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NO problem, i Undersand you good...

At 26:10 Min,  Aaron Brosman Talks about the Barbarian....

I realy wand to see a Shaman, Shadow Assassin (uses Darkmagic) somehing like this first but a Barbarian.... well:-) i take what i get for Arena.

The Barbarian is not my idee, he is in work...
Well lisen to "Arcane Duels - Live Chat With Aaron Brosman"...
its what  "Aaron Brosman" says....

Since I've heard it, the barbarian is notgoing  from my head. Barbarians and "Mage Wars" ????

I have made my thoughts to Barbarian as he could, should be. He will probably come ... Paladin or Bestmaster are not really mages to, only it is clear with a barbarian AW gos a step further, I would probably first go for other mage but if AW thinks to implement a barbarian would be good, why not.
But is clearly a barbarian is with Arcan spells very hard to imagine...

... if I imagine a barbarian, I think "Conan" he is as far away from at Mage as one can be, it is so to speak the opposite.
It is for me difficult to call a barbarian a Mage :-)I find the idea still cool
A barbarian is a warrior "A man of action" first hit, then ask.
I see him with a big two-handed ax, I think he's War school and, somewhat at home in nature school. The Arcane school he does not master
He should have much life 36-38, and be Tough
a natural magic resistens .... enemy enchantments and Attack Spells cost 2 mana more against him.
Melee Combat Training +1

Dinosaurs are his creatures. A Legendary Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) Level 5+ would be great;-)

two-handed heavy Ax
fast action, 4 dice Attack piercing +2 Bleeding 7-12
Action, 4 dice Attack, sweeping, Bleeding 7-12
Barbarian only

Whirlwind Attack
With a two-handed weapon your mage can use the fast attack of his weapon to
use as zones attack each creature without flying gets hurt. Dice separately for each creature.
 Then use effect dice at a 7+ put a daze mark on your Mage.
War School Only

Custom Cards / Steamtank
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:21:55 AM »
Dwarf Steamtank 9 Life 5 Armor Level 4 war (13 mana}

0 dice       Charge + 5 dice

range 1-2    6 dice Piercing +2

If the Dwarf Steamtank comes into play you need a dwarf creature which is in the game and in the same zone,
as long as the tank is in play, the dwarf is Treated as if he were outside the arena.

Unique + Lumbering + Nonliving + psyhic Immunity + Unmvabel + Burnproof + Lightning + 2

Custom Cards / a scythe for necromancer and co?!
« on: February 01, 2016, 07:57:24 AM »
Reaper of Souls  Equipment Vamiric
Mana 13                          Level 3 Dark
Two-Handed Weapon
Quick Swing 4 Dice
Power Swing 4 Dice Piercing +1 Sweeping
Dark Mage Only

Whenver a lieving creatur dies by Reaper of Souls you will gain life equil to the Creaturs level.

What you think

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Future mages
« on: January 31, 2016, 02:26:31 PM »
I'd love to see a Lizardman Shaman in the arena, that would be cool: A human or elf would be a bad choice in my eyes. A shaman should represent more "primitive" people. If not a lizard man then just an orc, goblin or minotaurus :-)
The lizardman should have regeneration 1 and, or, armor +1.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Future mages
« on: January 31, 2016, 02:22:48 PM »
A magician, I'd like to see in the "Arena".

The Night is Dark and full of fright.

Shadow Assassin,    30 life,    Mana Collection 9
training in the dark school, attack spells outside the dark school and holy spells cost triple at spellbook compilation.

Causes in Close Combat +3 dice damage to inactive Creatures.


Basic melee attack 3

He uses shadow magic, poison, and traps .... Examples...


"Shadowsstep" Level (1 Dark ) Formula, Shadow:(4 Mana}

The "Mage" teleporting into any adjacent zone.

Shadow Assasin Only


"Schadowbolt"  Level (? Dark} Attack, Shadow: (mana ?)
0-2 zones  living creature

The attack, ignore the Target's Armor.
(? Dice}      Ethereal

"Poisoned Dagger"        Equipment
"Blade of Schadows"     Equipment

Creatures of shadow ... should be ethereal....

"Darkness"    Enchantment, Shadow
0-2 Zone

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