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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Episode IV part 2  (Read 1829 times)

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This is a fan-made parody work of Mage Wars inspired by the "Hetalia" animes. Since it is a parody, it is fair use.


Etheria: Axis Powers
The Dawnlight Compact!

Episode IV: Converging Fronts

Part 2: Secrets and Spies

Salenia and Sortilege were walking together towards Bloodwave's mountain, disguised as a couple of Bloodwave's warring factions.

Why are we doing this again?, Sortilege imagined himself asking Salenia, wearily. He just barely managed to not say it aloud.

Of course, Salenia heard him anyway. "Because Westlock can't handle all those enemies on their own, and if they defeat her, we'll be next. And besides, you agreed to help me save Westlock in exchange for help saving Wychwood, Straywood and Darkfenne. But you already knew all of that."

"Get out of my head," said Sortilege.

"I'm not in your head right now," Salenia lied. "I could tell what you were thinking just by the look on your face."

She grinned.

"Get out of my face, then," said Sortilege.

"I'm not in your face. Do you want me in your face?"


Salenia faked a yawn. "Even the unusual mating rituals of Highland Unicorns are more interesting than this. Did you know that when Highland Unicorns hunt, they kill their prey with their horns? And yet their horns are also very sensitive to tactile and magical stimuli. And their horns are very magical."

"Yes, I know," said Sortilege.

"So you know that Highland Unicorns sometimes cross their horns like they're sword-fighting when they--"

"YES, I KNOW THAT ALREADY!" Sortilege shouted.

Stop being so annoying! he thought, wishing that Salenia wasn't listening to it.

"Stop being so stuffy!" Salenia countered. "We've been walking for miles and miles and you have barely said a word!"

"Because we're trying to sneak into the Bloodwave's territory. Sneaking implies stealth, which means not talking!"

"Oh right, because it's so typical for a couple of Bloody orcish tribes to climb a mountain together in quiet contemplation."

"That's a stereotype, Salenia," Sortilege admonished. "Not all orcs are aggressive and warlike."

"Yes, but a LOT of them are, especially in the Bloodwave. I'm saying that you're breaking our cover, Sortilege!"

"Oh," said Sortilege. "I hadn't thought of that. You're right. Sorry."

They jumped over a particularly dangerous-looking chasm and continued moving towards the summit.

"Hey Sortilege, what do you think would happen if a Unicorn broke his horn, and someone tried to heal it?"


"Just answer the question."

"Um, nothing? Most people don't have that kind of physical reaction when their primary care doctor is inspecting their--"

"Yes, yes, I know," said Salenia. "But this is Etheria, and Highland Unicorns are not sapient."

"Are you suggesting that Westlock--"


Sortilege laughed. Westlock tries to heal everything, even when others don't want her to. Now look at what that got her.

"It got her a bunch of unicorn herds that are fanatically loyal to her," said Salenia.

"You mean a Unicorn harem," said Sortilege. "Fortunately, Westlock is not a nerdy old man with a strange obsession with ponies."

"Is he?"

"What's this about unicorns?" asked a gruff voice. "And why would two of the tribes that war over me care about them?"


Sortilege and Salenia dropped the glamor and prepared their spells.

"Up for round 2?" asked Salenia.

"You beat me before, but this time things will be different," said the Bloodwave. "And I have more and better armor, and  I have these stones that stop you from teleporting. You can't escape me!"

"I don't need to," said Salenia, and then in a mocking voice, she said:

"Accept your death with honor and I will see that you receive it."

"Get out of my head!" the Bloodwave roared, and charged.

The sounds of battle echoed all across the central hearthlands.
The Bloodwave has broken into Westlock's Palace Temple, and is plundering its riches and wrecking everything else! Time is running out for Etheria's most powerful nation, and her allies are caught up in problems of their own. All the while, a mysterious masked nation calling himself "the Circle of Fire" protects Westlock from the shadows. Who is he, and can he keep the mighty kingdom of Westlock from falling to her barbarian enemies!?

Next time: Etheria Axis Powers Special--Arraxia Rising!

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