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Author Topic: How much v'tar would it take to destroy the Bastion of Chaos?  (Read 1436 times)

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I can't help thinking that the fall of the dragons and the sslaks guarding the v'torraks looks like the dragons were wiped out by Etheria's equivalent of a nuclear war, and the sslaks are protecting the v'tar orbs, and by extension the v'torraks, because of how dangerous they are. Obviously modern Etheria isn't anywhere near as advanced as the dragons, so they can't make their own v'torraks, and none of them know what a nuclear bomb is. I suspect that the v'torraks are actually much more powerful artifacts then they seem, and they're set to undergo an emergency shutdown if their power is released without authorization. Of course, v'tar and mana are easier to control than nuclear energy, since the first can act according to a caster's will, while the latter just gets set off and then cascades continously for a much longer distance. The v'torraks can probably halt their output of power somehow, maybe because they have something like limited mage-like abilities or casting power, allowing them to have some control over how much v'tar they can spend at once. This seems likely, considering that mages can give them v'tar to create a sslak much like how you can supplement a familiar's mana with your own when it casts a spell.

So with all that in mind, how much v'tar do you think it would take for a portable v'torrak created in the distant future of Etheria to destroy the bastion of chaos? And what do you think of the rest of these ideas?

I might write a short fanfic about this...

EDIT: just looked over the flavor in the domination rulebook. v'torraks are basically super powerful gates to voltari, and I'm completely wrong. I'll have to think of another idea for the fanfic.
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