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Hello i have been wanting a simple link for all the current spell books posted in this forum. i don't  know why somebody has not done a post like this before. the links below are threads about a specific spell book and i will update it when i see new books posted. If you don't wish the link to your topic to be in this post then PM me or reply and ill remove it.

Note: i modified some of the names for simplicity

Note2: The next update i do to this directory i will be removing and no longer including books with the names of "my MAGE book", "Mage book" etc, as they provide no information of the type of book they represent in the title. it is purely for my own convenience as there are so many of these book names.

secondly I believe this section of the forum is divided into people asking for help on their spell books and people presenting there completed spell books/strategy. i wish to make this topic about providing people with the latter type of spell books

Last Modified 30/APR/13

Beastmaster/ Johktari
Beastmaster with no level 1's? by knutenez
Release the Ferret (BashCon adaptive Deck) by halvor
A simple Beastmaster by TricksterHat
Beastmaster by sdougla2
Beastmaster Deathlock Swarm by Gewar
Wrath of the Forest by padawanofthegames
[Johktari]Newton Style (Aggro-Control spellbook) by Imaginator
Flexible and action efficient Beast Master by Fentum
[Johktari]A Newbie's "Flavorful" Johktari Beastmaster Book by Myric
[Johktari]Tempo Straywood Beastmaster: Evolution (pre DvN) by DeckBuilder
New Beastmaster player. Here's my first spell book. by silverclawgrizzly
Beastmaster build by wranglathor
Rosa Parks by The Dude
Johtari Blastmaster by sshroom
Drunken Beastmaster by DrunkenSaint
Johtari Blastmaster 2.0 by sshroom
The Tainted Beastmaster (Johktari) by chameleo
Beast Master: Savage Hunter by silverclawgrizzly

Force of the Forest (Spellbooks for Emblems format) by Imaginator
Battleforge Druid by sdougla2
Druid (Vine Tree build) - spell book clinic by DeckBuilder
Welcome to the Jungle - A Druid Spellbook by Alexander West
Jungle Druid by Boocheck
 Druid deck with Fellella (in development) by gw
my view on the earth wizard by pete2
Drunken Druid by DrunkenSaint
Gardener Druid by SciCobalt
My Druid Deck by allfather1213
Pestilence Druid by Borg
Aggro Druid by gw
My first Druid book by Cancuino

Forcemaster!!!! by varagghoul
this is a Force of Nature by padawanofthegames
Forcemaster Builds by Tim
MANA FORCE! by Imaginator
Forcemaster - Grizzlies by somaddict
Forcemaster first build by Lord0fWinter
My solo Forcemaster by harveymcglenn
Forcemaster Build by sshroom
Defensive Force! by Imaginator
The Sith Lord by webcatcher
Inspirational Force by Sylex
Forcemaster + Gorgon Archer by Dr.Cornelius
Forcemaster - Grizzlies by somaddict

Ichthelid Necromancer  by Aylin
Necromancer - Zombie Swarm by MrSaucy
Deathfang WK by Cvntvs
Necromancer build with triple spawnpoint abuse! by Tim
Army of Darkness by FrostBite
Necromancer Build by Lord0fWinter
I'm Hunting Druids by sIKE
Necromancer Poison spell book by barriecritzer
Drunken Necromancer by DrunkenSaint
My Necromancer book: Malacoda And His Skinny Friends! by silverclawgrizzly

Counter Warlock Beatdown Deck by sIKE
Priestess build by varagghoul
Frank Lucas [an aggro Priestess attempt] by padawanofthegames
[Priest]Priest Build by Zuberi
Blood Priestess by ringkichard
Divine Vampire Spell Book by Stormmaster
Priestess v 1.0 by Darsul
Divine Vampire Spell Book by Stormmaster
Acolyte of the Dice Gods by Zuberi
Malakai's fiery cursing by trivium
Grizzly Priestess by svicideking
Tempo Straywood Beastmaster: Evolution (pre DvN) by DeckBuilder
Priest of Malakai soldier of light build (casual player) by jayjazz99
Holy Fire Priest by svvcDark
Drunken Priestess by DrunkenSaint
My Priestess build (lacking a better title) by tarkin84
Priestess book - Calvin and Hobbes by webcatcher
Priest Build by sshroom
My Priestess Book by DevilsVendetta
My Priestess Book by DevilsVendetta

Warlock Spellbook by AylinIsAwesome
Lord of Terror (Bashcon Beatdown Build) by piousflea
Post your best Warlock build by Koz
My first Warlock Aggro build by Chili
Warlock Aggro Build by thaRuckus
Warlock Beatdown Deck by varagghoul
Cursing Warlock by jmoodiel
Manly Warlock by Ahlano
Tome Constitution 1: Twilight Struggle by Dijirati
Warlock Beatdown by varagghoul
Warlock Swarm Deck by Klaxas
CURSE YOU!!!! Warlock. by silverclawgrizzly

Warlord Ranged/Swarm Build by Sausageman
Warlord swarm by badhorse808
Warlord deck by varagghoul
Mid-Range Agro by sIKE
God of War by Dijirati
Metagaming with 4golem.bok by ringkichard
Warlord - Creature Control by lettucemode
Warlord Rebirth: Open with the Hammer by Dravidius
The Warlord's Soldiers by Alexander West
The Chargeotaur (Warlord) by MageHorst
my version of the "chargeotaur"(warlord) ref.magehorst by pete2

wizard mana drain spell book by goofy
Wizard build two core + exp by FrostWolf1023
Fire Wizard by sdougla2
Earth Wizard by padawanofthegames
Fire Wizard Build by Tacullu64
Teleport-Golem Build by Hekireky
Wizard-Air Walls/Pushing/Gas/Ect by Eluem
Earth Wizard by varagghoul
Earth Wizard With Gate of Voltari by nitrodavid
Air Wizard by jmoodie (note: base deck only)
Eric Draven the Undead Fire Wizard by padawanofthegames
This is the Earth Wizard 2.0 by padawanofthegames
Wizard-Air Walls/Pushing/Gas/Ect by Eluem
The wizzly Grizard by Charmyna
The Highly Calibrated Wizard by The Dude
Earth Wizard Kill Zone by DeckBuilder
Earth Wizard - Control ver01 by Shad0w
Wizard Control - Control by Cnoedel
Golem Pit (Combo-Attrition: 1 Core + FvW + CoK) by DeckBuilder
The Highly Calibrated Wizard by The DudeDeckBuilder
The build that gave me my first victory: RUN! by Imaginator
The Judge (Lightning Wizard with Soldiers) by Griffando
Pushy Wizard (Air) by Alexander West
The Blasting Banker by Charmyna
Drunken Wizzard by DrunkenSaint
The double-edged Wizard (Air) by julid-.-b

It deserved the sticky, now lets keep it updated:)

Sticky and Banana sticker yay, yes ill keep it updated at least once a week.

i wanted to imbed the spell book so when you clicked the name the book would expand, similar to a spoiler/hidden objects but i don't have the forum knowledge to do this.


Cracking work Mr Nitrodavid

It's unfortunate that this hasn't been updated in seven months.


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