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Author Topic: The Extendable trait should be changed  (Read 1466 times)

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The Extendable trait should be changed
« on: December 26, 2013, 06:17:12 PM »
I'm convinced that the trait "extendable" needn't only apply to walls. I think limiting the trait to walls is pointless and unnecessary. Extendable is in essence a copy mechanic. I think the Extendable trait could also be used for enchantments, creatures, equipment and other kinds of conjurations if only its wording gets broadened a little bit. Here's what the codex currently says:

"When you cast this wall, you may pay an additional cost equal to the mana
cost of the wall, plus the wall’s Level, as part of the cost of casting the
spell. If you do, when this spell resolves, you may take an additional wall
of the same name out of your spellbook and place it on any zone border
connected to the first wall. The second wall must be placed within LOS."

Here's what I would change it to:

When you cast this spell, you can pay its total mana cost a second time, then pay mana equal to its level. This counts as part of the same spell-cast step. If you do pay these extra costs, when this spell resolves, take an additional card of the same name out of your spellbook and place it within the range minus one of the first card. The additional card must be placed within your line of sight.

For example, if I extend a spell with range 1-2, the second card is placed within a range of 0-1
from the first card. And if I extend a spell with range 0-1, the second card is within a range of 0-0 away from the first card.

As far as I know there are very few traits that are specifically restricted to a single subtype, like Extendable has been for walls. The changes I propose do not affect how extendable works for any walls (unless there are plans to make walls with a range greater than 1).

I seriously hope the wording of Extendable is changed like this. It feels a bit too limited otherwise.
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