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Author Topic: Priestess Book "Westward Crusade" winner of the German Nationals Tournament  (Read 2071 times)


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I post the spellbook here again in it's own thread for better future reference.
This is the translation of the book posted in the german Mage Wars forum (http://www.foren.pegasus.de/foren/topic/27069-kreuzzug-gen-westen-priesterin-german-nationals-2016-ko-phase/)

This translation was kindly provided by theasaris in this thread (http://forum.arcanewonders.com/index.php?topic=16936.0). I copied it here and added the markup to make it look a bit nicer.

[spellbookname]Westward Crusade[/spellbookname]
[mwcard=DNA01]  3x Acid Ball[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKA01]  1x Surging Wave[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1A06]  1x Flame Blast[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1A04]  1x Fireball[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWA04]  2x Hurl Boulder[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX2FFA02]  4x Hurl Rock[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J19]  1x Deathlock[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J08]  1x Hand of Bim-Shalla [/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J12]  1x Mana Crystal[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1C22]  3x Knight of Westlock[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKC06]  3x Guardian Angel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E21]  1x Hawkeye[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E36]  1x Rhino Hide[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E32]  1x Regrowth[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKE03]  1x Healing Charm[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E11]  1x Divine Intervention[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX2FFE04]  1x Brace yourself[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E12]  2x Divine Protection[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX2FFE07]  2x Rust[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q16]  1x Leather Gloves[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q15]  1x Leather Boots[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q06]  2x Dragonscale Hauberk[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ07]  2x Veteran's Belt[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1Q07]  1x Elemental Cloak[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX1CKQ01]  1x Sunfire Amulet[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I24]  2x Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I06]  3x Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I07]  3x Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I17]  4x Minor Heal[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I20]  3x Purify[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I28]  2x Teleport[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 120 pts[/cost]
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Thatís a very solid looking book.

I guess the Deathlock takes a few opponents by surprise when it hits the board.

I also notice 2 Teleport but no Force Push which makes me think these are included to be used defensively ? Ö ( like to escape Tanglevines and such )

Also, no walls in this book but then again, the Angels provide an excellent alternative.

Great book.
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This book resembles the Breach druid book, offensive and built for exact time.
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