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Author Topic: Some new spells for the druid with full action to defend?  (Read 1972 times)


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Some new spells for the druid with full action to defend?
« on: October 25, 2014, 09:21:31 PM »
Hello buddies, my druid need a full action spell to defend when she is attacked for a group of creatures, all schools, normally have a attack/defend spells that give that, maybe nature school would have one similar im thinking in a Mass - Tanglevine, and maybe would be:

-Construction  - Nature school - lv1  spell points 5 action: Quick
it would be the same as tanglevine but with the trait EXTENDABLE, the same as a wall , but only in the same zone.

Forest of tanglevines
--Construction  - Nature school - lv2  spell points 7 action: Full
All creatures in the zone are restrained and each creature must do 8 damage to free, or Forest of tanglevines begin with 8 lifes for each enemy creature in the zone, all af then gain restrined and unmovable traits, for each 8 damage enemy do to forest , one creature itīs free. If a creature itīs teleported dont destroy Forest of tanglevine.

And maybe a new weapon for the druid, the staff of the book i dontīlike it

Whip of Thorns

Only druid
spells points 8
nature school

4 dice damage piercing +1
+6 Bleed

Cantrip (this itīs because its a plant conjuration that you can use as object)

- I need a Thornlaser that do bleed no snach, itīs very boring play the same ever ever ever xd and maybe if do bleed, have vampiric trait, a Bloody Thornlaser xdxd

This itīs only because my favourite villain itīs poison ivy, and i would like that my druid could control plants the same form as she does.

And maybe something more...Poison...xd
xd xd xd

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