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Hey gang,

Based on the amazing feedback here on the forums, on facebook, BGG, and through our own playtesting - we've updated and improved all the spellbooks that come in the Core Set.

You can read the full article here.

I have copied and pasted the main improvements from the article below.

--- Quote ---1. You can now build all four mages using only the Mage Wars Core Set. You can build them all at the same time, or separately. But no other purchase is required to build these mages.

2. Each spellbook is now more flavorful and unique to each Mage. For example: we took minor heals out of the Warlock's spellbook (a holy spell in the Warlock's spellbook - blecch!) and instead gave him Drain Life, Vampirism, and Vampiric Strike! These spells now heal, cost him less points, and do damage to his opponent, the perfect Warlock solution!

3. All the spellbooks include within them their counterpart Apprentic Spellbook (marked with an *), which means that you can start playing the game with the smaller apprentice spellbooks, and then when you're ready, simply add in the spells in these spellbooks! This allows you to slowly get to know each of the mages, a little bit at a time, so that you won't be overwhelmed by all the different spells right up front.

4. Each mage is perfectly balanced, with 120 points in each spellbook, so right out of the box you can play against your friends, family, and gaming group without having to worry about customizing your own spellbook. You can tweak these as you like as soon as you get more familiar with the game.
--- End quote ---

Again, thanks so much for always giving us great feedback and helping us constantly improve the quality of Mage Wars. You guys are an amazing group of fans and we couldn't be luckier to have you!


Check out the new builds and let us know what you think.

Would it be possible for future spellbooks to list the school symbol the spell is from?  For those of us who sort our spells by school it makes it much faster to locate them.


Thanks, Spyre! We'll look into that!

Hey, great updated spellbooks!

I've built the warlock and priestess but when I check the points value your updated lists seem to come to the value 121 and not 120???

I haven't checked beastmaster or wizard am I calculating wrong or is the list wrong?

Cheers in advance for your feedback!  :)


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