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Author Topic: Academy mages in Arena  (Read 5429 times)


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Academy mages in Arena
« on: May 25, 2016, 03:47:12 PM »
So, since we have Academy but mostly play Arena, we decided to integrate the Academy mages into it for extra variety, because why not. We made up some mechanics but haven't tried them yet. So here's what we came up with, and I'd be interested in what you think about it:

For Kelsar Grove Beastmaster:
34 life, 9 channeling
Trained in Nature and Level 1 Water (like the Druid). Fire spells cost triple.

  • Stir the Beast: Once per round, when the Beastmaster summons a Level 1 animal creature, he may pay 1 mana to have it enter play with the action marker active. (this is the same as in Academy, I like how this ability contrasts with the similar one of the original Beastmaster)
  • Animal Instincts: Each Upkeep Phase, you may pay 2 mana to activate the Beastmasterís animal instinct. He gains the Bloodthirsty +1 trait and a Defense until the end of the round. The Defense works only against melee attacks, on a roll of 6+, once.
  • Water Attunement: When the Beastmaster casts and resolves a Water spell, he may place 1 mana on a target friendly Conjuration. (This is to make those Water spells really desirable)
  • Basic Melee Attack: 3 Dice

So it has a bit more card variety due to the Level 1 Water training, but it also feels a lot less offensive compared to the other Beastmasters, which makes it interesting, but might make it less viable though? But if you use those Water spells cleverly, you can summon your animals faster because of the mana gain with Attunement.

I really like the activated ability, but I'm not sure if it's worth to activate often, since this Beastmaster doesn't have the innate Melee +1 of the original one. The defense is solid, I'd say, but to use the ability only for defense is a bit expensive compared to the Forcemaster. I'm considering upgrading this to Bloodthirsty +2 but I think I will try it a few times first.

For Sistarran Wizard:
32 life, 10 channeling
Trained in Arcane and Air.

  • Extend Magic: When the Wizard casts a spell with the Dissipate trait, or reveals an Enchantment that has the Dissipate trait, he may pay mana equal to the spellís level to place an additional Dissipate token on it. (same as in Academy. There are really few Dissipate cards, though, but we'll make Banish Dissipate as well, so I think this is okay)
  • Energize: Once per round, when the Wizard attacks and damages a creature with Lightning damage, he may gain 2 mana.
  • Lightning Strike: When using an equipped weapon to perform a melee attack, the Wizard may add the Lightning damage effect, and the Ethereal trait to the attack.
  • Attack: Shock Burst; Melee, 2 Dice, Lightning damage, Ethereal, roll 8-10 for Daze, 11+ for Stun.

I feel like Energize is a really strong ability, but since this Wizard doesn't get Voltaric Shield, it's squishier and might find that extra mana useful. With Lightning Strike you can use a more powerful melee attack and still get the Energize bonus, but the ability is optional, so you can choose not to use it if the target is resistant to Lightning.

Shock Burst doesn't count as an attack spell, unlike the other Wizard's zap.

What do you think, is Energize too strong? If you attack (and damage) something every round, it is basically a Channeling +2, but every time you do anything else with your actions, it's gone for that round...

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Re: Academy mages in Arena
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2016, 09:18:52 AM »
If you change their abilities and training then they are no longer the same mages. What you are proposing is not to include academy mages in arena, but rather to introduce entropy new custom Mages that are even more powerful than the regular arena mages. If that's what you're going for, then you should test and edit this idea as is until it's balanced. If you really want to have academy mages in arena, it's probably better as a 2v2 where each team has 1 arena mage and 1 academy mage. That's just a guess though, i'm not certain it would actually work

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Re: Academy mages in Arena
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2016, 11:54:15 AM »
I'm in the middle here. Obviously the Academy Mages aren't viable in Arena as they currently are. However, I agree with Sailor Vulcan that the changes made here are quite drastic and turn these into entirely different mages, homebrewed for Arena and unplaytested.

I would make the barest minimum number of changes required. Obviously, they should both be upped to 120 spellpoints. Their training and abilities should be left alone though. We'll probably want to up their Life, Channeling, and Basic Attack dice. I'll suggest +10 Life, +2 Channeling, and +1 Basic Attack Dice.

In the end though, I like Sailor Vulcan's idea of making a completely different format for using Academy Mages rather than trying to shoehorn them into the Arena. I'm going to make a separate thread with my thoughts on that.

Edit: Link to my thoughts on alternate format.
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Re: Academy mages in Arena
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2016, 04:16:41 PM »
Some time ago I was thinking about graduated Academy mages, in which You would replace one of Arena mage ability with Academy mage.
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Re: Academy mages in Arena
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2016, 04:35:20 PM »
I could see some type of Student and Master format for team play. Both Mages keep their ability cards and the student takes the role of an enhanced familiar with a human player.
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