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Dear Mages of Etheria,

                Im proud to announce the grand re-opening of the Library of the White Spires.

   The library is going to be set up into three different sections. First will be the Legendary section, this will be filled with a list of tournament winning spellbooks. To be considered for this section the book must win at a major event (Con, Nationals, etc.) or be the winner of a tournament with a minimum of 16 (subject to change) players.

   The second section will be a librarianís choice where people will be able to nominate books that are either Meta-changing, archetype creating, or good for beginners. Those books will be nominated by the community and the team of librarians will discuss and add books they feel fit for this section.

   The third section will be composed of user submitted books. This is called the commons. There will be a limit of one book per user for this section. This will be organized alphabetically and by mage, so itís easy to navigate. Books can be changed once a month per user. You can pm me a link to your book and I will get it added. Users who submit books within a week of opening may be rewarded!

   A Domination part will also be added to each section of the thread. There will be an academy version, the library of Sistarra, in the academy spellbook construction thread. We are looking forward to getting everyone involved in this project so any discussion can be done on this thread. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm me and I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.

Opening day is this Saturday, so look out for it!

Your librarians: Coshade, Puddnhead, Schwenkgot, Sharkbait, Sailor Vulcan, Zuberi

                                                                  Thank you,


                                                                  Curator of the White Spires

This is like, everything i wanted. Fantastic! Well done guys!

Update: hey everyone, I've been sick for the past 3 days so I'm postponing the opening of the library. Not sure when but hopefully I can have it up in a couple days. Feel free to send me books now if youd like that way I can get them added to my list. Thanks for your patience.

Update: both the Arena and Academy Libraries are up and running now, please send my your books to get them added, also if you know of any tournament winning books im missing please send them to me. i will get all books added as soon as possible :)

Woohoo! :D


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