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Author Topic: Grand Mage Wars (grand melee format #4; hassle-free)  (Read 1815 times)

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Grand Mage Wars (grand melee format #4; hassle-free)
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:29:47 PM »
Arrange four rectangular tables into a square so that the ends of each table are completely touching both tables adjacent to it. The exact size of the arena is dependent on the number of participants:

Areaarena=3 zone2 * #Participants

Every mage starts 3 zones horizontally and 2 zones vertically away from the mages controlled by the players sitting across from them on the left and on the right.

All spells, objects and effects you control have total immunity to all spells, objects, and effects controlled by a player whose mage started more than 5 zones away from yours.

Something that has total immunity can't interact with what they're totally immune to in any way. This includes ALL possible interactions between the thing that has total immunity and what that thing is totally immune to, regardless of which player initiated the interaction. Among these many interactions are targeting, line of sight, attacking, hindering, etc.

Additionally, something with total immunity to a guard can ignore that guard. A trap does not activate if the creature that steps on the trap has total immunity to it. If a creature walks through a wall it is totally immune to, it walks right through the wall as if it wasn't even there.

If a player controls no objects less than 6 zones away from any enemy controlled objects, remove empty columns of three zones in both directions until at least one object they control is within 5 zones of an enemy-controlled object.


At the start of the game, initiative is assigned to either all players sitting in the inner square or all players sitting in the outer square of the tables. When a mage dies, they must remove all cards they own from the game. When an initiative marker would pass to a defeated player, that initiative marker is removed from the game. When a mage dies, players to the left and right of that mage's controller lose total immunity to each other.

There are 3 winners:

-The first player to kill an enemy mage

-The player who kills the most enemy mages

-The last player whose mage is still alive.
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