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Sailor Vulcan:
the dark side of the internet...of course that's where you would be, Vader. (I'm assuming that's where you got your username from?)

Yes sir! I got sick of everyone else using my user name that I have had since the early 90's (Puppet or ManaBurn) and after my son was born- I decided to make one that was unique and incorporated everything that was important to me. I also have a HUGE thing for Alliteration and symmetry.

SO- Darth(Star Wars)Dada(being a father)D20(Table Top Gaming)- Has Alliteration with the 3D's and goes in order of having 5-then-4-then-3-letters.

I am dead serious- that was all planed out when I decided to make this name.

I might have a problem....

Oh- And come to the darkside, we have cookies.

Sailor Vulcan:
You do realize that that very offer has been made so many times throughout the history of the internet that the cookies are now stale, right?

How dare you insult my cookies!!!!

They are fresh-like- chips ahoy fresh!

(Actually you have made a very wise decision- I just take the filling out of Oreos and fill them back up with tooth paste! EVIL!!!!)


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