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Author Topic: Please help me build a Johktari Beastmaster  (Read 1719 times)


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Please help me build a Johktari Beastmaster
« on: April 06, 2014, 09:38:50 PM »
I thought that I would try to build a Johktari Beastmaster book, but I am finding it incredibly difficult. I have settled on many of her spells, but I need help finishing it up... especially regarding creature selection, and some enchantments.

First, I determined that I would try to make a mixed control and turtle book, and that Hunting Bow and Lair would be the focus of the book. I have so far spent a little over 80 spellbook points. I'm thinking of adding about 25-30 points in Creatures and about 6-10 more points in Enchantments for use with them:

EQUIPMENT [10+13?]

2 Hunting Bow
2 Bearskin
2 Eagleclaw Boots


Sunfire Amulet
Regrowth Belt
Mage Wand
Elemental Cloak
Deflection Bracers
Enchanter's Ring (unless I bring in Fellela)


Etherian Lifetree
Renewing Spring
1-2(?) Mana Flower
4 Tanglevine
4 Bloodspine Wall
1-2(?) Wall of Thorns


Shift Enchantment
Rouse the Beast
Call of the Wild
2 Dispel
Seeking Dispel
2 Dissolve
2 Force Wave
2 Force Push


For Mage:
2 Hawkeye
2 Rhino Hide

Other Misc:
Teleport Trap

Others (for Creatures):



For creatures, I decided that Spiders were out (Mage isn't summoning, and Lair only brings in Animals), and 2-4 Raptors are required. Galador might also be good, and I'm thinking about Bobcats (for low cost options). I'm torn on creatures beyond those... maybe Timber or Dire Wolves? I also do not know the proper number / types of enchantments to take for the creatures. Lastly, I'm wondering whether Fellela would help, and if so, then whether I need Tarok to help protect her and go after enemy fliers that I can't hit with Galador's stun or kill outright with the Raptors.

Any and all thoughts on the build so far are welcome.
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Re: Please help me build a Johktari Beastmaster
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2014, 05:26:17 AM »
Galador should be a great choice for your basic idea. Ranged attack, chance to stun/daze, and you can have him lead a counter attack, especially if you throw in the Charge incantation.

Maybe one enchantment that can protect your defensive zone? Sacred Ground or Fortified Position? Or some defensive creature to protect your "archers" (Iron Golem, Bridge Troll, Dwarf Panzergarde [Intercept!], or maybe a Timber Wolf with Bull Endurance/Regrowth/Healing Charm)

As for attack spells: I would add at least one Hurl Boulder - it can be so valuable as a finisher. For utility and against flyers, a Jet Stream might also be nice.
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