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Rules Discussion / More Errata cards for print
« on: June 23, 2015, 03:32:41 AM »

I want to ask, Could it be possible to creates new Errata Cards pdf documents for print?, like "Battle fury", "Hand of Bim-Shalla", and "Temple of Light", but with all the cards that have chaged it's text since the first edition.

I think these are all the changed cards:

Drain Soul (Conquest of Kumanjaro)
Current Text: “Place 2 Tainted condition markers on target creature. If you do, then caster gains Life +6.”

ForceBash (Forcemaster vs. Warlord)
Current Text: "Target creature is Pushed 1 zone in the direction of your choice. This will not Push it through a wall with the Passage Attacks trait unless you pay an additional 3 mana when this spell is cast. If the Push moved the target, give it the Slam condition, and you may choose a secondary target creature in that zone and also give it the Slam condition."

Force Push
Current Text: "Target creature is Pushed 1 zone in the direction of your choice. This will not Push it through a wall with the Passage Attacks trait, unless you pay an additional 3 mana when this spell is cast."

Garrison Post (Forcemaster vs. Warlord)
Current Text: "May not be placed in a zone adjacent to another friendly outpost. Whenever your Mage, or a War spawnpoint he controls, summons a friendly soldier creature, you may choose to summon it to Garrison Post's zone, regardless of range or LoS."

Ghoul Rot

Current Text: "Each Upkeep Phase, this creature receives 2 direct poison damage."

Idol of Pestilence
Current Text: "During the Upkeep Phase, each Living creature is dealt 1 point of direct poison damage."

Malacoda has the Poison Immunity trait.
Current Text: "Each Upkeep Phase, all other Living creatures in Malacoda's zone are dealt 2 direct poison damage."

Mind Control (Forcemaster vs. Warlord)
Current Text: "You control this creature. Mind Control can only be revealed between Action Phases, and the Controller must be within 1 zone of Mind Control. When Mind Control is revealed or removed, place a Stun condition on this creature. X = Target creature's Level. Mind Control cannot be moved to a new target. During the Upkeep Phase, Mind Control's upkeep cost must be paid before any other upkeep costs on this creature."

Mohktari, Great Tree of Life
This spell now has the tree subtype.

Moonglow Amulet
This spell now has the mana subtype.

Reverse Magic

Current Text: "When this creature is targeted by an incantation or enchantment spell controlled by an opponent, you must reveal Reverse Magic during the Counter Spell Step. Redirect it back to the caster, who now becomes the target of the spell. You become the caster of that spell, and now control that spell, and may reselect any other choices the spell requires you to make. Recalculate the total mana cost of the spell; if the new cost is higher than the original cost, you must pay the difference. Then, destroy Reverse Magic."

Current Text: "Target is Restrained and gains the Unmovable trait. Tanglevine cannot target creatures with the Flying or Uncontainable traits. Ranged attack cannot target Tanglevine."
This spell now has the vine subtype.

Battle Fury
Current Text: "The next time this round that target creature makes a melee attack, if that attack is not a Counterstrike, at the end of that attack action it may immediately make another quick action melee attack. This extra attack counts as part of the same attack action. Only one Battle Fury spell may be cast per round on the same creature."

Hand of Bim-Shalla
This spell now has the Unique trait.

Temple of Light
Current Text: “Once each round, before or after any friendly creature’s Action Phase, you may choose a value of X between 1 and the number of temples you control, and pay X mana to make the above attack, adding X to the effect die roll. Use a Ready Marker to keep track of this ability.”

Thanks a lot.


General Discussion / New Spellbook Builder for Windows (MWSB)
« on: November 14, 2014, 03:23:21 AM »
English version message:

Hi All!

Finally, after 9 months of work (as a pregnancy), I have decided to release my spellbook builder for Mage Wars, MWSB (Mage Wars Spellbook Builder, original, isn't? XD )

Here is the link for download:


If someone of you find an execution error, or a data error, please, take a screen capture and send me a message with the description of you was doing, adding the screen capture, for I could fix it, and upload, as soon as possible a new version, without the error.

Sincerely, I hope you like it as long as i liked creating it.


- I have tested it on Windows 7 and Windows 8. I don't know how it will work on Windows XP.
- You must have your Windows updated, because the program use some of his libraries.
- I had some problems downloading it with chrome. Here you can see a mini visual tutorial to how to download MWSB using Chrome:




Versión española del mensaje:
Hola a todos!,

Por fin, tras casi 9 meses de trabajo (como un embarazo), me he decidido, y saco a la luz mi creador de mazos para Mage Wars, MWSB (Mage Wars Spellbook Builder, qué original XD).

Aquí teneís el enlace para descargarlo:

Si alguien encuentra un error de ejecución, o de datos, por favor, que haga una captura de pantalla y me mande una descripción de lo que estaba haciendo, junto a la captura, para poder solucionarlo y subir lo antes posible una nueva versión sin ese error.

Sinceramente, espero que os guste tanto, como a mi hacerlo.


- Está probado en Windows 7 y 8. No se como funcionará en XP.
- Es necesario que tengáis el Windows actualizado, ya que utiliza algunas de sus librerías.
- Con Chrome he tenido algún problema al descargarlo. Aquí tenéis un enlace a un pequeño tutorial visual para saber como descargar MWSB usando Chrome:


Un saludo.

League / Tournament Play / Spanish Players
« on: September 03, 2012, 04:18:25 AM »

Me and some of my friends will play Mage Wars in Madrid, Spain.

There are any one that will play here?.

See you.

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