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Agreed.  8)

Currently trying to work out a Solo Warlord build. I tried Warlord swarm and hated it. I tried Warlord with a couple fat creatures. Hated that also. If Solo Warlord doesn't work then I'm ditching the Warlord for good. Either his creatures aren't as good as they are supposed to be or I'm just not playing them right. The consensus is that the FM is best for soloing. Maybe I'll give her another go.

Just going to Necrobump this thread here.....

Enchantment transfusion has opened up a whole new world for "solo/buddy/whatever you know what I mean builds.

You gain a lot of actions (Back) when you enchant a creature up- and then transfusion it back to your mage.

After a few turns of equipping, and even enchanting your self- using enchantment transfusion at the right time should give you plenty of tempo to swing the game in your favor-

I just cannot stress enough how good this card is for solo builds.

Shocked it took this long for you to notice

I havnet been on the forums at all for like two months (You know what I mean)! You know where I have been Shad0w......"the dark part of the internet!"


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