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Author Topic: Beastmaster vs Beastmaster  (Read 1443 times)


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Beastmaster vs Beastmaster
« on: August 18, 2018, 08:50:34 PM »
So i recently got beaten pretty bad vs Keejchens Beastmaster vs my Beastmaster.

We had almost identical books, but he played really well and i made a few "big" mistakes.
Like forgetting to use my mages abilities.

It has happened before when i play Johktari rather than Straywood, i seem to forget all about Wounded Prey.

But here after the game i think its worse than that, most of our battle occurred in my Lair zone, 3 zones away from his Lair, which should be an advantage to me. He played Straywood though, the do like to fight in one zone.

Straywood has Melee+1, Pet also gets +1 from fighting in the same zone and by doing so i couldn't use my fast ability either.

So i think i made a poor spellbook design by just putting in exactly the same spells in my Johktari as i run in my Straywood.

So what should a Johktari do different than Straywood?

For instance i had Thornlashers and a Grizzly - great if you want the enemy in your zone. Maybe not so great for Johktari?

Same thing with Hunting Bow and Ivarium Bow - the problem is you have to stay put - or spend action on moving yourself with Lesser Teleport or pushed by one of your own creatures? So Kajarah and or Hunting Spear seems a lot better option for her?

Ill have to redo and rethink the whole thing :)

And might i add im looking forward to it.

Will appreciate input and thought about this.
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Re: Beastmaster vs Beastmaster
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 12:53:52 AM »
A couple of thoughts:

Wounded Prey is amazing against every mage not named Necromancer (generally). It absolutely helps you get your creature advantage.

Kajarah is amazing. It's not tough to get Kajarah to 5 dice, and running 3 of them is only 3 sbp and 9 mana total. So if they really want to spend all day dissolving, you generally win the sbp trade as long as you have additional options. (elemental wand is a good one)

Focus on level 1 and 2 creatures early. Wounded Prey lets them hit like a level above what they are. With a lair out, you can cast a wolf and enchant it (or rouse, lesser tele, other 2 mana spell) each turn. T1 lair with T2 and T3 wolves can put a lot of dice on the field. 4-5 (kajarah) and 4-5/wolf depending on your attack target.

Lesser Teleport and mobility in general is significantly important in JBM. Not saying it's not for straywood (haven't actually played SW in a while) but it's always important for JBM.

Don't forget to take a turn to put on armor

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