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General Forum Guidelines
« on: August 04, 2012, 05:26:31 AM »
TLDR:  Be polite, constructive, and use common sense.

1.   Be Polite
[ul][li]   The most important rule.[/li]
[li]   Being polite includes, but is not limited to:[/li]
[li]      Respecting others - Do not insult or harass.[/li]
[li]      Using appropriate language.[/li]
[li]      Being positive and constructive.[/li][/ul]
2.   Do Not Spam
[ul][li]  Do not multi-post.[/li]
[li]   Bumping is permissible, be reasonable.[/li]
[li]   Each player may have a single forum account.[/li]
[li]   No advertising.[/li][/ul]
3.   Link Properly
[ul][li]   Do not link to inappropriate material.[/li]
[li]   Provide an accurate description above each link you post.[/li][/ul]