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Author Topic: Drunken Necromancer  (Read 4272 times)


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Drunken Necromancer
« on: February 22, 2014, 07:56:55 PM »
Standard rigamarole:

For anyone who missed it I have just decided to start uploading my current spellbooks! Ill try to upload 1-2 a day and give a rundown of how any games I play with them go, as well as any tweaks I make to them along the way.

I'm fairly new to the game/ have only recently found a group of players to compete with. as I have only been playing new players for the most part my games are often undeserving victories!
I am trying to keep 6 functional decks so that I can have some variety and so that any new players I introduce can have their pick of interesting mages (I currently have the Kumanjaro and DvN expansions) and while I have purchased a few extra cards, some of my card choices are based on a lack of availability. I know teleport is awesome!

Anyways onto my:


---  Conjuration  ---  (20)
2 Wall of Bones
1 Ziggurat of Undeath
1 Deathlock
1 Idol of Pestilence
2 Mana Crystal
1 Graveyard
1 Battle Forge
---  Creature  ---  (32)
2 Zombie Minion
2 Zombie Crawler
2 Zombie Brute
2 Unstable Zombie
2 Plague Zombie
1 Shaggoth-Zora
1 Ravenous Ghoul
1 Skeletal Archer
1 Grey Wraith
---  Enchantment  ---  (22)
1 Decoy
1 Nullify
1 Spiked Pit
1 Hellfire Trap
1 Rise Again
1 Death Link
1 Maim Wings
1 Poisoned Blood
1 Ghoul Rot
2 Marked for Death
1 Agony
1 Teleport Trap
---  Equipment  ---  (18)
1 Regrowth Belt
1 Deathshroud Staff
2 Death Ring
1 Libro Mortuos
1 Meditation Amulet
1 Leather Gloves
1 Leather Boots
1 Cloak of Shadows
1 Demonhide Armor
---  Incantation  ---  (28)
2 Dissolve
2 Dispel
1 Teleport
1 Force Push
1 Animate Dead
2 Zombie Frenzy
1 Drain Life
1 Drain Soul

I have only played a few games as the necromancer, all of them against new players. I don't get to play it often, as my regular game night it is always claimed by one of my new converts to the game. He seems a tad obsessed with this book! at any rate, most of it's lifetime has been spent as a skeleton book, it has only recently been converted to a zombie book. I have yet to play it in it's current form, but did explain to my friend my intent with it, and it worked well for him on its first test run!

His games:

Game 1 (win vs warlord)
move Battle Forge/ Mana Cyrstal, turn 2 (move) the forge made a Death Ring, and the mage cast another Mana Crystal and the Libro Mortuos. This left the mage at 0 mana but with a respectable 12 channeling. The ring and book bring his Effective channeling up to 16. At this point he saw that his opponent was setting up for a slow ranged play, He placed an Idol of Pestilence and then began to advance. Equip/summon using his spawn-points, then a one space advance and setup enchantments. he was able to move/spawn every turn and quickly begin to pressure the opposing mage. He made a plague zombie his eternal servant once in the thick of things, and in general did a good job wreaking havoc. Eventually he was forced to retreat his mage, but had a substantial force of zombies to cover him while he regrouped/ placed the Deathlock and eventually won the war of attrition.

The next game was a 2v2 match played on a 4x5 board with a 2 space choke-point in the middle.

Game 2 (win 2v2 necro+wizard vs priestess+druid)
move Battle Forge/ Mana Cyrstal, the forge made the medditation ammulet, the mage created another Mana Crystal and channeled. The next turn the forge made a Death Ring, the mage built a graveyard and channeled. Next came his Libro, a move, Idol of pestilence and an enchantment. this time around he managed to net a whopping 20 (mixed) channeling. The wizard ran interference. he pumped out a steady stream of zombies, and eventually the wizard teleported an enemy mage into the necro's range. He teleported the mage the rest of the way to place him on top of the graveyard, and walled him in with a brute. More came every turn and the enemy team surrendered fairly quick thereafter.

Anyways as I said I have little personal experience with this book at present. but it seems to offer up a decent number of options and I have yet to hear many complaints. I may try to include Adramelech in the next iteration. But want to play it as is first.