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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Arraxia Rising part 3  (Read 1406 times)

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Warning! Mature content--References to torture, rape, suicide and other disturbing Hellish stuff. Nothing is described explicitly, but still you should use your common sense and not read this if you have any doubts about whether you can handle the material without throwing up. Remember this is Arraxia we're talking about, so it's par for the course.

By the end of the tour, Danny Sue was confused. Weren't there supposed to be multiple levels of Infernia reserved for different kinds of prisoners?

As if reading his mind, Arraxia said, "I've never had multiple floors for containing different kinds of prisoners. That's just a conspiracy theory of a tiny radical offshoot of Malakai-followers meant to justify the existence of a wicked god of darkness in a supposedly fair universe. In truth, there is really no need to organize prisoners by how wicked they are. It's not like we're torturing some prisoners any less than others. Eternal torment is eternal, after all. And eternity just means infinite time."

"Aren't there different kinds of infinity?" asked Danny, knowing he would regret asking.

"Sure there are," said Arraxia, cheerfully. "But time tends to only move in one direction in any particular realm and it only moves at one speed in any particular realm, so if you're limited to only one realm of Hell you can only have a countably infinite amount of suffering. That's why I infiltrate other realms. Other realms sometimes move forward in time at different rates and in different directions, so by forking prisoners into an increasing number of realms, I can make their suffering uncountably infinite! One person can be cut up in one world, burned alive in another, gang raped in yet another and tortured in countless other ways in countless other worlds, all at the same time!"

Arraxia giggled. Danny Sue looked nauseous, and barely kept himself from throwing up all over the floor of the Bastion of Chaos, which according to Arraxia had recently been refurbished to resemble the prison guard's quarters for "a concentration camp of freedom and democracy", whatever that was supposed to mean.

Danny Sue truthfully declared that the security was flawless, and then killed himself, for his security inspection had ensured the eternal damnation of an uncountably infinite number of souls.

Alone in the Bastion of Chaos, Arraxia plotted how to get more souls to play with. The war with the nations of Etheria not too long ago had left him weakened economically and militarily.

Arraxia sighed, and reluctantly started planning for how to return to Etheria and recover their lost wealth and influence. Successful fundraising in that realm was going to be difficult, since the nations of Etheria were doubtlessly genre-savvy enough to resist Tarranical proselytizing against all odds.

Arraxia, the sole nation of the realm of Infernia, sat in his concentration camp, thinking.

The screams of the eternally damned echoed all around them as they thought.
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