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Author Topic: Warlord - Mid-Range Agro  (Read 4250 times)


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Warlord - Mid-Range Agro
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:24:08 pm »
After playing the Warlord for the second time this past week, I decided that I did like him. I also got to play the Hand-Solo Forcemaster book of Shadow's. Taking inspiration from both Shadow's and the ten other posted Warlord builds here on the forum, I came up with this book. While putting it together my intent was to do a solo Warlord but someone else was already working on that build, so I decided to go with this style of build. The idea is to be able to counter a rush, then build out a 3-5 level 2-3 creatures and then go for the gold. I am using cards from CoK, Dice Tower Promo, Core, and FvM, along with one from Op Kit 2. (Using place holders where needed)

1   Dancing Scimitar
1   Dragonscale Hauberk
1   Eagleclaw Boots
1   Elemental Wand
1   Helm of Command
1   Horn of Gothos
1   Morning Star
1   Regrowth Belt
1   Ring of Command
1   Storm Drake Hide
1   Vorpal Blade
1   Dwarf Panzerfarde
1   Goblin Bomber
2   Goblin Grunt
1   Grimson Deadeye, Sniper
1   Iron Golem
2   Orc Butcher
1   Royal Archer
1   Arc Lightning
2   Hurl Boulder
1   Archer’s Watchtower
1   Barracks
1   Garrison Post
1   Gravikor
2   Hand of Bim-Shalla
1   Mana Flower
1   Mordoks Obelisk
1   Quicksand
1   Suppression Orb
1   Agony
1   Bear Strength
1   Eagle Wings
1   Fortified Position
1   Harmonize
1   Hawkeye
1   Lion Savergy
1   Mind Shield
1   Rhino Hide
1   Standard Bearer
1   Stumble
1   Vampirism
2   Battle Fury
1   Dispel
2   Dissolve
1   Force Wave
1   Power Strike
2   Rouse the Beast
1   Sniper Shot

The rough idea is:
Rd1 Armor (based on opposing mage) / Morningstar / Vorpal Blade
Rush Counter (Hand Solo) / 1 or 2 Big
Rd2 Helm of Command w/Battle Fury (stay hidden) and Elemental Wand w/Boulder (stay hidden)
Rd3 Battle Fury / Melee
Rd4 Bear Strength / Melee or Boulder
Rd5 Battle Fury / Melee
Rd6 Agony on OP Mage / Melee
Rd7 Battle Fury / Melee
Rd8 Dwarf Panzerfarde
and so on...if a victim of FM's Pull Eagle Claw Boots get equipped

Swarm Turtle
Rd2 Barracks / Harmonize (Move)
Rd3 Orc Butcher / Hand of Bim-Shalla
Rd4 Hand of Bim-Shalla / (Move)Archer Watchtower
Rd5 Helm of Command w/Battle Fury (stay hidden) / Garrison Post
Rd6 Orc Butcher / Mana Flower
and so on...

The idea is to be flexible at the open then build a army of Creatures to Finish the opposing Mage off. I have stuff in there for Swarm Control, Flying, I have the Archer to take out opposing conjurations. So I should be flexible enough to cover the bases till mid-game

Let me know what you think....

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Re: Warlord - Mid-Range Agro
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2013, 08:48:23 pm »
I must have gotten behind on the new MW cards. I haven't heard of a fair amount of these spells!


What are Morning Star and Vorpal Blade? Is Vorpal Blade one-handed?


I might include more of the Dwarf Panzerfarde, but that is just because I think they are awesome. I have played Warlord for quite some time and I have NEVER had success with Goblin Bombers. Good luck. If you are going to run Goblin Grunts you should run 4-5 of them. 2 alone aren't going to accomplish much. Royal Archer is a waste of points. I would give Goblin Slingers a go. Iron Golem is one of my favorite Warlord creatures overall. I might just include 2 if I am going against a Forcemaster.


No complaints. Anything other than Hail of Stones is useful.


I don't like using spawnpoints because they feel slow and are a hefty investment, but everyone has a different playstyle. Mana Flower isn't really the Warlord's style, and 1 isn't going to make a big difference. It might be hard to find room for a Mana Flower given all your other choices for conjurations. What is Gravikor?


Looks like you got a good mix going. What are Lion Savagery and Stumble?


Look fine.

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Re: Warlord - Mid-Range Agro
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2013, 09:37:32 pm »
Thanks for the feed back. Both Morning Star and Vorpal Blade are one handed.

The grunts are there for nothing more than hindering or ticking on a FM Forcefield. The Bombers are fun against Flyers.

I did a comparison between the Sniper and the Archer. The Spell Book cost is the same. It is the mana cost that gets me for three more mana I get 2 more die of damage and 1 more zone on range. The problem is Warlord is mana challenged as it is it would take two turns of nothing (or almost nothing) to get him out. Where as with the Archer I can get him out just going easy for two turns. The Golem is a FM nightmare, plant him in a zone with the mage and Eagle Clawed boots and dare him :)

Don't care for Hail of stones.

The Barracks is a big investment for Solo but I think it is worth it for a mid-range game....

Lion Savagery is: Charge +2 / Melee: Piercing +1
Stumble is: You may reveal Stumble when this creature is activated. It stumbles and may not take a move action during its action phase. Then, destroy Stumble. Has no effect on creatures with the unmovable trait. Mind Level 1 Cast Cost 2 & 1 Non-Flying Creature QC Cast Range 0-2.

Mana Flower - would prefer Mana Prism but that is Arcane. The odd number channeling makes it a real challenge when most spells (seem to) have an even number cost. I put this in along with the Harmonize. Best case scenario I can generate 14 mana each round. Which may be enough to put the Sniper back in, but I will have to play it first.

I spent a good deal of time coming up with the list here, it started out with 139 points and I took some painful cuts to get the final list.
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