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Author Topic: One-day tournament on OCTGN -22 October. Come and have fun with a twist!  (Read 1404 times)


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So it seems that my family is going on holidays leaving me behind (work!). The other side of the coin is that I will have a whole weekend for myself and thought about organizing a small casual MW tournament on OCTGN on 22 October 2016! Just a way to get some MW arena matches in a row (with a twist)!

One day tournament on OCTGN. You 'only' need 4 or 5 hours of your time on Saturday 22 October. The tournament will start at 14,00pm of CEST (UTC/GMT +2) and finish approximately at 20,00pm.
There will be a cap of 8 participants (just to make this manageable, and considering short notice is given),+ waiting list (if need be). We will launch this as soon as we get 4 participants enrolled.

3 rounds of 75 minutes will be played in a random bracket that will be published in this post right before the start of the tourney. Every participant can use as many mages or spellbooks as rounds are available. In other words, you can stick to play the 3 rounds with one single spellbook, or play every round with a different mage as long as these are legal on OCTGN. The cards to be used are all those available on OCTGN with official errata (remember the temples, wizards and towers, etc?) as applicable and with the only additional limitation for the Ballista (promo) that will be considered Unique and Warlord Only.

Advancing in the standings will be based on 'points difference':
points difference= [life value of your mage at the end of the match] -minus- [damage value of your mage at the end of the match] + [damage value of the oponent mage at the end of the match].
Matches may end by time or by death of one of the mages. If you win the match by death of the oponent mage before the 75 minutes are up, the winning mage receives a bonus of +10 points difference. Players cannot score negative points. Minimum score will be 0.
Round 1: Adramelech warlock (life value: 33; damage value 4 at the end of the match) defeats a priestess (life value 35; damage value 36 at the end of the match) after 60 minutes.
Warlock scores 72 points. 33 life value 4 damage value + 36 damage value of oponent mage + 10 bonus points for kill
Priest scores 3 points. 35 life value 36 damage value + 4 damage value of oponent mage

Participants will accumulate their points difference round after round and these will be added up by the end of the round 3. The player with more points will be the winner, and so the rest will follow.

Every pair of mages will have to control the time on their own (i.e. with OCTGN clock) and report their results as soon as finished via PM to me for consolidation. We trust we are all grown ups with good sense of community engagement and sportsmanship. If any rules question needs to be posed, I think there will be enough people around on OCTGN to easily answer it.

I intend to participate as a player, so in case any questions on this, feel free. The idea is just to get to play a lot on that Saturday. The more the merrier! Really there is no need to be a pro to join here, the bracket will be random and probably not all players will play against each other. Come to make community and get a bunch of matches in a row on OCTGN!

To sign up, please PM me. I am 'arxiducs' in this forum and in OCTGN alike. Also can be found at

If any clarification is needed, just let me know.