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We got into a discussion in another thread about what is a solo build. A few few questions came up what is a solo build.

We have talked before the difference between Aggro, Control, and Combo. By purest definition a solo build is a mage only with no creatures. Yes this can work but It has some big problems when it comes to action efficiently and number of actions.

I personally would recommended 1-2 creatures in a build. This is closet I have seen builds get to the solo and still be affective.

Agreed. The only mage I've seen that could possibly pull it off would be the Forcemaster. I played two matches against an opponent FM that had creatures, but just didn't summon them and I came out on top due to his problem with keeping up a strong supply of mana.
I think the Wizard has a shot if you have a lot of Attack spells, strong defenses, and just keep attacking the mage. But then again, just one decently strong creature helps immensely.

When I saw this topic pop up in a thread I was going to write a short article titled the role of the mage. Since this thread has already been created I guess I'll layout my thoughts here.

It seems to me that there are three main roles that mages can take in a game of MW. They are the beatdown mage, the tactical mage, and the support mage. These categories are broad enough that mages will fill them in different ways, but are still fairly easy to define.

The beatdown mage is a primary attacker. He may be a solo mage or he may have some help from his friends. The one thing you can be sure of though, he will be on the front lines mixing it up.

The tactical mage is not shy about fighting. The primary difference between him and the beatdown mage is that he is more prone to pick his spots to attack, trying to deal decent damage while minimizing his own personal risk. The tactical mage will be a secondary attacker and use creatures to put the pressure on the opposing mage and keep him off-balance.

The support mage is not prone to taking risks. He will let his creatures do his fighting for him, while he supports them from the rear with buffs, ranged attacks, and fresh troops to replace the fallen. Since the only way to win a game of mage wars is to defeat the opposing mage, the support mage will eventually find himself in combat as his opponent brings the fight to him. He only engages in melee combat when it is more prudent than running away.

I suppose there may be more than three categories but these seem to cover the roles I have seen mages take so far.

So, is the biggest problem for the Aggro Mage dealing with a well built defense?
It seems to me (from a purely noob perspective) that if an Aggro Mage's offense stalls,
then he is probably going to lose.

Honestly, I've found that everyone has their own internal definition of many things like "solo" and "Beatdown". If our goal is to settle on a lexicon that everyone can agree with, lets start with the really well defined terms:

Aggro, Control, Combo: everyone agrees on these.
Rush: An early game aggro build, often contrasted with Midrange Aggro
Turtle: The opposite of Rush, never attacks, waits for enemy to come
Creatureless: No creatures
Swarm: Many creatures
Melee Build: Mage uses melee attacks
Nuke build: Mage uses attack spells
DoT build: Mage uses damage over time spells
Mana Drain build: Mage uses mana drains


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