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Is there a visual spoiler of the spells online somewhere?  Or, better yet, an online spell book builder?  I'd love to be able to tinker around with spell book design while I'm away from the actual cards.

If there isn't any resource like this right now (either an "official" one or a fan made one), are there any plans to make one?

This would be cool! Then I can work on my spell book at work.

i believe there is something like this in the works.  it would be awsome if we could build up a deck then link to it in the forums.

Even if it is a downloadable file it would work for most people. I do know that this was one of the things that we talked about at Origins and as of Gencon I was told it was something that the MW wanted to do. We have been so busy testing the next set I do not know how or if it is still in the works.

I hope it is web based so Mac users don't get left in the cold.


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