 1 was like "no mana, no destruction of that enchantment. No enchantment without creature. No death possible. Spiked pit prevented"

It would be kind of weird to leave that enchantment there like some lonely shoes in the forest, but that would be a playable compromiss :) ... but what do you pros say about that?

Thanks a lot for helping answers!

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