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Author Topic: OP Kit achievement condition  (Read 1343 times)


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OP Kit achievement condition
« on: May 22, 2015, 02:21:39 pm »
Hi folks, odd question here.  I recently started hosting events and we started at the beginning with the OP kits.  We've been awarding points for wins (tournament-style) and story points for achievements outlined in the kit.  Everything has been going pretty smoothly... until this one from Allegiance In Blood (OP Kit #2) Chapter 2.

Point/prize awarded to the first player who "kills a Mage or Legendary creature with a Level 1 Spell."

What constitutes a kill with a Level 1 spell?  There's the obvious situation of casting a level 1 attack spell that finishes off a mage/legend, of course.  Even something like [mwcard=MW1E24]Magebane[/mwcard] or [mwcard=MW1E04]Chains of Agony[/mwcard] seems fairly unambiguous.  But what about a Level 1 creature's melee attack?  Or what if it's a Level 2+ creature with level 1 [mwcard=MW1E01]Bear Strength[/mwcard]? What if a Level 1 spell AND level 2+ spell (e.g. [mwcard=MW1Q21]Moloch's Torment[/mwcard] + [mwcard=MWSTX2FFE03]Arcane Corruption[/mwcard]) both cause damage during upkeep (simultaneously) that finishes off a mage or Legendary creature?  What about a level 2+ attack spell enhanced by a level 1 [mwcard=MW1E21]Hawkeye[/mwcard]?  What about a mage swinging with a Level 1 weapon vs. a Level 2+ weapon plus Level 1 [mwcard=MW1Q11]Gauntlets of Strength[/mwcard]?  What about just Gauntlets of Strength alone enhancing a basic melee attack? What about a Rot token inflicted by a Level 1 [mwcard=MW1C08]Darkfenne Bat[/mwcard] (and what if there are many Rot tokens from several sources, at least one of which was a Bat)? What about a 3-dice basic melee attack rerolled via Level 1 [mwcard=MWSTX2FFE02]Akiro's Favor[/mwcard]? What if the killing blow is a [mwcard=MW1I06]Dispel[/mwcard]ed [mwcard=MW1E03]Bull Endurance[/mwcard]?  What if it was a Level 2 [mwcard=MWSTX1CKQ05]Dispel Wand[/mwcard] that took away the Level 1 Bull Endurance instead (e.g. is the "killing" spell the Dispel Wand or the (lack of) Bull Endurance)?  What if Mage A dies by casting a Level 1 attack spell at a creature with level 2 [mwcard=MW1E34]Reverse Attack[/mwcard]? Is it the Level 1 spell that killed Mage A, or the Level 2 Reverse Attack? And since Mage B controlled that Level 1 spell briefly, does that even count as "Mage (player) B killing Mage A" with said Level 1 spell? 

Please help.  Can you suggest an easy way to add a word or two to clarify (e.g. specify "Level 1 Attack Spell" would make it obvious)?  How was this condition intended to work?
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Re: OP Kit achievement condition
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2015, 03:11:27 pm »
How about that:

Points awarded to the player who's last spell was a level 1 spell at the moment of death of a Mage.

Changes the whole meaning, but you still have the kill and the level 1 spell.


Points awarded to the player who kills a Mage or Legendary creature with a Level 1 attack or non-enchanted creature spell.

So you left fewer options but took out any unambiguous case.