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Author Topic: Mea Culpa  (Read 2073 times)


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Mea Culpa
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:40:55 AM »
This is never easy for anyone as proud as I am to say so I'll just say it: There's a reason I lurk more and post less. For those hiding under a rock, I deployed full nukes on the forums this past week, and I owe three entities an apology, post haste.

1. iNano - No excuses for the personal attack. Instead of taking the high road, I let past interactions on here pollute my emotions and went straight to my blow torch. I swiftly morphed into that guy - the ginormous gluteus maximus I couldn't stand arguing with on the interwebs. As a show of good will, here I lay:

2. Arcane Wonders (inc. Aaron Brosnan, The Popes, Tox, et al.) - I don't expect you to endorse my criticisms (which I stand by), but I want to make crystal clear that nothing I said was out of malice or hatred for your product or your company. Let me reiterate I am a fan of both, and my critical nature is fostered from decades of competitive gaming in different systems, and my bias against black & white thinking. I can see how I was coming off as a giant [insert noun], and my behavior fosters a hostile environment which impacts the fan base, your PR, and potentially your livelihoods.

3. The Forums - Unless you love a good train wreck, nobody here deserved the misplaced Evangelist/superfan quips. Or the meltdown in general. As much I'd like to dismiss the reaction with, "Hey, just kidding!", intent is meaningless when you offend people. You can say objectively racist things without being a card carrying racist, to wit. And as a parent, I failed miserably at setting an example for all the younger members on here.

It's all probably too little, too late for some, and I'll probably say something outrageous again, but thought I'd lay it out there. 

Mods: Feel free to do your worst and/or redact the offending post.


Project Mayhem ("Furious George")   
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Re: Mea Culpa
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2015, 11:01:25 AM »

Apology - and puppy - accepted.  Several of your arguments were valid and genuinely seemed to be constructive criticism intended as recommended improvements for Mage Wars despite some unnecessary aggression.  And I could have been less passive-aggressive in my comments as well.  Please accept my apologies for stirring the pot.

P.S.  All the words I can think of that fill in the blank are nouns, not adjectives...  which is really me saying "I read your whole post."  ;)
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Re: Mea Culpa
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2015, 01:58:58 PM »

I appreciate your apology. One thing I feel sets this forum apart from many I have been a part of in the past, is our willingness to apologize and keep this forum a positive place. I understand your issues with the game. It's always possible for someone to love a game dearly, but not be pleased with everything about it. Obviously, we hope that you do love the game and are pleased with all the aspects of it. In the time I worked retail in a game store, the one truth that you see constantly is that there are many fantastic games, and everyone has their own tastes.

We always need to keep in mind that we all have our own thoughts about things, games included, and that is not a problem. When people, on either side, assume that everyone should have their thoughts then we have an issue. If you want to take down or edit your post ProjectMayhem, that would be appreciated, but I'm not going to force it right now.

Thank you for this apology. It shows your care about this community.