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Author Topic: 2v1 hord defence mode  (Read 1737 times)


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2v1 hord defence mode
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:38:31 PM »

Here is my idea for a hord defence 2v1 game.

understand that this is just a basic concept and some values (mainly mana) will change to balance the idea

Quick Description

the single mage has 3 spawn points summoning creatures to kill the team of 2 mages before they can destory 2/3 of his spawn points.


to start the teams are set up so the attackers are the team of 2 mages, and the defender is the single mage.


the attackers can't both be the same mage, both mages must have have legal spell books for that make totaling up to 120 points. as both mages are on the same team unique rules apply as if both mages are the same mage. eg only 1 temple of light under the attackers control is allowed.


the defending mage does not have the same restriction's as other mages, instead he starts by selecting 3 different spawn points of his choosing (regardless of mage restiction). For each spawn point the mage makes a deck of as many cards of his choosing, on the condition that they can be summoned by there respective spawn point (ie if he chose Barracks, Lair and Gate of Voltari they must only pick Soldgers, Animal and Arcane for those spawn points respectivley). the mage may also make a spell book consiting of 60 points (ignoreing school) and may include any spells that may be summoned by the familiars he has chosen (eg if he has the pixie familiar he can have enchantments in his book). for all practical purposes the type of mage you select is really irrelevent as you wont be able to cast spells or use there abilites.

Game set up

Note: the board positions are definded as below

1 4 7 a

2 5 8 b

3 6 9 c


the attackers can start there mages in there choice of squares 1,2 or 3. and start with the normal set up for there respective mages (10 mana + channel etc)


the defender places there 3 spawn points in a,b and c (zone esclusive applys). the defending mage does not place himself on the field (ie he has no line of sight and therefore cant cast any spells in the arena), the defending mage has 15 channel and starts with 10 mana. the defnder then gets his 3 decks of creatures and shuffles them (attacks cut the deck) and place each deck behind it's respective spawn point.

Game play

the game is played in the same steps and rules as the normal game with the following changes.


1. the attacking mages role is changed to kill 2/3 of the INITIAL spawn points instead of the defending mage.


1. each turn the defending mage can ignore summoning sickness for 1 of his spawn point summoned creatures (similar to a free rouse the beast for any creature spawned that turn).

2. the 3 INITIAL spawn points controlled by the defender have double there life, armour and base channel. when they gain mana from there decription that is not doubled.

3. the Defender mage does not have any action (or quick action) tokens so he can not play any spells.

4. any passive mage abilites like Warlords "veteran" do not apply.

5. the defender will still have to pay upkeep for all his creatures (see Conjuration for upkeep modification)


The initative (and turn/action order) is passed between attacks and defenders and the attackers swap who gets the initative each time there team has the token refer to example below

Attacking team consists of Tom and Rick, the defending mage is Harry. both teams role for initative and attackers win

attackers choose for Tom to get initative First, this means Initative token (and turn/action order) get placed in the following order

Tom, Harry, Rick, Harry, Tom, Harry, Rick etc (attacker1, defender, attacker 2, defender, attacker1, defender, attacker2)

Spawning process

During the planing phase each turn the defending mage can take the top card from each of their spawn pile and place it in his hand. During the deployment phase they can then place up to 1 creature on each valid spawn point. If they do not wish to summon their creatures in their hand they can hold it in there hand and choose to summon them during another deployment phase. each spawn point can only at most 1 creature per deployment phase, and the defender must declare (during deployment) which of the creatures will not suffer from summoning sickness.


the folloing conjurations have modifed effects when summoned/controlled by the attackers

1. Idol of Pestilence, Mordok's Obelisk and Suppression Orb: only effect zones 1-6 instead of effecting the entire arena

2. The 3 inital spawn points controlled by the defender can not be damaged by Ranged attacks, unless they have the Ethereal trait. this includes ranged zone attacks

End game

If both the attacking mages die the defender wins. If 2 out of 3 of the inital spawn points are destroyed the attackers win.

Being Aussie we place all our cards face down, apart from enchantments which are face up