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Author Topic: Malakai's fiery cursing  (Read 3857 times)


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Malakai's fiery cursing
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:42:00 am »
I really hate playing the priestess, I don't like playing the priest either. But when I play vs a particular friend I sometimes try some random new (troll) builds. So I decided it was time for me to play the priest as i like him to be, the slow evil bringer of torment  ???

- 2x Staff if Asyra
- Dawnbreaker ring
- Elemental cloak
- Dragonscale hauberk
- Eagleclaw boots
- Colossus Belt

- Deathlock  :o
- 2x Wall of steel
- Wall of fire

- 2x Emerald tegu  8)
- knight of westlock
- royal archer
- 3x goblin builder

- 2x Healing charm
- 2x ghoul rot  ???
- Cheetah speed
- regrowth
- falcon precision
- 2x Eagle wings
- divine intervention
- rhino hide
- divine might
- hellfire trap  ::)
- divine protection
- block
- chains of agony
- Force crush  ;D
- Circle of fire
- magebane
- nullify

- 2x dispel
- dissolve
- Purify

- 2x Pillar of light
- Flameblast

What is basically do with this random build:
turn one: quickcast cheetah speed move 2 to center and cast rhino hide (instant reveal)
turn two: cast emerald tegu and quickcast eagle wings facedown on him
turn three: depends on the opponent but what i basically want to do is to give him as many rot conditions as i can, keeping emerald tegu alive or cast another one. Why did i cast rhino hide on myself instead of equiping me? I want my opponent to dispel as many enchantments as possible, i want him to run out of them. Possibly triggering another one with my first ghoul rot. Using light damage to get as many burn markers on him as possible. I don't mind taking many hits myself. When I think he ran out of dispels i cast (2nd) ghoul rot and (if I'm not to low on health already force crush and magebane on him. By then I'm probably very low on health. Then i cast Dive intervention and go to the farthest corner on the map, wall myself in with Walls of steel and make some goblin builders to keep them up, possibly making a flying royal archer to defend it and putting a deathlock in the zone to deny him healing/regen.

When I tried this build vs my friend we had some really funny moments  :). this actually worked for me. He thought he had me easy. Before divine intervention he was way ahead of me. He still had 24 life and i was on 11. But he didn't saw the ghoul rot/force crush coming (+he had 2 rots and 5 burns  ::)). He still tried to kill me with some creatures, but by the time they reached me i had the walls of steel up and the next turn a flying royal archer. By then he gave up  ;)


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Re: Malakai's fiery cursing
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 12:58:58 pm »
Man, I love wacky trickster builds.

Well done young man!