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Author Topic: Free the App  (Read 1149 times)


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Free the App
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:32:08 PM »
A long time ago i have spent $5 to support the great work AW has shown by releasing a nice spellbookbuilder app. There were bugs, but I had hope.

Now these days the app is as outdated as possible and no bug has been fixed. Nothing has changed at all. As I understand it, the development has endet and there seems to be no future. Correct me if I am wrong!

Now there is a also an outdated sbb on the website and and external one getting developed by some fan (awsome!). And there is octgn where the the support is switching from sIKE to arcane duals.

I guess arcane wonders has successfully paid their invoice for app-development and own its code. As it is (and without further input will be) it is useless and overprized. That is such a waste and a shame!

I propose to open the sourcecode of the app! Share its github! There is nothing to lose roght now!

But there is a wide base of players who invest time and energie to create a sbb and the app is a solid point to start.

Sadly I have to admit I am not talking about myself. I am no programmer at all. Just a player who liked the app and would love to see it been continued. Maybe the croation guy or arcane duals can put all those pieces of half-complete sbbs together and present one really great for all platforms (including mobile phones)...