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Arcane Open League
« on: July 03, 2014, 04:20:09 AM »

My first post here! I'm unsure if there is some specific place to introduce myself, so i try something constructive.

I'm a member of Da2 Gaming Club in Madrid, Spain (excuse my english gramma!). We wanted to start up a Mage Wars league in order to keep having games in a regular way (you know, lots of new games every month and interest could disperse).

We wanted something that could go for long (for a full year, for example), let us try different mages and opponents, but donīt constraint too much ourselves with fixed matches - we have lives you know, and sometimes is very difficult to set up matches at specific times. We also wanted that everybody has options to win even if they canīt play as frequently as others.

So we went for an open league format, which i want to share... maybe someone else find it usefull, or can give advice to improve. We have currently started a Summer Leage, form May 15 to September 15, to try the format and tune it in order to set up a 9 month winter league after that.

The rules

- The League opens MAy 15th and ends September 15th
- At the end of the league, you should have played at least 4 different opponents (one for each league month, but you can play when you preffer)
- You can play to whoever other player you what, wherever you want
- You can use a different mage or (legal) book each game.

The scoring

- Each player starts with 0 point
- The players are arranged in a ladder by their points. Whith same points, you share position (two players could be in first place, another one player in second, and the rest in third)
- Points and positions are calculated each 15 days with all games played in that timeframe (no real time updating after each game)
- After a game, looser players loose 1 point (you canīt go below zero)
- After a game, winner player wins 1 point, or if the match was agains a player above in the ladder (i mean, has a higher position), you win as much points as the difference in posicion (so if you are in third position and win someone in first position, you win 2 points)


We have started the league with twelve players, and one month and a halve later, the ladder is this way:

Rocha - 2 points (4 win, 2 lose)
MIrumoto Nicolei - 2 points (2 win, 0 lose)
cibertache- 2 points (2 win, 0 lose)

roblax - 1 points (2 win, 4 lose)

Julian - 0 points (4 win, 6 lose) (that's me...  ;))
andreazombie - 0 points (0 win, 1 lose)
loere - 0 points (0 win, 1 lose)
(from here, players with 0 plays)
Anaskela - 0 points
Aigor- 0 points
CarlosC- 0 points
CarlosM- 0 points
Marantito- 0 points

The format is satisfiying, is really flexible to set up matches at the rate your availability and interest set. It seems that people that plays less can by in parr with people that playes more. And it set some interesting dinamics (provisional leaders that offer more buck for the match hehe). We are pretty friendly group, so we expect no problems with people "using the system" to gain advantage, such as refusing matches with specific people, or things like that.

We will keep this until september, and then probably we start another longer league (probably with some smal prizes)

If you have any opinions, or similar experienced, i will be gratefull :)

PS: syntax and errors
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Re: Arcane Open League
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 12:23:15 PM »
Nice idea.  I could use it to modify my last mage standing idea.