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A "Base" set of cards ALL Mages should have in there book

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@reddawn: it's level 1. If there is elemental magic it helps a lot. Not sure why you wouldn't put it in your deck, you don't have to cast it.  ???

I'm gonna have to agree with the thought that it is a good include, unless you are the wizard which has its own clock if I recall. I'd think one of every slot isn't a bad idea.

I pretty much agree with your list. Bear / Heal / Purify and Cheetah are a maybe (depends on your book), but all the rest are auto include.

The only improvement I would make is having one block and maybe nullify on the list. Again these are pretty situational but I put them as a higher priority than heal.


--- Quote from: Wiz-Pig on July 01, 2013, 04:35:55 PM ---@reddawn: it's level 1. If there is elemental magic it helps a lot. Not sure why you wouldn't put it in your deck, you don't have to cast it.  ???

--- End quote ---

Ok, but you could make that same argument about pretty much any level 1 card.  I'm just saying a few things here:

1. Armor is more relevant than elemental resistances.
2. Elemental Cloak does not offer adequate armor for its cost.
3. Elemental Cloak is therefore not the auto-include people make it out to be.

It's a good card, but if were are talking about cards that should be in every single book, there are others that are more important.

That's not true, that's quite a poor argument. And a rule of thumb, any statement that includes absolutes: all or never is usually not true.

Furthermore, saying it is a level one is not the primary argument but a subsidiary argument. The primary argument is name a Mage that won't use elemental attacks. Maybe force master? Maybe, but you never know. when is elemental wand not included? Warlock: Fire spells, and lighting spells can be powerful. Furthermore, as a defense the cloak is positive against a Mage that wants to fight at range will likely try to use fire or lighting and this clOak would be a good fall back to mitigate that. Which then brings about the "yea that's well and good" from the naysayer that tries to argue cost.  At 2 in the book to combat a semi viable strategy (locks and wizards are popular) it would be a good include for a few different mages. Even for the forcemaster which could be ranged to death .  It seems only the wizard it is not highly viable. Maybe a ranking system is best.

Essentially it is a very low book cost, situational (but that is not bad because consensus seems to be everything is situational), but powerful when used correctly. Finally, FROST DOTH COMEITH SOON! And that could be a band wagon deal.

Maybe 1/*: Situational, but there is moderate chance of use.
2/**: useful in several situations and/or a counter to current meta strats. (TOL is common so exp would be plus conjuration attack spell.
3/***: Multiple situational uses and/or a counter to a very common meta strat.

Nothing is to say this list can't evolve. Though unlike most CCGs/TCGs few of our cards are useless.


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