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Author Topic: Drunken Beastmaster  (Read 3994 times)


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Drunken Beastmaster
« on: March 09, 2014, 07:33:26 PM »
Standard rigamarole:

For anyone who missed it I have just decided to start uploading my current spellbooks! Ill try to upload 1-2 a day and give a rundown of how any games I play with them go, as well as any tweaks I make to them along the way.

I'm fairly new to the game/ have only recently found a group of players to compete with. as I have only been playing new players for the most part my games are often undeserving victories!
I am trying to keep 6 functional decks so that I can have some variety and so that any new players I introduce can have their pick of interesting mages (I currently have the Kumanjaro and DvN expansions) and while I have purchased a few extra cards, some of my card choices are based on a lack of availability. I know teleport is awesome!

Anyways onto my:

---  Conjuration  ---  (21)
2 Tanglevine
1 Stranglevine
1 Battle Forge
1 Mohktari, Great Tree of Life
1 Enchanter's Wardstone
2 Mana Flower
1 Fog Bank
1 Corrosive Orchid
1 Tooth and Nail

---  Creature  ---  (22)
1 Kralathor, The Devourer
1 Fellella, Pixie Familiar
1 Cervere, The Forest Shadow
1 Galador, Protector of Straywood
1 Steelclaw Grizzly
2 Thunderift Falcon

---  Enchantment  ---  (48)
2 Regrowth
2 Bear Strength
2 Healing Charm
2 Rhino Hide
2 Bull Endurance
2 Eagle Wings
1 Cheetah Speed
1 Mongoose Agility
2 Enchantment Transfusion
1 Poisoned Blood
1 Teleport Trap
1 Divine Might
1 Block
3 Nullify
1 Reverse Attack
2 Decoy
1 Harmonize

---  Equipment  ---  (15)
1 Dispel Wand
1 Staff of Beasts
1 Regrowth Belt
1 Veterans Belt
1 Leather Boots
1 Leather Gloves
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Bearskin
1 Enchanter's Ring

---  Incantation  ---  (14)
1 Dispel
2 Dissolve
1 Force Push
1 Teleport
1 Charge

I tried for ages to make a viable swarm build... I failed! so I built this instead. We have recently started playing a lot of 2v2's and I thought that fellella might be more helpful there. She is! the ability to cast enchantments s on my team mate as well as my stuff opens up a lot of possibilities. we can quickly and cheaply get out a few heavy hitters, buf them and back em up with our mages all prty quick any time I don't know what to do I just store extra enchantments on fellela and use the transfusion when they are needed. So far so good in our team games and I have also been pleasantly surprised in the 2 1v1's I have played.

the games:

Win 2v2
(wizzard+Beastmaster Vs Forcemaster+Necromancer)
Battle Forge/Mana Flower. Turn 2 enchanter's ring from the forge, Fellella and an enchantment from me. From there I equipped and stepped forward a little bit, I placed a teleport trap fairly quickly and my partner set up a nice trap with a spawnpoint and a wall.. I stepped up teleported one onto the teleport trap after he had moved, my teleport trap moved him the rest of the way into our spawn/trap. My partner walled him in and it was a losing struggle for them form there on out.

Win 2v2
(wizzard+Beastmaster Vs Warlord+Necromancer)
Battle Forge/Mana Flower. Turn 2 enchanter's ring from the forge, Fellella and an enchantment from me.
this time we worked on getting out a few big, buffing them and crushing the other guys! they had both made a slow play and couldn't quite cope.

Win (1v1 Vs forcemaster)
Fellella/Enchantment, can't recall which... anyways got a pet falcon and then worked on enchantments/gloves/boots untill I could get a bear out. the falcon hunted down the forcmaster's flying familliars. I started moving up storing enchantments on Fellella, and transfering them when needed. won after a long fight!

Loss (1v1 Vs forcemaster)
Fellella/Enchantment, Very similar to the previous game, though against a more experienced player. played out much the same, though I lost in the end (quite narrowly) I got pushed through a thorn wall and took 9 daage despite my armor to win the game for him by a hair!!