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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Arraxia Rising part 4  (Read 1374 times)

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There was a huge rumble.

"What was that!?" Westlock yelped in shock. She looked out the window of her Palace-Temple. Then she ducked as a rock crashed through the window and landed on the floor behind her. She looked out the window again. Standing down there at the foot of the tower was Bloodwave, the fierce and greedy warrior horde, smirking with another rock in his hand. He hurled it at another window. There was another distant shattering sound as one of the expensive ornate armored windows which she had bought for just this kind of scenario took 10 critical damage from the rock, more than enough to utterly destroy it. He hurled another rock. They only costed 4 mana a piece so there were plenty more where that came from.

Westlock was about to jump down from her tower window to heroically confront his nemesis, but then she hesitated as she remembered Sortilege's warning.

If she expended too much strength and resources fighting the Bloodwave, would she have enough leftover for Darkfenne, Ivarium or Arraxia?

He had no choice. The Bloodwave was trying to take what didn't belong to him and Westlock wasn't going to stand by and let it happen.

He jumped down from his palace-temple's window, landing dramatically and standing up to face the Bloodwave.

"Stop! Leave this place immediately, else you will face the wrath of Asyra's might!"

The Bloodwave cast Steal Equipment on Westlock's heroic silver armor. Westlock was shirtless now.

"You'll pay for that!" Westlock screamed.

"No I won't," said the Bloodwave, smugly showing off his new stolen outfit to the audience.

"Super Holy Blaaaaaaast!"

Bloodwave just shrugged off the blast of super holy light. He was covered in armor from head to toe, and wrapped around his waist was a rather large belt.

"Are you *sure* that's a real spell?" asked the Bloodwave, mockingly. "Not very good, is it?"

Westlock thought quickly. By the time he managed to get rid of all of the Bloodwave's armor he might be able to make off with something really valuable from his palace temple. He didn't have the time or the energy for a long drawn-out chase. And there was still Darkfenne, Ivarium and Arraxia to worry about...

"Do not worry fair maiden. I, the Circle of Fire shall save you!"

A mysterious masked country wearing black spandex with balls of flame in his fists stepped out of the shadows and winked at Westlock.

"Wh-who are you calling a maiden!?" demanded Westlock.

"Who are you?" demanded the Bloodwave. "This isn't any of your business!"

"Oh but it is. I am the hero of love and justice, the Circle of Fire! Etheria needs Westlock at her best! I won't let you take the riches that rightfully belong to her! In the name of the moon, I will DESTROY YOU!"

"We'll see about that!" the Bloodwave roared, and attacked.
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